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Author: Thuy Doan

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A podcast about growth and the rollercoaster of life. Breaking barriers one candid conversation at a time. On this podcast, I don't shy away from difficult topics and speak candidly about things such as mental health, therapy, burnout, difficult relationships, career and more.
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Everything Everywhere All at Once is a film described by the internet as an absurdist comedy-drama film with elements of sci-fi. It follows Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) and her strained relationships with her husband, daughter, business, accountant, and interestingly, the multiverse! It’s the kind of film that people loved, were very confused by, deeply moved by, and also the kind of film people wished more people had watched.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredWhat is “Everything Everywhere All at Once”How to pronounce Michelle Yeoh’s nameRecapping the movieMemorable scenesCommentary based off an “Explained” walkthrough by the Los Angeles TimesShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsKeep it candid,Thuy
In the summer of 2018, I lost my then 48-year old mother. This special episode is a small tribute to my mom - otherwise known as Me to me, which means “mom” in Vietnamese. She was warm and kind. A person that enjoyed talking and laughing. She was able to do that up to the day she died, which was coincidentally the same date as her birthday, having spent it with all of us. A personal recollection of a beautiful young woman full of life that courageously left her country, learned a new language and skills, turned mother and wife, from the perspective of her oldest child and daughter. Rest in paradise.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredCommemorating my dad, Ngoc Thi Tran or Ngoc Tran, on her 52nd birthdayHow she came to Canada from VietnamMy favourite memories with herThe kind of person she wasReflecting on my life with her and her deathShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsKeep it candid,Thuy
Roommates. That’s a loaded word. It carries with it a lot of anxiety and joy. Will you become best friends? Will they be the worst ever? How do you live well together? This dynamic is even more difficult when you have a pre-existing relationship. How do we talk about it?HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredHousehold chores with family membersHousehold chores with strangersHousehold chores with partnersHousehold chores with friendsHaving difficult conversations about expectationsShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsRadical Candor by Kim ScottNeurodiversityBody doubling and ADHD (video and thread)Keep it candid,Thuy
Conflict is awkward and sometimes frustrating but not always bad. Sometimes it results in us cutting people out of our lives, even when they are a good person. These “breakups”” take the most unexpected forms too, for example, a friendship of many years. How can this be? HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredWhat is a friendship breakup?What is ghosting?When is a friendship breakup necessary?How to approach the friendship breakup?Can you become friends again after breaking up?Show NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsRadical Candor by Kim ScottKeep it candid,Thuy
The birth of the internet has made it easier to disseminate information as well as to connect with others. This ease of access has made it possible for both healthy and unhealthy parasocial relationships to form with artists and for us to stay in touch with the people we love when life inevitably takes us in different ways. However, some will challenge that space.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredSetting boundaries on the internetMuting or blocking people on social mediaClosing your DMsProactively pruning your friends listsVibe checksShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsSet Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover TawwabParasocial relationships or interactions by Cynthia VinneyKeep it candid,Thuy
In the summer of 2018, I lost my then 53-year old dad. This special episode is a small tribute him - otherwise known as Ba to me (“dad” in Vietnamese, his mother tongue). He was a provider. A person that enjoyed peace and quiet. In a sense, he eventually got it despite never realizing his dream to raise chickens on a farm and go to Hawaii. A personal recollection of a groovy young man that entered the working world young, who became a father and husband, from the perspective of his oldest child and daughter. Rest in paradise.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredCommemorating my dad, Doan Thanh Binh or Binh Doan, on his 57th birthdayHow he came to Canada from VietnamMy favourite memories with himThe kind of person he wasReflecting on my life with him and his deathShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsKeep it candid,Thuy
For my last three jobs (one in advertising and two in tech), I’ve been able to land them in large part to my social platforms and online presence (personal brand). It’s gotten to the point where I have recruiters coming to me on LinkedIn instead of me going to them. Let’s talk about being intentional and strategic (without compromising on genuine connections).
I like to think of myself as someone with a healthy amount of self-confidence but of course there are times I have faltered and times that it has not been as high as it is now. I used to subconsciously place my worth in the hands of how many people wanted to date me and how much I’m producing (spoiler: burned out). Learn to spot changes in your behaviour, ask yourself the right questions, and apply learnings to avoid situations that are not a fit.HostThuy Doan NoteI accidentally said, “It’s easier to marry myself to the company because I’ve started doing things just for me,” but I meant to say, “It’s easier to not marry myself to the company…”Topics CoveredChanges in behaviour when you like someone you’re not a fit withChanges in behaviour when you are no longer a fit at workWhat to ask yourself when you notice changes in your behaviourHow to take your observations and apply them to future relationships and orgsShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsThe Five WhysSlang: Get The Bag (used it to describe successfully getting into a relationship)Slang: Sunday ScariesSlang: ShillSlang: CheesedKeep it candid,Thuy
I’ve been a long-time avoider of needles and bloodwork. Particularly blood work - to the point where I’ve contemplated not applying for insurance that requires any. However, persevering through an onslaught of needles and blood work, plus undergoing a minimally invasive procedure, has enabled me to make fertility decisions at my own pace, in my own way. It was a roller-coaster journey full of singing songs out loud in the clinic and a lot of Gatorade.HostThuy Doan Trigger WarningsBloodNeedlesSurgeryTopics CoveredWhat is IVF?Why IVF?Getting ready for the processThe stimulation processEgg retrieval procedurePost-surgeryReflection and future cyclesThe costShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsLilia, an egg-freezing concierge8 Things You Should Consider Before Freezing Your EggsQuestions for Insurance Company or Employer (USA but generally applicable)Ontario Fertility Coverage (Canada)Keep it candid,Thuy
In the wake of The Great Resignation, people are focusing on their mental health, boundaries, and learning about burnout (sometimes the hard way) more than ever. In this episode, we dig into what burnout is, common misconceptions of burnout, my own burnout experience, how to manage your energy, and therapy.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredMass burnout across industriesEnergy auditsEnergy management vs. time managementBurnout and a less commonly known reason for itLeaves of absences (in Ontario)Show NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon Productions“The Pandemic Has Created A New Kind Of Burnout, Which Makes Well-Being More Critical Than Ever” via ForbesTime vs. Energy Management via MediumWorkplace burnout by Mayo ClinicEisenhower MatrixLeave of Absence Laws in OntarioDisability related accommodation by the Ontario Humans Rights CommissionTaking stress leave during the pandemic by Levitt Sheikh LawStress leave and everything you need to know by Levitt Sheikh LawNote: May differ depending on your company as well.In the podcast, I call my leave “medical leave” because that’s what my employer and I call it but under the law it may be another thing.Keep it candid,Thuy
This episode is jam-packed with a lot of uncomfortable revelations and growth moments. It also includes an interactive activity where I share my definitions of success for every season of my life. Feel free to join me and do the activity yourself while you’re listening!HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredAnnouncing that I am on leave from workSharing my definitions of success for the day, week, month, year, and lifeWhat would it take for my leave to be successful?Risks with my leaveCharacter flaws and capitalismMy nervous breakdownTrying to cheat yourself out of a breakBeing unable to recognize when you’re stressedTherapyWhat I did my first week of leaveHow sharing this tough time is me living a candid lifeShow NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsBrand design by Janel LuciaCodeland 2021 talk on “How To Provide Value from Day 1 of Your Dev Career”Romance Is a Bonus Book on NetflixKeep it candid,Thuy
For a long time, I’ve had the urge to share my thoughts and feelings. Some ways, fulfilling. Other ways, not so much. I’ve been a person for almost 30 years and a professional software developer for almost 5 and haven’t really done a thing to uplift anyone outside of my immediate circle. With a little encouragement from the experienced, I’m doing it.HostThuy Doan Topics CoveredThe meaning behind the podcast nameWhy a podcast specificallyHow Jason Lengstorf jumpstarted me sharing my experiencesWhat my tagline means: “Breaking barriers through candid conversations”Why it’s important to me to have thought-provoking discussionsHow I’m actually funnyA story about that one time I messed up baking donuts really badBuilding a community. Come join me!Show NotesPodcast edited by Chris Enns at Lemon ProductionsLearn with JasonKeep it candid,Thuy