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Editors Heather Van Epps and Anna Clark join guest hosts Lola Falasinnu, David Liew, and Puja Mehta to reflect on the progress of The Lancet Rheumatology and share their vision for the future. 
Dr Shirin Heidari, Prof James Wason, Dr Karen Schreiber, and Prof Cheryl Barnabe join guest host Dr David Liew to discuss how sex and gender impact research design and reporting and improvements that can be made.Learn more:The Lancet Summit: Sex and gender in rheumatology
Drs. Randy Cron and Chandrika Bhat join guest host Dr Puja Mehta to discuss the opportunities and challenges of cross-speciality research. 
Prof Michael Weisman joins guest host Dr Lola Falasinnu to discuss the challenges of conducting clinical trials in rheumatology and recent developments in trial design.
Prof Catherine Nelson-Piercy and Dr Lizemarie Wium join guest host Dr Puja Mehta to discuss the importance and challenges of obstetric medicine in rheumatic diseases. 
Greta Lindenmayer, Stephen Brady, and Onika Paolucci join guest host David Liew to discuss specialist considerations for the care of Australian Aboriginal patients with lupus.
Clinical Realities: Duncan Porter and Shahir Hamdulay discuss the challenges facing rheumatology care in the UK in 2022, and what's needed to improve care in the coming years. 
Dr. Thomas Bush joins guest host Dr. Lola Falasinnu to discuss climate change and the potential adverse health effects of climate hazards for patients with rheumatic diseases. 
Dr. Coziana Ciurtin and Dr. Kate Webb join guest host Dr. Puja Mehta to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in transitional care for adolescent patients with rheumatic diseases as they progress to adulthood. Read the profile of Puja:Puja Mehta: taking the path untrodden
Dr. Dzifa Dey joins guest host Dr. David Liew to discuss innovations in providing specialist rheumatology care and patient education in Ghana, and how her experiences in Africa could help inform development of rheumatology care in other low-resource settings.
Dr. Eric Peters and Prof. Jinoos Yazdani join Editor-in-Chief Heather Van Epps to discuss the challenges of providing specialist rheumatology care to undocumented immigrants in the USA. 
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