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Not Alone is a weekly podcast covering all things mysterious and unexplained. Your hosts, Sam and Jason, have been called 'the Siskel & Ebert of things strange', and others with interest in the paranormal saying that 'as a fellow believer in the weird, it's like coming home'. Join us as we reveal to you the hidden realm of the paranormal, nestled within the so called Real World. From stories you've never heard of, to ones you know by heart, we hope our variety of topics, from Curses to Cryptids to UFOS and back again, will provide something for the True Believer and Diehard Skeptic alike. And until next time, remember. We are Not Alone.
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This week we finish our exposition of the Book of the Law by breaking down the concepts found in the second and third chapters of the book!
This week we take a brief respite from the life of Aleister Crowley as we arrive at the foot of the monumental work that is the Book of the Law and the Magical System that it lays the foundation for: Thelema. We'll break down this supposed direct revelation to try to uncover the basics of the system that would shape the modern world as we know it, and we get into the meaning of the most important concept of all of Thelema: The True Will. We hope you'll enjoy.
This week on the podcast we cover the direct lead up to the writing of the seminal work of Crowley's life, the foundation of his philosophical magical system, Thelema. It, of course, comes through being a completely extra weirdo who is obsessed with being the smartest one in the room, as we'll see. We hope you enjoy!
This week we start the true descent into madness as we being a nosedive towards Crowley's supposed career in Espionage, as he leaves the organization he fought so hard to be a part of (or to make parts out of) in order to sojourn on a brief vacation before getting down to the grueling business of writing scripture and constructing a religion. We hope you'll enjoy!
This week we examine the way that an institution that had been in place for over a decade suddenly seemed to self-destruct as soon as Crowley get his grubby little hands on it. The dissolution of the Golden Dawn kicks off Crowley's career as a world class Magician, and set the stage for all that would come after. But is it possible there was more at play than Blood, Sex, and Magic? Could there also be.........espionage? We hope you'll enjoy.
This week we examine the reincarnated Scottish Wizard King who served as mentor and magical master to Crowley in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as well as dive pretty deeply into the practice of the Neophyte Initiation ritual, just so we all know what level of nerddom we're looking at here with these secret societies. We hope you'll enjoy!
This week we dive into the history and idea of Rosicrucianism, the diverse orders that it has given birth to, and turn our eyes towards one of the most notable episodes in Aleister Crowley's young life: the infiltration of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. We hope you'll enjoy!
This week we begin an expedition that will surely lead us nowhere but our own, hubristic doom. We begin to walk a lonely road, the only one that the Great Beast, had ever known. A road which leads directly to the Crowley Zone. We start our examination by casting an eye towards the wickedest baby the world has ever known, who grows into the wickedest young man the world has ever known, before turning into the wickedest college student the world has ever known, and along the way we learn a valuable lesson about labeling people and what it can lead to: a whole new way of doing Magick. We hope you'll enjoy!
9: Zapdos

9: Zapdos


This week we cover one of the most intriguing of all the First Peoples' legends, the Thunderbird. We explore it's legendary origins, and its significance as advocate and judge of humankind. Jason talks a whole lot about birds. We examine accounts of beasts with 20 foot wingspans, terrorizing the skies above Alaska. Jason talks a whole lot more about birds. A wonderful time was had by all. We hope you'll enjoy!
This week we return with another Jason Special. Jason shines his light of examination on tales of creepy crawly cave creatures, including one of the escape anthropomorphic nightmares from the 2019 movie Cats, something called a Grootslag, and eyeless, translucent horrors from the darkest places on earth. We hope you'll enjoy!
This week we examine the account of the Flatwoods Monster, surely one of the most shocking and intriguing events in ufology. What appears at first sight as an obvious case of hysteria begins to unravel when some of its loose threads are tugged on, revealing at last a fascinating, albeit convoluted, hypothesis: That the United States Government was and may still be at war with UFOs and their occupants. Our journey, which begins and ends in Braxton County, West Virginia, brings us face-to-face with the incredible and truly terrifying. We hope you'll enjoy. For more information on this episode, including the images and links Jason references, head over to the blog post for this episode (
This week we're revisiting one of the most popular phenomena of all time, the Mothman! We'll be exploring his antics over the last 50 or so years, starting in Russia and then settling back in the good old U.S. of A. From the dubious accounts of a great, 20 foot long black bird, flying through the smoke of Chernobyl, to the more credible omens before the beginning of a major war, to overseeing shipping operations in the Windy City, our boy has been popping in and out of the pages of history for quick some time now. We hope you'll enjoy! Photos and other resources can be found in the blog post for this episode at
This month, due to poor planning mixed with a desire to let you all know what could be yours for the low low cost of 5 bucks a month, we're releasing our Patreon bonus episode to everyone! If you'd like to learn how to support the show, you can head to to get more content like this!
This week we near the end of our series on the Miracle of the Sun by taking a look at the broader phenomena of which it is a part: Miracles and Marian Apparitions. We go as far back as we can, to before the death of Mary, to bring you tales of miraculous apparitions, from Egypt, Japan, Central America, and more. We also take a quick look at what a miracle is, how they work, and why they are so inherently connected with Sainthoood. We hope you enjoy!
This week, Sam and Jason return to cast a critical eye on the Fatima apparitions. Not as a side-effect of eye damage or mass hallucination, BUT RATHER as a UFO COVER-UP! Sam takes us through some of the discrepancies between the earliest reports of the apparitions and the later, so-called official versions, as well as examining some of the peripheral phenomena which occurred that could very well lend itself to an extra-or-ultra-terrestrial explanation! We hope you'll enjoy! The best resource we have for this episode is this documen ( t, 500 pages of eyewitness accounts. It is in Portuguese, so feel free to run it through Google Translator to get the full NOT ALONE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE! Also, the fellows over at Mysterious Universe have a great write up on the Occult connection. ( Consider donating to our Patreon i ( f you're able!
This week Sam and Jason get to the meat of the Miracle of the Sun, the actual occurrence itself. The day the sun danced in front of 70,000 people in a small Portuguese Village, healing those it came close to, and turning skeptics into believer. The aftermath, both inspiring and tragic. The theory that this all happened because people just looked at the sun for too long. All of this and so much more await. Some of the Primary Sources we used this episode can be found here ( The translation of the O Seculo article is available here (
For the first series of 2020, Sam and Jason are exploring the Miracle of the Sun, one of the most public displays of paranormal phenomena of the 20th century. We begin the story of the day the sun danced by examining the events that led up to the miracle, which was witnessed by some 70,000 people on the 13th of October, 1917. This is the tale of three young shepherds, who were given a powerful and terrifying secret by a beautiful apparition, and told to guard it with their lives. We hope you'll enjoy! Our main source this episode were the memoirs of St. Lucia ( herself. Another excellent source is the EWTN write-up of the apparitions, ( which was compiled as part of the 100th anniversary of the miracle. If you enjoy the show, consider donating to our Patreon! (
At this most wonderful time of the year, we bring tidings of dread and joy.  TL;DR We are not going to be back in the month of December, but at the start of the year will return to providing weekly episodes on a variety of subjects, from Marian Apparitions to Missing 411, Secret Societies to A History of Witchcraft. Enjoy your holidays!
This week we wrap up our series on Alchemy with an exploration of the physical side of alchemy, led by Jason. We explore the way that, through the ages, the alchemist pioneered scientific process and experimentation. After looking at the historical figures involved with alchemy and how it has been accomplished in the modern day, we then turn our attention back in time, to a recipe called 'A Work of Saturn', and do our best to decode it, using the combined few dozen hours of research we have between the two of us. It does not go well. Regardless, we hope you'll enjoy in any case!
This week we dive deep into the hidden meaning that is layered in the emerald tablet, and talk about how it has served as a guide for those in search of that most elusive of all treasures: The Philosopher's Stone. Then, Sam goes off the deep end and yells for about 7 minutes. Then, we end the episode. Enjoy!
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39:34 - deleted podcast

Feb 28th

The Nighthaunter115

this is actually pretty well done podcast you kind of need to let each other speak and speak slowerI'm going to throw you boys a bone here should you ever decide to do some sleuthingthe phone is this it's all about the language they use you should look up weasel words. then hit the archives but if you truly truly want a freebie one hell of one I want you to know there's a difference between privately published and published for example just about everything I've read in here can be back traced. you need anything else or care to correspond and help build your channel with stories etc I'm more than happy to render some assistance just so long as you stick to the truth this was a great story and you guys did really well definitely got a subscriber out of me

Jan 16th


That’s a whole lot of high voice talking... will a Costco hot dog help with that?

Jan 1st
Reply (1)

Cliffy B.

Ep1o1. Jason you’re messed up. Call me. Ill do you astrological chart )VEDIC(

Jul 27th

Cliffy B.


Jun 25th

redd h

Good job on explaining this for the people that haven't read the book. Keep up your great work guys.

Jun 18th

hrselver reiter

I'm a very "Just the facts ma'am "podcast listener,I usually hate juvenile side bars but I found you two funny and enjoyed your occasional joking

Apr 17th

Rosie P

"Usually with explosions it's the boom part that does the damage" haha that made me laugh so much! For reals tho this podcast is awesome and this episode is crazy. The second guy does tend to interrupt and go off topic perhaps a tad too much but in general I love the chemistry and detail and humour. Thx guys :) <3

Jan 15th

Sean Down

The editing in this episode is weird and unnatural-sounding... there are no normal pauses between sentences and it's quite distracting

Jan 4th

Sean Down

the editing is really weird in this episode ... there are no natural pauses, and it's quite distracting. I'm only one man, but is prefer to hear a natural conversation!

Jan 4th

Chad Becker

Here's the link to the INL UFO VIDEO during the wildfires.

Nov 29th

Tina Shannon Rich


Nov 9th


you mean Yuri Gagarin

Aug 26th

Michelle Briggs

I liked this a lot. It was covered pretty well, not over covered, and no obscenities. Good luck finding a ghost. Thanks

Jun 28th

Kyle Stoner

great show!

May 11th

Eric Hecht

love the podcast!! your the only one that could keep my attention for longer than 10 minutes, and that's hard to do. just ask my wife!

Apr 3rd

Jyotiraditya Tiwary

This podcast is awesome.

Jan 18th

Julie Dietrich Pfleuger

Noelle's story was great!

Nov 9th
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