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In this week's episode, Hank joins Jon from afar. They discuss our relationship with Super League Triathlon and colleges using BOA. They also talk about how people are starting to see results and that Endure is getting noticed.
We are thrilled to have Olympian, endurance coach, and BOA Sports Medicine Advisor Ryan Bolton as our guest this week. Ryan's background is impressive, and he really knows his stuff! Jon and Hank talk with him about the benefits of BOA Endure, our new product BOA Ignite, and why every athlete, from Olympian to amateur stick-and-ball athletes, should be using these products.
In this week's episode of The Blast, Jon and Hank discuss the challenges of disrupting the marketplace. Luckily, Ron Courson, a leader in his field has adopted BOA Endure for the UGA football program, and others are starting to follow suit. They also discuss BOA as an early brand, how to move fast, and how to get enough infomration without getting stuck in analysis paralysis. Added bonus? We also have a special discount for our loyal listeners. Toward the close of the episode, Mallory will tell you how to save 20% off your next order.
After a few weeks of vacations & travel to USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Jon and Hank are back! They cover the BIG news that's happened the past couple of weeks including Endure receiving NSF for Sport® Certification, signing 2-time Olympian and Boston Marathon winner Des Linden, and a brief introduction to our next product - BOA IGNITE!!
She's won the 2021 World's Toughest Mudder, a Spartan Ultra, and the 2022 GORUCK games to name a few. There certainly is no stopping BOA athlete Katie Knight. She's strong, she's fast, and she talks about why she uses BOA Endure all the time.
On this week's episode of The Blast, Jon & Hank introduce two new BOA Team members: new staff member Laura Mason, and new BOA athlete Desiree Linden. Laura will be handling customer service, supporting institutional sales and coordinating our retail efforts. Desiree joins TEAM BOA as on of the world's top runners - our first on the team. BOA is growing, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Secondly - we're on Amazon baby! Check us out and utilize your prime membership. A review wouldn't hurt either! Big things for BOA!
We're baaaaacccck! The Blast went on a brief hiatus due to a change in office space, but the team has been powering forward full steam ahead. In this episode, Jon and Hank have many exciting updates including our new partnership with Ironman and our newest BOA Athlete, triathlete superstar Sam Long. Grab some earbuds and get caught up with all things BOA.
In this week's BLAST, Jon and Hank talk with guest Norm Bilow, Founder and Managing Director of The Escape Pod, a full service indepedent ad agency - and BOA's creative partner. Norm discusses the aspects of a successful campaign, a successful brand, and what differientiates brands that break through the clutter.
Once you think you've got something truly novel, how to do you go about building your idea into a serious portfolio of IP? Jon and Hank talk with John Cronin, Chairman of IP capital Group, one of the leaders in intellectual property consulting, about BOA and the process of innovation and patent development.
Hear how Hank thinks though the patent process and what he's learned over 30 years of developing patents and novel ideas for commercial markets.
Jon & Hank are joined by Susan Kitchen, Registered dietitian, board certified sports nutritionist, a USA Triathlon Level II and IRONMAN certified endurance coach, and a lifelong endurance athlete. Susan works with athletes of all ages from all over the world nad knows the importance of proper hydration and nutrition. In this episode she explains in depth, the sodium gap and its effect on training and performance. She also discusses sodium's role in hydration. Everyone, athelete or not, can benefit from the knowledge she shares.
This week, Jon & Hank catch you up on our BOA Ambassadors - we just announced two new athletes - Hunter McIntyre and Katie Knight, both stars in the Obstacle Course Racing world. They also tease an exciting announcement that will be coming soon regarding a certain MLS football player. Hank gives insight into our next product - Ignite (referred to in this recording as fuel). Big things are ahead for BOA, so thanks for being along for the ride.
Back from the holidays (this podcast that is), Jon & Hank catch up on everything that's happened, including officially signing Duke basketball player Wendell Moore Jr. to an NIL deal. We had a video an photoshoot with Wendell at his old stomping grounds, Cox Mill High School just TWO days before Christmas...and you may see his ads soon. Have fun listening to the many exciting things in the pipeline for BOA.
Jon & Hank take you through one of the busiest and most exciting weeks for the BOA team. Including a road trip with thousands of cans of ENDURE, a mention on ESPN, and a prominent college basketball player using ENDURE as a solution to a big problem. Buckle up folks, things are happening!
Jon and Hank talk with Kevin Smith and Michael Kiplinger from Smashbrands. Kevin and Micheal were integral in leading the conception and creation of BOA's brand. Creating this brand came with it's own challenges as BOA was creating a whole new category of consumer goods.
This week Jon and Hank sit down with BOA's Marketing & Communication (and producer of this podcast!) Mallory Forsman. Mallory joined the team in late July and talks about what it was like coming from a completely different industry and hitting the ground running before day 1. We also discuss the importance of story-telling to spread awareness and educate consumers about the BOA brand.
Daren Lucas, BOA advisor, Chief Revenue Officer and commonly referred to as the workhorse joins Jon and Hank for this week's episode of The BLAST. Jon & Daren go way back, so when it came time to assemble a team for BOA, Jon knew Daren was the right man for the job. Listen to Daren talk about his experience in the sports world, ticketing world, and NASCAR. He also talks about marketing in the 21st century. It's always a BLAST when you get Jon Hank and Daren together.
CEO & President Jon Pritchett dives into his background and the journey that led him to the helm of BOA Nutrition. Jon and Hank also discuss the exciting week they had with BOA becoming increasingly more visible in the marketplace. They'll also introduce you to the BOA board members, a carefully selected handful of experts dedicated to disrupting the market.
We'll introduce BOA, discuss just why and how BOA is so disruptive, delve into Founder and CIO Hank Durschlag's background, and we'll talk about why failure is good, and what you can learn from those failures.
BOA Nutrition CEO Jon Pritchett welcomes you to BOA's new podcast, THE BLAST.
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