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Author: Ryan Ferguson & Dave Dowling

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Prison Counts is a true crime podcast created, co-hosted, and produced by exoneree Ryan Ferguson who spent 10 years in maximum security prison for a crime he did not commit. Along with co-host David Dowling, their goal is not only to entertain with stories of what it's truly like to live life in prison but to give a voice to the voiceless while also shedding a light on how our criminal justice system actually operates. No where else can you find interviews from prisoners, investigators, wardens, lawyers, and cops all in one place. Welcome to your all access behind the scenes of criminal justice in America like you've never seen before!
19 Episodes
This incredible episode of Prison Counts Podcast is a twofer! We get to speak to Amazing Race champion and former prosecutor Brook Camhi about what it's like to win the amazing race and more importantly, she takes us behind the scenes of what it's like to be a prosecutor in America. Boy have I got some questions! 
This episode is bonkers! We have Russ Faria fresh off a brand new Dateline episode and a NBC mini-series about the case he was wrongfully convicted of. Check out his book Bone Deep, the mini-series "The Thing About Pam", and the most recent Dateline episode "The Real Thing About Pam". Can't wait to hear your thoughts about this one!
In this insightful and episode of Prison Counts Podcast we discuss Senate bill 1201, (call a Missouri State Senator to support), which would grant innocent people a fair chance to appeal their convictions. Very important! We also have Bill Ferguson back on to discuss a video and petition he's releasing to the public which will expose more in the Heitholt case and hopefully get the Columbia Police Department to to do the one thing any rookie investigator would have done, yet twenty years later they still have not, and that's investigate the last person to see the victim alive. Do you think Michael Boyd committed this crime? If so call the Columbia Police department and demand them to do their jobs! 
This weeks episode follows up on the fun we had last week of answering listener questions about ourselves and prison. Thanks again to everyone for the great questions. We know we didn't get to them all but will answer more in upcoming episodes. 
In todays episode, Ryan and Dave answer any and all questions about prison pertaining to the first 15 episodes of Prison Counts Podcast! A big thanks to all of our listeners an all of the amazing responses. So many in fact that we couldn't answer everything in one episode! Join us agin in the following weeks as we wrap up answering all of these great inquiries!
Today we do the undoable, we talk to a warden! 
In this awesome episode within a mini-series, we discuss different places to live within prison. Interestingly enough, Ryan learns about living structures that didn't exist in the prison he was in and Dave discusses the trials and tribulations involved with helping create those safe structures as an inmate. Doing the right thing is not always the safe thing in prison. This is a fun one!
This is the first of an amazing three part series where Dave goes back into a prison in Moberly Missouri where he spent 8 years of his life to catch up with fellow inmates and to explore what the progressive leadership there is doing to give inmates opportunities to grow and succeed. This is what prison counts is all about! We fully support what they're doing there and are happy to bring these discussions to the public sphere. Positive change can happen if we support it and nurture it. The proof is in the pudding... and the next three episodes! 
Our guest today has a great story! After finding himself at a crossroads between the criminal life or one of hard work and helping others, he chose right. Years after spending over a year in prison, Steve came out of that situation ready to build a business while also not forgetting about those who have made a wrong choice or two in life. Hiring an ex-convict is a rather large debate in todays society. Hear first hand what it's like to employ the "unemployable". 
In this unique episode, Ryan and Dave answer listener questions about what a typical day in prison is like. From the crazy to the mundane, the hosts of Prison Counts Podcast riff on some of their own crazy experiences while living in this bizarre world. 
In this episode of Prison Counts we talk to Ryan's father Bill who fought for his son's  innocence and became more lawyer than most lawyers. Go behind the scenes of Bill's ten year fight to make the justice system do the right thing and hear what he really went through. 
In this installment of Prison Counts we discuss life after prison while under probation or parole with Ziljada. She worked for years as a PO,( parole officer),  helping ex-felons acclimate to life while experiencing some bizarre circumstances. While Dave is no stranger to probation and parole, this was very enlightening to Ryan and anyone who's curious about life after incarceration. One things for sure, it ain't easy. 
This episode has it all. What going to prison is like as a young person who's never had a run in with the law, disproportionate sentencing, unnecessary violence, education, the fight for freedom, and the search for a respectable job after all that. Our guest, my good friend Patrick Flaherty, a recently freed man after 20+ years in prison joins us to discuss all this and more!
In this weeks unique episode, Dave and Ryan take you inside a maximum security prison where much work is being done to right the many wrongs that led people to prison. No easy task as you will hear given the harsh reality of life in state prison. But our guest this week was determined to do good with his life and the time he spent locked away. This is a story we love to hear on Prison Counts!
In this weeks unique and perfectly articulated episode, Samantha Lander takes us behind the scenes of both the L.A. county jail as well as inside the federal penitentiary for women. Which was worse? The truth may surprise you!
This episode takes back to the harsh reality of life in prison. Our guest today was forced to figure out how to survive life in the hole (a.ka. prison within prison). No small feat for anyone, let alone a teenager. Join as as we take you inside what it's really like to endure this torturous existence year after year, and how the human mind adapts to life in a a cold cinderblock box. 
In this episode we talk to a seasoned investigator about what it's like behind the scenes of an investigation. Not often do the previously investigated get to speak to the one doing the investigations. This episode tears through that wall! Our guest Jim drops some serious knowledge, laughs, and insights that you can't help but enjoy listening to.Instacart - Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Free delivery on your first order over $35.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
This episode is intense! Our guest today went to prison in his teens and the things he witnessed will forever be ingrained in his memory. Be aware, what you hear may live on in your memory as well. 
Welcome to Prison Counts! This episode is a quick introduction to your hosts Ryan Ferguson and David Dowling. Both having spent time in prison, (one innocent, the other guilty), they became friends while in a maximum security prison and this is their podcast to expose what it's really like to be arrested, tried, convicted, and ultimately sent to prison in America. 
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