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What's the Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea?

Author: Adams & Knight

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What’s the Big Idea? is an integrated marketing podcast from Adams & Knight that digs into today’s boldest trends, brightest work, and biggest ideas.

In each episode we dissect a fresh topic, debate our takes (sometimes hot, sometimes not), share cautionary tales – and strategies to course correct.

Tune in for a dose of inspiration, actionable advice, and healthy conversation to stay ahead of the curve, up your marketing game, and spark your own big idea thinking.
32 Episodes
Lora and Karishma talk through how to build and maintain a good agency/client partnership.
VP of Media Services Tommy Shaw discusses best practices when using vanity URLs.
Allison Butler and Don Carter talk creating sonic signatures.
CEO Jill Adams and SVP Marc McFarland discuss building brand trust.
Tommy Shaw and Denis Gendreau discuss the upcoming changes free Google Analytics users will see.
Edgardo Rossetti and Caci Cosenzi weigh in on the marketing capabilities of TikTok.
Our head of tourism marketing goes through recent industry learnings.
The interactive team is back in the studio talking about trends to look out for this year.
Tommy Shaw and Edgardo Rossetti explain how to effectively target your audience through digital and social media.
Karishma Pinto, Malcolm Little, and Tess Myers discuss their marketing careers and backgrounds. 
Eric Panke and Courtney Beyer reflect on how design has changed over the past few years. 
Pat Dugan and Eric Truntz offer their perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect marketing. 
The pod squad reflects on one year of What's the Big Idea?
Edgardo Rossetti and Caci Cosenzi return to discuss the popular platform, TikTok.
SVP of Strategic Services Marc McFarland and VP of Media Services Tommy Shaw give a quick rundown of the do’s and don’ts of Full-Funnel Marketing.
Our SVP of Healthcare Strategy/Branding and Creative Director of Digital discuss quick tips on creating an employee engagement plan.
Our in-house social media gurus stop by to give top tips on choosing the right influencer to represent your brand. 
Eric Truntz returns to explain how to successfully host a website.
Ryan Jakubowski stops by the studio to list important considerations for your website.
Tommy Shaw and Edgardo Rossetti join Sophia Alfieri to discuss matching your creative and messaging to the online audience you are trying to target.
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