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In this episode, Antonia Spinks,  Co-CEO and Director of Education at Pioneer  Education Trust, talks about the importance of flexible working for all teachers and its crucial role in retaining and recruiting staff.  We also talk about the DfE's flexible working Ambassador School initiative and learn about the way in which diversity, equality and inclusion have shaped Antonia's leadership journey.
Robin Hardman, Head of Politics at a school in south-west London and author of 'The Writing Game', talks about his lifelong passion for improving his own students' writing skills. Robin explains how and why his own love of writing developed and his subsequent determination to produce an evidence-informed book consisting of engaging lesson activities applicable in all subject areas. Robin introduces our listeners to the work of Professor Steve Graham, Karen Harris and Gary Troia. And we also learn about Robin's exciting plans for the future.
Sarah Garrington,  international speaker and Head of Resilience at a leading law firm, discusses the importance of resilience in education and the problems of perfectionism in students. We touch on the issue of gender and resilience, as well as considering how teachers can manage some of the stressful situations they often encounter. We also put Sarah's expertise to the test by presenting her with a number of typical scenarios that colleagues may, at some point in their careers, have faced in the workplace.
In this episode, we talk to Judith Fenn, Executive Director of IStip. We chat with Judith about her own career, her leadership of IStip, the 'Early Career Teacher' programme,  some of the problems related to the recruitment of teachers in light of the pandemic, as well as the role of the 'over 50s' in the profession.  Finally, Judith explains why she thinks teaching is such a glorious career.  
Dan Locke-Wheaton, Principal of Aston University Engineering Academy, talks about the importance of engineering in the curriculum and provides an insight into the groundbreaking work he has pioneered at the school. Dan also takes us on his own leadership journey in this fascinating and inspirational episode.
In this episode, Aishwarya Machani, a UN Foundation Next Generation Fellow, talks about her role working with the UN Foundation, the challenges facing young people today, the importance of inter-generational justice as well as the crisis in Ukraine. We also discuss the importance of Aishwarya's own education both at school and university in helping her to become one of only eight UN Next Generation Fellows. 
Susan Pallister catches up with two of her former students, Furqan Alamgir and Alex Yeung, founders of Connexin, one of the UK's leading telecommunications firms.  In a wide-ranging discussion, Furqan and Alex reflect on their time as students, the skills they think schools should be developing, as well as taking time to reflect, quite movingly at times, on their own education and their very fond memories of Hull Grammar School.  
Harry Ellis, the former international rugby player, joins Susan Pallister to talk about life after playing rugby at the very highest level, how and why he was inspired to become a PE teacher, Harry's love of Leicester, his work in the local community, as well as the importance of sport and competition in the curriculum.  Two games into the Championship, at the time of the recording, Harry gives us his insider view of the 2022 Six Nations Championship. 
Grace Gwynne, a leading barrister at No5 Barristers’ Chambers and Tedx Speaker, talks about the importance of resilience, determination and strength of character- key characteristics essential for success in the legal profession.  Grace talks about her education, her inspirational teachers and the role models, in both her personal and professional life, who have been pivotal in her journey to success. We also talk about regional accents, the old boys' network and her media appearances, which focus on the importance of equality and diversity in all walks of life.
In this episode of our podcast, Dr Katie Reilly, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, talks about the importance of her university's outreach programme, working with primary and secondary school pupils. Katie also talks about her own research, the problems of plastic pollution, informing government policy, as well as her views about COP 26.
Tom Arbuthnott, Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for Partnerships at Eton College, discusses the importance of schools working together and shares some examples of the work he is currently undertaking at the school. Tom talks about his publication, The Missing 2000,  The Thames Valley Learning Partnership, Schools Together, as well as Eton's acclaimed online learning platform EtonX, providing free access to courses for all maintained schools. Tom talks with great enthusiasm and passion about the ways in which school partnerships can have a long-lasting and truly meaningful impact on pupils from all sectors of society. 
In this captivating episode, Jack Symes, host of the 'The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast' discusses life after school teaching, his love of philosophy, studying for his PhD at Liverpool Unversity, and his fantastic new book, Philosophers on Consciousness. 
In this episode, Lauren Zhang,  the BBC's Young Musician of the year in 2018, describes how her love and passion for the piano developed and she reminisces about the exciting months leading up to and then winning the BBC Young Musician competition. We also talk about her plans for the future, as well as her current studies at Harvard University.  At the end of the show, Lauren introduces her own captivating and haunting recording of Maurice Ravel's Ondine. Enjoy!
Mike Carter, a successful playwright, film director, body language consultant and former teacher, talks to Susan Pallister about the importance of creativity in the school curriculum. Mike is 'Playwright in Residence' at Hurst College, where students produce their own films as part of the school's annual House Competition. Mike has directed two feature films, Connected and Brothers of War.  He is also one of the country's leading body language consultants running bespoke workshops for teachers and students throughout the UK. 
In this inspirational episode Jessica Ward, Principal of Elmhurst Ballet School, talks about landing her dream job, as well as giving our listeners lots of excellent career advice. We talk about equality and diversity, the Black Lives Matter Movement and how Elmhurst students worked with Birmingham Royal Ballet's Brandon Lawrence producer of Bodies, an award-winning film calling out racism and hatred. Jessica talks about some of the people who have had the biggest influence on her career to date and the key leadership skills of constantly looking outwards and always being open to change and new ideas. 
Susan Pallister catches up with Shivanii Arun and Aliyah Begum, former students of KEHS and currently first-year Oxford University undergraduates. Shivanii and Aliyah discuss the main differences between school and university, the importance of the EPQ, independent learning and co-curricular opportunities, all of which helped them to adapt to academic life at university.  This is the first of a number of episodes where Susan talks to former school pupils, who give their own distinct, unique and engaging perspectives of school and education. 
John Jones, Director of Innovation at the RGS Worcester family of schools, writer for the tes magazine and an Apple Distinguished Educator, talks about the importance of innovation in terms of teaching and learning and staff CPD.   In addition, John shares his expert knowledge of digital learning and gives examples of some of the best educational apps currently available to support pupil learning. John also talks about the West Midlands EdTech Hub and its role in sharing good practice, as well as the important role it has played in helping to increase collaboration across numerous schools in the local community.
In the first episode of Season 2 of the 'Independent Teacher Podcast', Helen Jeys, Headteacher of one of the UK's leading schools, joins Susan Pallister to discuss some of the key moments from her leadership journey. Helen talks about her educational philosophy and how her commitment to character education has shaped her approach to leadership. Helen reflects on the challenges of leading a school through the pandemic, how her school is preparing students for careers in the 21st Century, as well as her views on the English examination system. At the end of the programme, we go back in time to 2016, and Helen shares some of the advice she would have given to herself as she started out on her headship journey.     
David James is a Deputy Headteacher, co-author of The State of Independence, a frequent contributor to the Times Educational Supplement and CapX, as well as being an ISI Inspector. He joins Susan Pallister in the 16th episode of 'The Independent Teacher Podcast' to talk about the proposed reforms to Welsh GCSEs. David explains why he believes the impending changes amount to an act of educational vandalism on an epic scale. In addition, he also discusses the need to maintain the status quo in terms of assessment in the English education system. David provides some festive cheer with a number of great book recommendations for the forthcoming Christmas break.
In an uplifting episode, Kenny Primrose,  Head of Character Education and an experienced teacher of religion and philosophy in one of the UK's largest schools, talks to Susan Pallister about the positive impact of character education on young people and their teachers. Kenny is currently completing an MA in Character Education at the University of Birmingham and, in October 2021, published the following article about the implementation of character education in his own school.  Kenny takes our listeners through some of the key points raised in the article, explaining how consumerism and individualism seem to be at odds with human flourishing. Kenny provides our listeners with a "different story" of what it means to flourish as an individual.  Kenny has suggested the following links if listeners would like to explore the topic of character education in a little more depth: Association for Character Education; Jubilee Centre Resources; VIA Character Strengths Tool; The Harvard Flourishing App; Pen Resiliency Programme and Conversations on Character Podcast. Kenny has also written a number of articles for the Times Educational Supplement including one entitled: Hit the reset button on the cult of individualism. 
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