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Red Rover is one geek convincing another geek to join their fandom. Your hosts? Kat & Shomari (featuring Steve). New episodes? Every Wednesday. Come on over!
24 Episodes
00:00 - 27:15 - We discuss Shomari's homework - the BBC/Netflix series "Crashing" (NOT the HBO one) 27:15 - 52:30 - Our hot hot hot takes on Blade Runner 2049 52:30 - end - Halloween homework assignments - Katherine has to watch Van Helsing (she's pissed) and Shomari get stuck with The Babadook (he's scared)
00:00 - 32:00 We discuss Kat's homework - Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 32:00 - 41:00 Shomari's new assignment - Crashing (the British one on Netflix, eps 1, 3 & 5 41:00 - end We Love Will & Grace
*spoilers ahead for the general plot of IT* In this episode we wrap up our back to school segment with Katherine worrying if Jared Leto will ruin the new Blade Runner and Shomari remarking on poignant & painfully truthful portrayal of adolescence that is My So Called Life. Wait, did I get that backwards? We also talk the surprise funfest (?!?) of September - Stephen King's IT (pro tip - don't image search Tim Curry's Pennywise - there's a reason he haunted your childhood nightmares) 00:00 - 23:30 Shomari reviews his My So Called Life homework 23:30 ~ 47:00 - Kat and Shomari talk Stephen King's It 47:00 ~ end Kat's homework - watch "Don't Trust the B" S1 E1 S2 E3 S2 E7
Why is our hair so big? Cause it's full of secrets about how to survive high school. We take on the tumultuous teen years through a pop culture lens with Freaks & Geeks and Mean Girls and a whole more. 0:00 - 8:00 Intro 8:00 ~ 33:00 Kat's homework watch Freaks & Geeks Eps 4, 10 & 12 33:00 ~ 38:00 Shomari gets his "My So Called Life" homework assignment 38:00 - finish - We love "Mean Girls"
A few months have passed since our last show and we know the question on everyone's mind - what did Kat and Shomari spend their summer watching? Check out this new episode, where we count down our five favorite movies & series, to find out. Plus, what show does Shomari call "early 1900s Mean Girls" and will someone please send Katherine a Rachel Bloom bobblehead so Spidey isn't all alone on top of the monitor? Welcome back Rovers!
Five episodes ago, Shomari was decidedly NOT on board with the trippy world of Twin Peaks. Has anything changed with the passing of a few weeks in which he finished Season 1? Find out this week, plus we ramble on about what we're planning to watch this summer, why Chris Evans was the wrong lead for Snowpiercer and the murder-y Westworld vacations of our dreams. Spoilers for Twin Peaks S1 and Snowpiercer 00:00 - 30:00 Twin Peaks Revisit 30:00 - end what we want to see this summer and other stuff
"you got melodrama in my scifi comedy!" we're on the open road and taking names for big Episode 16 - we talk the new Guardians plus lots of shiny shows we've been watching. catch it here, then like us and leave us comments. 00:00 - 11:06 - Intro 11:06 - 29:10 - our takes, straight from the theater, after seeing Guardians Vol 2 29:10 - end - Treatz treatz so many treatz
Whew. Within the first 15 minutes of this one, Kat loses all credibility with the superhero crowd, neither of us can figure out basic New York geography, and we misplace Ben Urich on the wrong 90s medical drama (it was Chicago Hope, not ER, ya dummies!) But you know, everyone has days where they mysteriously end up with lettuce in their hair. Enjoy our fumblings here and leave us a good review somewhere even though we don't deserve it. 00:00 - 5:58 Intro 5:58 - 37:15 - Daredevil discussion 37:15 - 51:02 - Shomari gets his The Americans homework 51:02 - end - so much 30 Rock Shomari's The Americans homework: S1 Ep1, S3 Ep 2 and S3 Ep 3 - available to stream on Hulu or Amazon Prime
Sure, we're all in the Julianna Margulies's Arms Appreciation Club, but there are a few important questions - mainly, is Will smoking hot or not - that Katherine and Shomari just can't seem to agree on when discussing "The Good Wife". That, plus we confuse David Spade & James Spader to disastrous results, Shomari makes a plea for another superhero dressed in red, and the return of the Mandy Patinkin stinger. Tweet us, share us and review us on Itunes! 00:00 - 5:56 Intro 5:56 - 33:41 "The Good Wife" throwdown 33:41 - 45:00 Shomari assigns Kat "Daredevil" 45:00 - end We love "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Kat's "Daredevil" homework - S1 Ep 1, S1 Ep 2, S2 Ep 1 - all available to stream on Netflix
Mean girls and V-necks and shipping, oh my! We're out of the "spooky small towns" fire & into the "big city troubles" frying pan in this week's new episode. And we promise that no one's blackmailing us via threatening but not very creative texts. Listen to find out who "the darkest timeline Rob Lowe" is plus what Shomari and Ron Swanson have in common(hint, it involves cured pork) However you listen, subscribe so you never miss an episode & like and review us so we know to keep making them! 0 - 3:52 Intro 3:52 - 25:42 Pretty Little Liars 25:42 - 38:17 Kat assigns Shomari his "The Good Wife" homework 38:17 - end Happy endings Shomari's homework for next week: The Good Wife (available for streaming on Hulu) Season 1 Ep 1 "Pilot," Season 1 Ep 22 "Hybristophilia." and Season 2 Ep 23 "Closing Arguments"
Things get heated as we begin to wrap up the apparently contentious topic of scary.....I mean... strange small towns. The coffee might be damn good in Twin Peaks, but "I never felt anything for these characters" - SOMEONE says about "Shaggy Jimmy", "Laura...something" and "Younger Waitress". So basically if you love the idea of hearing Katherine's heart crushed over and over and with great enthusiasm, this is the episode for you. We also introduce a new segment - Red Rover Treats - to talk about some current pop culture obsessions. This batch includes Into the Badlands, Fargo & many more. And if you like us, like us on Facebook, Itunes, Stitcher etc(pretty please with a piece of cherry pie on top)
WHO CARES WHAT WE TALK ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE WE HAVE A RED ROVER THEME SONG, ITS EXTREMELY AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT ASAP!!! ok, and for those who do care about the "content" - we make it almost an entire episode talking manic pixie dream cats, Hugh Jackman's dancing skills, comedies of manners and straaaaaange smaaaall tooowns (in a spooky voice please), with no freak outs from Shomari. Notice how I said almost. To find out what finally sets him off and whether Katherine was feeling "happy and sappy" after Puss in Boots, listen below: 00:00 - 1:20 - INTRO WITH NEW THEME SONG WOOHHOOO 1:20 - 24:07 - Kat's take on Puss in Boots 24:07 - 36:49 - Kat assigns Shomari Twin Peaks 36:49 - end - We love Gravity Falls! We love Dipper and Mabel and Waddles and Sues and Grunkle Stan and .... Shomari's Twin Peaks homework: the pilot episode, available for streaming on Amazon Prime
When Kat and Shomari get down to an extended discussion of Battlestar Galactica, it's less "So Say We All" and more "So Say You, but You're Extremely Wrong and Here's Why" Check out our take on the cult of Gaius, Lee's fat suit and yes THAT series finale above. Includes spoilers for the entire show, duh. We'll be back with our usual Red Rover tricks next Wednesday - till then, like us, review us and leave us lots of comments!
What happens when an episode ends, but Kat and Shomari leave the mic running? Laughter, tears and so much more. Check out this bonus footage from seven previous episodes including: 2:33 - 5:33 - what is "fridging" 5:33 - 13:56 - Ally McBeal & our take on feminism in pop culture 13:56 - 19:04- what kinds of nerds are we? 19:04 - 21:03 - SHOMARI'S EPIC SPIDERMAN MELTDOWN 21:03 - 25:30 - SHOMARI'S EPIC BTTF MELTDOWN 25:30 - 29:03 - Blade Runner's take on AI 29:03 - 30:58 - our friend Mandy
Katherine never met a musical she didn't like, but Shomari's gonna see what he can do about that. And what do Anjelica Huston, Nick Jonas and Supergirl have in common? Duh - we argue about them all on this show. If you love us, leave us comments! Katherine's homework: watch Puss in Boots (1988) available to rent on Amazon
Who among us isn't ready to join a group of horny but hardworking teenage rebels as they rebuild our society from radioactive scratch? Well out the airlock with ya! That + what happened to Debra Messing's elaborate scarf collection from her Smash days + why Dr. Horrible is really NOT the worst and Captain Hammer is (despite his FOUR sweater vests!) Shomari's Smash Homework (available for purchase on Amazon Prime): S1 Ep1 "Pilot" S1 Ep 4 "The Cost of Art" S2 Ep 1 "On Broadway"
*spoilers for entire movie* be warned! Katherine and Shomari discuss Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine, the new movie Logan, which is playing in theaters now. Listen to discover if the claws came out or the upholstery was spared as we talk Patrick Stewart's charms, the film's overtly political message and which of our moms should go get in line to see it immediately!
oh captain, my captain! In the race for interstellar leader with the best furrowed brow, sage wisdom and surprisingly hearty laugh, who will win our hearts?? Adama? Sisko? is Picard even in the running? get the answer to that - & our feelings about those shiny haired teenagers of The 100 - in this week's new episode! **spoilers for Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica and most of Deep Space Nine below** 00:00 - 1:30 Intro 1:30 - 34:28 Battlestar Galactica battle for the ages 34:28 - 47:25 Shomari introduces The 100 47:25 - 105:30 We love Deep Space Nine 105:30 - end Mandy Patinkin 4-ever Katherine's The 100 homework: S1 E1 "Pilot", S1 E3 "Earth Kills" S1 E5 "Twilight's Last Gleaming"
"I got Rover-ed hard this week!" Find out who says that (and why) in this week's new episode... (ok, I'll just tell you, it was Shomari - I can just tell you cause I'm posting this and not him) ...and so much more 00:00 - 1:30 Intro 1:30 - 26:35 Katherine's Homework: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 26:36 - 45:00 Shomari's Homework: Unreal 45:00- 53:00 Change of Format and Battlestar Intro 53:00 - 1:10 Firefly, glorious Firefly Shomari's Battlestar Galactica homework, available for streaming on Hulu, Miniseries "Part 1," "Part 2" and S1 Ep 1 "33"
Kat and Shomari discuss CXG Season 2 and the series as a whole. SPOILERS!!! The article in question:
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