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Chris and Q sat down with Sarah to discuss Isokinetic Testing and Training. We dive into: isokinetic vs isometric testing, when, why, and how often to test, discussing results with patients and other providers, primary principles guiding the rehab and testing process, and recommendations for individuals utilizing isokinetic testing for the first time. Sarah is a sports physical therapist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. We hope you all enjoy! @sarahanderson.dpt @adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Aaron to discuss all things shoulder. We dive into: Internal versus external impingement, why compression might be a better term over impingement, an objective assessment of the shoulder, validity and reliability (or lack thereof) of shoulder special tests, upper extremity plyometrics, distinguishing normal adaptations from pathological deficits, and much more. Aaron is currently a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, where he is focusing on shoulder biomechanics in overhead athletes, a full time faculty member and professor at the University of Minnesota in their PT department, and a part time sports medicine clinician at the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis. We hope you all enjoy! Aaron Hellem  @adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Jon for round two to chat about all things Nevada PT.  We discussed: managing a business while remaining a clinician, letting go of responsibilities, bringing on and keeping clinicians, creating growth opportunities for his employees, the decision to stay an insurance based clinic and the realities of an in-person cash-based model, rethinking work/life balance as a business owner, and establishing the right culture. Here is our first conversation with Jon about The Evolution of Beliefs. We hope you all enjoy!
Chris and Q sat down with Jordan to discuss all things Barbell Medicine. Jordan talks about the inception of BBM, the evolution of the company over the past 10 years, shifts in teaching and lecturing styles, communicating to a varied audience, epistemic responsibility, diving into the literature and discussing mechanisms, and much more. Jordan is a physician, coach, educator, and founder of Barbell Medicine. @jordan_barbellmedicine@barbell_medicine Barbell Medicine Website@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Jon to discuss his company, Building The Elite, and many of the principles and tactics they utilize when working with individuals in a variety of contexts. We talked about: stress inoculation, goal fixedness, learning in difficult situations, attention and self-reflection, asking questions, segmenting, compartmentalization, and much more. Jon is the co-owner of Building the Elite, an online coaching and education platform for all facets of human performance. @buildingtheelitePodcast: Building the EliteWebsite: Building The Elite@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Ben to discuss all things autoregulation and skill acquisition related. Ben talks about the differences between RIR and RPE, how/when to utilize both scales, RPE on a scale of 1-10 vs 1-100, internal training loads vs external training loads, and the misconceptions of “load management.” We then wrap up the chat with a discussion on skill acquisition from a variety of perspectives including sport coaching, rehab, and performance. Ben is a Strength Coach, Hockey Goalie Coach, Chiropractor, and current Master’s student researching workload on performance in hockey, long term development, and skill acquisition. @bcsiernikBen’s SubstackPaper’s discussed in this episode: Challenge Based Framework (representative design, motor learning)AC:WR 1 and 2How to Use RPE@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Jason to discuss his first season as the Sport Performance Coach for Rochester NY FC and we also dive into all things running related. With his role at Rochester FC, Jason talks about tracking and interpreting data across the season, in-season training goals, and return to sport testing. With running, we dive into Jason’s biggest changes in beliefs for both running performance and rehabbing runners within the past few years, strength training for runners, BSI’s, RED-S, plyometrics, and return to run programming. Jason is a Sports Performance Coach for Rochester New York Football Club, a PT and Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, and co-host of PT Inquest and The PT Podcast Network. We hope you enjoy! @jasontuori.dpt@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris and Mason sat down with Mike to discuss all things rehab related below the knee. We discuss gastroc vs soleus strains, objective testing for the calf complex, standards of calf strength and when to introduce plyometrics and higher rate of force activities, differentials for bone stress injuries / tendinopathies / compartment syndromes, pediatric and geriatric populations, management of tip/fib fractures, and much more. Mike is a physical therapist and director of clinical education at Boston PT and Wellness. We hope you all enjoy! @michaelvamato@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Jim to talk about value-based care, population health, pre-operative preparation for lumbar spinal stenosis, reflections on his education,  comparing the United States MSK model to other countries, and much more. Jim is currently a Spine and Healthy Policy Fellow in the PM&R department at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). We hope you all enjoy! Jim’s Publications@jeubanksmd@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Claire to discuss all things women and training. We talk about common misconceptions surrounding training during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle,  common questions and concerns women have around resistance training, navigating social media as a young female, and much more. Claire is a Coach with Barbell Medicine, Competitive Powerlifter, and Biomechanist. We hope you enjoy! @claire_barbellmedicineBarbell Medicine 4 Part Series : The Menstrual Cycle, Estrogen, and Performance Part 1, 2, 3, 4@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris and Q sat down with Kyle to discuss a variety of topics including: a typical day in the life, his initial experiences working in NYC as a Personal Trainer, the value of working with humans in person as a new coach/trainer, the transition to remote coaching and education, being adaptable in any gym environment, and his goals with Compound Performance moving forward.  Kyle is a coach, educator, and owner of Compound Performance. We hope you all enjoy! @compoundperformance_@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Jonathan Jarry to discuss the concept of “mechanism masturbation”, scientific communication, why the phrase “trust the science” is less than ideal, the concerns surrounding complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), functional medicine, and integrative medicine, debunking vs investigating, and much more. Jonathan is a science communicator with the McGill Office for Science and Society and the co-host of The Body of Evidence podcast with Dr. Christopher Labos. We hope you all enjoy!Jonathan JarryThe Body of Evidence Podcast@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down to talk with Taylor about all things hypermobility. We discuss the differences  between hypermobility spectrum disorders and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), current controversies over diagnostic tests including the beighton score, her journey with her own hEDS diagnosis, alternative medicine and evidence based care, addressing the most common misconceptions, and short and long-term self management strategies for this population. Taylor is a chiropractor and remote coach based out of Colorado Springs.  We hope you all enjoy! @thehypermobilechiro@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Kevin to discuss the evolution of our bromance, the reason he left his master's program and the reason he chose not to pursue med school, the decision to complete a sports residency, constraints working in the professional sports setting, managing different beliefs, treatment plans, and narratives across providers within the same clinic, and reflections on how to proceed when patients re-injure. Kevin is a board certified sports physical therapist based out of Washington state. @kevin.j.mcnamara@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Chris sat down with Katie to chat about a variety of topics including: The growth of Old Bull Athletics, working as a PT and a strength coach, creating a better environment for both patients and physical therapists, teaching neuroscience, things she has changed her mind on, and long-term goals for Old Bull. Katie is the Co-Owner of Old Bull Athletics in Miami, physical therapist and strength coach, and Neuroscience Faculty for NSU. We hope you all enjoy! @ktdabrowski@oldbullathletics@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
The whole crew sat down to chat with Nick for the second time to discuss a variety of topics including: experimenting with intake forms, creating and utilizing eval templates, asking what’s most meaningful, and much more. We hope you all enjoy! @emergestrongerEval IntakeKnee Eval LBP Eval@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Mason and Chris talk with Natasha about her journey from chiropractic school to working fully remotely as a strength training and rehab coach, specializing in climbers. We chat about the most common injuries with climbers, ways to objectively measure progress with this population, common misconceptions in the climbing community, and the benefits of resistance training and variability within the sport. Natasha is a powerlifter, climber, and remote clinician and coach based out of the Bay Area. We hope you all enjoy! @natashabarnes
Chris talks with Seth for a second time to discuss his brand new paper in JOSPT, “The Blind Men, the Elephant, and the Continuing Education Course: Why Higher Standards Are Needed in Physical Therapist Professional Development." We dive into the paper and discuss: his motivation to write this piece, the problem of unwarranted variability in clinical practice, the blind leading the blind, drawbacks of the current continuing education / continuing competence system, 3 suggestions for developing higher standards in professional development, and advice for clinicians seeking out information, mentorship, and education. Seth is the owner of The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists in Oro Valley, AZ and he continues to maintain a faculty position at A.T. Still University. We hope you all enjoy! More of Seth’s recent publications: From Idea Cults to Clinical Chameleons: Education Courses for Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapists in the United States Often Lack Supporting Evidence: A Review of Available Intervention Courses: (PT Inquest Episode on this paper: writes this stuff? Musculoskeletal information quality and authorship of popular health websites: A systematic review:’s Twitter: @drsethptSeth's IG: @themovementbrainery@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
Q and Chris talk with Cody about his time spent in a variety of PT settings including: acute care, outpatient hospital, cash based, and a contract with the Navy. We discuss Cody’s decision to move to Seattle and his reflections on his new job compared to his prior positions. Lastly, we chat about the realities of life after discharge and how different that looks for each patient and for each healthcare setting. Cody is a PT at the University of Washington within their outpatient ortho/sports clinic. Cody also offers consults and coaching through his company, Waypoint Strength and Performance. We hope you all enjoy!@codymisuraca.dpt@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
The entire crew sat down with Derek to talk about his Barbell Medicine article, “When Symmetry Matters: A Look At Instances Where Indexes Matter After Injury.” We discuss: how hard it is to define “normal”, when to care about symmetry, and when to appreciate the asymmetry that comes with being a human, training, and competing in sports. We hope you all enjoy!@derek_barbellmedicineBarbell Medicine@adaptabilia@the_atg_physio@mas.moore@chris_barbellmedicine
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