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TORCHED is a finalist for two Signal Awards! Please vote at the links below for best sports show and best sports episode for Greg Louganis' Last Dive. A sincere thank you for being a fan of our show!Best sports show: sports episode:
Season Finale! We complete our World Cup coverage and look at what the French National Team, Les Bleues, means to the nation it represents. Will they succeed in repeating as World Cup Champions in 2022?
We investigate what it looked like when a nation tried to win the right to host the World Cup, and what was sacrificed in the process.
We speak with Caroline Marks, American pro surfer, and get into what it was like to represent Team USA in the inaugural surfing event at the Olympics.
We talk with Lindsey Jacobellis, the most decorated snowboarder in history, and delve into her winning ways as an athlete, mentor, and published author.
Hear the story of Stasia Czernicki, one of the greatest candlepin bowlers of all time. Her determination to be the best at this little known sport catapulted her to celebrity status in the New England area.
In a short amount of time, we’ve gone from gambling being stigmatized and barely legal, to omnipresent and woven into the sports we watch. But how did we get here?
A Scandal at Stones

A Scandal at Stones


Poker impresario Veronica Brill joins us to break down one of Poker's most recent and heightened controversies.
We speak with Judge Rosemarie Aquilina about her most infamous case, and how she helped empower the young women who bravely took the stand during the trial of Larry Nassar.
Amateurism & The NCAA

Amateurism & The NCAA


Jeremy Bloom joins us to discuss amateurism and how new rulings have helped college athletes begin to make money off the big business that exists because of their talents and their sacrifices.
Title IX Trailblazers

Title IX Trailblazers


Through the lens of several women impacted, we’ll see how Title IX provides more than just athletic opportunities and how it has led to sweeping changes in women’s sports.
Climate activist, businessman and author, Auden Schendler joins us to help unveil the simplest concepts behind tackling climate change, and saving the long-term future of our beloved winter sports.
Hear the tale of Esther Williams, a champion swimmer whose dreams of Olympic success were shortchanged due to a world war...and how she turned her trailblazing prowess in the pool into a sensational Hollywood career.
Breaking, an art form, dance, and cultural movement, was announced to be an upcoming Olympic Event in 2024. However, reactions to this decision were mixed, with the most vocal critics being breakers themselves. The recent Olympic debate is part of an ongoing question: whether breaking can preserve its integrity and heritage as an art form while gaining popularity as a competitive sporting event.
Former USWNT star Yael Averbuch West has contributed greatly to the world of women's soccer. Thanks to her competitive edge she’s paving new paths for tomorrow’s soccer stars.
This week, we’re sharing a clip from the first episode of the new season of All-American, talking about how even though Venus & Serena Williams are beloved today, they weren’t 20 years ago. Their story reveals ugly truths about how America often ignores, scorns, and resists Black Excellence -- until it becomes apparent it's the only path to dominance. Listen to the full episode by searching for All-American wherever you get your podcasts.
Olympic Destroyer

Olympic Destroyer


To most, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games were an astounding success. But for the organizers and security personnel on the inside, it was a tense game of cat and mouse with the most dangerous cyber hackers in the world.
We talk with Russian athletes and international watchdogs — to discover how Russia’s elaborate, state-sponsored doping regime has become virtually unstoppable and why taking away medals from Russian Olympians won’t change a system that’s set them up to take the fall.
There aren’t many people who don’t know the name Lance Armstrong. Lance is a beast of an athlete. A physiological phenomenon. He also used performance enhancing drugs. Many know about his cancer diagnosis. Few know how close to death’s door he was.
Season 2 launches with a two tales from the Tour De France, which has, over the course of decades, become a stain on the sport of competitive cycling. But what does the Tour's future hold?
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