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Author: Marty Jencius

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ASGW empowers helping professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to practice effective, socially just, and ethical group work in a diverse and global society. This podcast is a product of the Association for Specialists in Group Work produced by Dr. Marty Jencius. Listeners can find out more information about ASGW at
11 Episodes
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Ana Puig about her passion for culturally responsive group work. She recounts early experiences that shaped her to be a group worker who is dedicated to social justice advocacy. Dr. Puig also discusses insights gleaned from a meaningful service project in Puerto Rico as well as an innovative mindfulness group that she co-led during the pandemic. She shares words of wisdom for group workers including the importance of being in the moment and having a kind heart.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Gerald Corey and Marianne Schneider Corey about their significant group work contributions that span the globe. They share their early experiences in the profession as well as a discussion of their current teaching. The Coreys highlight their prolific scholarly endeavors that include group textbooks, journal articles, and innovative videos. They also offer words of wisdom and tips for group workers, teachers, and scholars.
Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat, Professor, Ohio University, hosts a conversation with Niloufer Merchant, Ed.D., L.P. (MN), Professor Emerita, St. Cloud State University, ASGW Fellow, and former president of ASGW. Dr. Merchant served as process observer on the ACA Governing Council for four ACA Presidents. She shares her passion for work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and discusses how group workers could utilize Polyvagal Theory to gain an understanding of how our nervous systems receive and respond when we are in connection with others.
Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat hosts a conversation with Dr. Robert E Wubbolding, internationally known teacher, author and practitioner of Reality Therapy about the application of Reality Therapy to Group Work. Dr. Wubbolding is the Director of the Center for Reality Therapy and is a Professor Emeritus of Xavier University. Dr. Wubbolding is Senior Faculty for William Glasser International, Inc and he was personally appointed by Dr. Glasser in 1988 to be the first Director of Training for his institute. In this position he coordinated and monitored the Certification, Supervisor, and Instructor Training programs. Dr. Wubbolding is a Professional Clinical Counselor and a Board Certified Coach. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including being named a “Legend of Counseling” at the meeting of the American Counseling Association in Hawaii in 2014.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Kristopher Goodrich and Dr. Jane Okech about their editorial journey with the Journal for Specialists in Group Work. They also share tips for group work research/writing, early group experiences, the impact of professional mentors/collaborators, and dedication to culturally responsive group work. 
Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat hosts a conversation with Dr. Alicia M. Homrich. Dr. Homrich discusses her work with Multiple Family Group Therapy, and shares about her recent book on gatekeeping in clinical professions.
Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat hosts a conversation with Dr. Angela Coker.  Dr. Coker discusses her group work practice and research centered on social justice and on the intersections of mental health, race, gender, and class.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Ed Jacobs about his significant group work practice and publications that are focused on using creative group approaches that make an impact. He shares his journey as a group worker over the past 50 years that includes developing Impact Therapy, authoring six textbooks, utilizing innovative teaching techniques, and engaging in ASGW initiatives.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. A. Michael Hutchins about his groundbreaking group work practice, social justice advocacy, and process observation skills. He also shares rich historical information about the time ASGW was founded and his life journey of being an innovative group worker.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Melissa Luke about her innovative group work practice including creating/implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility workshops. She also shares impactful group work service, research, and school counseling experiences that have contributed to the counseling profession.
Dr. Lorraine Guth speaks with Dr. Sheri Bauman about her life work, group research project during COVID, and groundbreaking videos on group work with children and adolescents.
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