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Today's episode is a special one because we get to interview our own mentors, Scott & Beth Volk. For the last 20+ years, we have watched these two pour themselves into their ministry while falling deeper in love with each other and raising mature, Jesus-loving kids.  And anytime we've needed advice, they're always a phone call away. Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics we cover: How hospitality and loving others will draw you close in marriageThe importance of being positive in the midst of conflict Why using “I” statements is the best way to communicate your needs How to elevate relationships over rules in parentingHow a spirit of simple niceness disarms your spouse The power of desire - if you “want” good kids you can have them How listening unlocks your children and draws them close to you The power of an apology when you’ve messed up Tune in and listen to these two all-stars share some of the best marriage and parenting advice you'll hear. Enjoy. 
Dr. John Gottman, the foremost researcher in all things marriage, and he's discovered four characteristics evident in all marriages that fail. He calls them the "Four Horsemen" of the Apocolypse, and if these four qualities are not dealt with quickly and properly the end of the relationship is inevitable. Fortunately, there's an antidote - four of them, to be precise. And in this episode, we're going to discuss all four. You won't want to miss this timely and valuable conversation on how to counteract the Four Horseman that can ruin your relationship. Enjoy.  p.s. If you haven't taken our free 5-Day Challenge you can join us HERE. 
What do you want to accomplish in your life and marriage? Whatever it is, it will be impossible apart from systems. A system is a series of steps to help you achieve a desired result. If it works in business, it can work in your relationship! That's what today's episode is all about - helping you create systems in your marriage that will help you achieve what you desire. We start w/two powerful questions: WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT PROBLEMS ARE YOU HAVING? Once you answer these questions, it's time to wrap systems around your marriage so you can achieve what God has designed for you. Enjoy!
When you were dating you probably heard someone say, "You guys bring out the best in each other." But what does that really mean? And how do you know if you're actually doing it? That's what this episode is all about. Building off a marriage blog we recently read, we're going to share 8 ways that reveal you are bringing the best out of each other. Enjoy! 
Three Pillars of Trust

Three Pillars of Trust


In today's episode we're going to dive into the five core human needs and how they all pivot on our #1 core human need - Security. Security answers the question, "Who can I trust?" All relationships move at the speed of trust. But what does it mean to be a trustworthy person? And how do you practically work on the trust factor in your marriage? That's what this episode is all about. We're going to share with you three keys to trustworthy behavior and how you can become someone with whom your spouse feels secure. Enjoy! p.s. If you haven't take our free 5-Day Challenge, join us HERE.  If you haven't read our book, check it out HERE. 
Did you know the divorce rate in America has steadily declined in the last 20 years? We didn't either! But that prompted Success Magazine to write an article on marriage and the eight traits that make relationships strong. Check out today's episode as we dive into each of them!
We can honestly say, of all the podcasts we've ever done, this one BY FAR takes the cake (or pretzel, if you prefer!). If you've ever eaten an Auntie Anne's pretzel you know how incredibly delicious they are. But what you might not know is the incredible love story that lead to its inception. The story you're about to hear is a story of passion, loss, betrayal, forgiveness, and transformation that will leave you on the edge of your seat! You're going to hear how God's miraculous power working in a marriage that was poised to fail ushered in the events that lead to the greatest pretzel franchise the world has ever known. Please, grab your spouse and favorite beverage and settle in for a story that's sure to leave an impression on you for the rest of your life. Enjoy! P.S. If you haven't taken our free 5-Day Marriage Challenge, join us HERE. P.S.S. Auntie Anne's new cookbook "Come To The Table" is available HERE. 
Did you know that it's your responsibility to take care of your spouse emotionally? The marriages that succeed feel compelled to take care of each other's feelings.This means you have to be in tune with your spouse to know how they’re feeling. In this episode, we're going to dive into what it means to be sensitive to your spouse and the two key questions you have to ask yourself every day to make sure you are being the sensitive partner God made you to be. The result is a deeper connection with the person to whom you've dedicated your life!Enjoy. 
The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving


When we first fall in love the "feeling" of love precedes "giving" love. But in marriage, it is reversed. We give love before we feel love. You will love whatever you GIVE to! Why? Because giving is the foundation of love. In today's episode, we're going to dive into three key areas in which giving to your can take your relationship to the next level. Enjoy. 
Remember when you were dating how attracted you were to each other and how you could talk for hours on end only to feel like the time flew by?  But then you got married and the things you once loved about didn't seem so loveable anymore.One of the biggest problems in marriage is that we stop being captivated by our spouse. But there's a secret to staying captivated, and it's built on the understanding that God wants you to be captivated by your spouse and has given you the power to do it - you just have to tap into it. That's what we're going to do in this episode. We'll define captivation and give you the key to tapping into its power. Based on Proverbs 5 where Solomon encourages young husbands to "...always be captivated by her love," we'll dive deep into why we lose our relational zeal so easily and how we can keep it alive and growing. Enjoy.p.s. If you haven't taken our free 5-Day Marriage Challenge, you can take it HERE.  
To really connect with your spouse, your lives have to INTERSECT! This allows you to move from ME to WE. We've heard it said, "Compatibility does not lead to a successful marriage - connectedness does!"While independence is worthy to be celebrated, we have to understand that when it comes to marriage interdependence is much more important. Why? Because interdependence brings strength and meaning to your relationship. In this episode we'll dive into the power of interdependence and four ways you can grow in this vital area of your marriage. EnjoyHave you taken our free 5-Day Marriage Challenge yet? If not, click HERE and join us!
Did you know that you can grow the romantic aspect of your relationship?  In this episode we're going to dive into the three aspects of romantic love and how you can grow in each. We'll also explore how to unlock your five senses to get the most out of your relationship. Spoiler alert - it may mean you need to stop wearing cologne/perfume!!!Enjoy!
Six Types of Love

Six Types of Love


The Greeks are smarter than we are. At least, that's what it feels like! Today we're talking about the six types of love the ancient Greek philosophers talked about and how you can grow stronger in each one.  Applied to our marriages, these six types of love cover the full array of relational bonding and will draw you close to your spouse. Enjoy!
Terms Of Endearment

Terms Of Endearment


Did you know one of the best ways to grow your attraction for your spouse is through an attitude of endearment? And when you do, the things you could easily criticize will become cute? In today's episode, we're going to share five steps (our "terms of endearment") for growing an attitude of endearment toward your spouse where attraction and affection are the norms in your relationship. Enjoy! Oh, and if you haven't taken our free 5-Day Marriage Challenge, jump in HERE. 
Today we're talking about the recent findings of an 85-year-old study called "The Harvard Study of Adult Development" which shows the #1 characteristics of adults who experience the happiest, most fulfilling lives. As the oldest ongoing study in history, it's discovery on what makes the healthiest and happiest people is mind-blowing. Spoiler alert - it has something to do with relationships! Tune in and find out. 
Does your spouse spend a lot of time scrolling on their smartphone? Mindless scrolling is a problem for millions. It’s become a leading obstacle to intimacy. Why? Because it violates the law of Priority. Our #1 asset/gift is our TIME.  A scroll session takes away that time and is subconsciously received as a lack of priority. In today's episode, we're going to share the science behind distraction addiction and five keys to stopping the scroll to connect with our spouse!Enjoy
Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict


Did you know that most conflict in marriage cannot be resolved? You and your spouse are two different people, so resolving perpetual issues isn't the right way to think about it. In marriage, we need to be thinking about managing conflict more than resolving it.When you learn how to properly manage conflict, the very fight that once tore you apart now draws you together. Today, we're doing to talk about four keys to manage conflict to draw us closer rather than tear us apart. Enjoy.
Today is our final installment in our series "The Neuroscience of Connection." In this episode we'll dive into the various aspects of forgiveness and show you the power it has in your relationship. We'll also give you a different angle in which to view forgiveness, one in which you might not have thought of before. A marriage built on forgiveness is a powerful marriage. This episode will help you do it. 
Today is our 8th installment in our series on the Neuroscience of Connection where we answer the question "Am I reinforcing the behaviors that I like or dislike in my spouse?"  Based on Dr. Amen's book "You Happier," this episode is a deep dive into the value of positive thinking toward our spouse and how to combat those negative thoughts that rip us apart. We'll give you three steps to overcoming negative thinking and discuss the amazing way our brains are wired to help us connect deeper with those we love. You're going to enjoy this one! 
How you think determines what you say and how you act. Ultimately, how you think determines how you love. Nothing could be more important in your marriage than cleaning up your thoughts. In today's episode, we're going to dive into nine different negative thinking patterns that sabotage relationships, along with five keys that will set you free in your mind and bond you to your spouse. Based on Dr. Amen's best-selling book, "You Happier," this episode will dive deep into the most important component of your marriage - how you "think" about your spouse and relationship. And if you haven't taken our free 5-day marriage challenge, you can join us HERE. 
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