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Discover and apply to universities around the world here: much a study abroad program costs depends on a wide range of factors, from what the baseline education costs are in a particular country to what the study abroad program itself includes. For more articles and helpful information: out our services here: where we share useful information for students like you! us here: us on Instagram: us on Facebook: us on LinkedIn: us on Twitter:
Discover and apply to universities around the world here: things first for you to understand is that no matter what others say you have to follow your heart to be successful. Your parents might think that studying MBBS would give you a brighter future, but if you are hesitant to study MBBS for your career, it is never advisable for you to start something in which you have no interest.Studying Medicine requires a lot of determination, courage, hard work and tonnes of emotional and mental investment at every step.Therefore, if you are unwilling or skeptical about it, then we advise you to follow your heart and you will surely be successful in whatever you choose.For more articles and helpful information: out our services here: where we share useful information for students like you! us here: us on Instagram: us on Facebook: us on LinkedIn: us on Twitter:
Discover and apply to universities around the world here: degrees are renowned for their quality and are highly sought after across the globe. If you want to earn a high-quality degree from a reputable institution, choosing to study in Europe is the way to do it. Best of all, they're insanely affordable and easy to get into.For more articles and helpful information: out our services here: where we share useful information for students like you! us here: us on Instagram: us on Facebook: us on LinkedIn: us on Twitter:
Hey guys, today I share some of the things I wish I knew when I was 18:1) About mindset2) About how to make decisions3) About how to spend time4) About the world
Discover and apply to universities around the world here: more articles and helpful information: out our services here: where we share useful information for students like you! us here: us on Instagram: us on Facebook: us on LinkedIn: us on Twitter:
Benjamin Franklin FRS FRSA FRSE was an American polymath who was active as a writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher, and political philosopher.He is best known as the only Founding Father who signed all three documents that freed America from Britain. Franklin is credited with drafting the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. He also negotiated the Treaty of Paris which ended the Independence War against Britain.Here are some more articles I wrote about Benjamin Franklin
Discover and apply to universities around the world here: is possible to get into college with a low GPA, but it will be more difficult to be admitted because your application may not even be considered if you don't meet minimum AI thresholds. There are some strategies you can use to boost your chances, though.For more articles and helpful information: out our services here: where we share useful information for students like you! us here: us on Instagram: us on Facebook: us on LinkedIn: us on Twitter:
Your overall mood will be better when you start and finish the day in a clean, clutter-free environment. This will result in lower stress levels, improved focus, and better sleep quality.1. You will know what resources you haveDo you find yourself looking everywhere for your matching bracelet or clothes when going for a party or out with friends? Or does it happen that you buy a pair of pants, only to find out later that you had a better one to match the shirt you were wearing to the event? Keeping your bedroom tidy will let you know what things you have – the shoes, clothes, jewelry, books, magazines, and stationary – that are among your belongings so that you don’t have to rummage for them everywhere or go and buy new things when you already have better alternatives.2. Your thoughts will also be tidied upTidying your place also tidies up your mind. It is suggested by psychologists that a messy room is a representation of a disorganized mental state. When one is tidy and organized it also builds into their life, helping them in everything.As Marie Kondo states in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change.” So, if you want to bring a change to your life, go ahead with cleaning and organizing your space and start a tidying marathon.3. Tidying your room can save you timeTidying your room and organizing your space not only lets you know about the stuff that you have, but it can also save you a lot of time, since you will know where to find something when you need it. Now, when you wake up early in the morning, you don’t have to search frantically as minutes tick by for your special pair of shoes, your watch, or the blouse that you really wanted to wear. The start of your day will be a smooth one instead, and you will be able to make it out of the door to your work or college on time.4. You will be more socialWould you like your friend to see your messy room? I would probably be too embarrassed if my friend came over and got to look at my room in a messy state. When you are ashamed of the state of your bedroom, it is less likelihood that you invite anyone over. On the other hand, when your house is clean, you are ready for company and are also more likely to invite or welcome someone over on the spur of the moment. Tidying your room helps in preventing the creation of a boundary around you; therefore, you will become more social.5. Your health will improveTidying your room also bring with itself some health benefits. When your bedroom becomes a peaceful and ordered place with no clutter around, you will feel less stressed and less distracted. This means you can spend some relaxing time before bed and go to sleep calmly. From studies, it has been found that those who have cluttered bedrooms full of their hoardings take a long time to fall asleep and their sleep quality is also poor enough that it leads an increase chance of depression and stress. It’s clear enough. Tidying your room will have a positive effect on your health and the thought of going to the bedroom would be a pleasant and calming one. Not just this, but a tidy room will no more be home to bacteria and viruses that can compromise your health.
Many people think you need money to start a business, but here's how I started a business with no money!I started Global Admissions which is a leading online platform to study abroad.1) Focus first on consulting2) Focus first on a small niche3) Do everything yourself4) Learn online 5) Invest back into the business6) When you've got proof and growth then you can raise investment to grow faster
I wanted to share the sound of rain in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A mixture of east and west, Asia and Europe. Every city has a different unique identity, and like us, they are constantly changing. Sometimes it's good to appreciate the sound and beauty of nature.Rain is water droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then fall under gravity. Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the Earth.
Hey guys here are some things I wish I knew when I was 18- About mindset- How to spend your time- How to make decisions- About the world
We seem to have so much choice now, perhaps too much choice.I used to be so slow at making decisions. I learnt how to decide super fast and make better decisions. It's completely changed my life.Here are 9 tips on how you can make better decisions
Hey guys here are 4 things I learnt about how to build a business:  1) The importance of a vision  2) Systems & Processes  3) People Skills  4) Ability to learnThe easiest way to start a business with no money is to sell your services. Even if you haven't mastered a specific area, being better than the average person at something means you can start a business that helps them.
Discover and apply to universities around the world here: Your long-term study period abroad can last a minimum of 2 months (or 1 academic term or trimester) and a maximum of 12 months. Students can also do a blended mobility, combining a virtual period with a physical short or long-term mobility.For more articles and helpful information:
What's it like studying in Peking University?Here I talk about my experience studying in the No.1 university in China!Peking University was established as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898 when it received its royal charter by the Guangxu Emperor. A successor of the older Guozijian Imperial College, the university's romanized name 'Peking' retains the older transliteration of 'Beijing' that has been superseded in most other contexts.[5] Perennially ranked as one of the top academic institutions in China and the world;[6] as of 2021 Peking University was ranked 16th globally and 1st in the Asia-Pacific & emerging countries by Times Higher Education, while as of 2022 it was ranked 12th globally and 1st in Asia by QS University Rankings.I had an amazing experience studying in #PekingUniversity. I only expected to come to #studyinchina for 6 months, and it was life changing and here I am having created a company in Beijing.Thanks for listening! Feel free to leave comments or questionsSome links:Apply to Universities in China on China Admissions: https://www.china-admissions.comFind accommodation in China with wellcee: https://www.wellcee.comPeking University social media:Instagram Introduction0:23 Tsinghua University Vs Peking University0:50 My experience4:09 Improving my Chinese accent4:46 China Vs UK - cultural difference5:49 My first week in China6:12 About Peking University - for foreigners6:54 My accommodation at Peking University7:27 How much is the rent in Beijing?8:42 How to apply to Chinese universities?9:27 My tips if you want to apply to China
In this podcast, I share what I learnt about how to speed read a book in less than 1 hour! (Or 10x your reading speed)What is speed reading? Speed reading is any of many techniques claiming to improve one's ability to read quickly. Speed-reading methods include chunking and minimizing subvocalization. The many available speed-reading training programs may utilize books, videos, software, and seminars.The two main ways are by changing reading technique and trying some of these reading tricks. Also being clear about why you are reading, and skimming the book. The challenge is to read fast and keep comprehension. For this reason it's also important to improve comprehension speed, note taking and knowing what to focus on., eg., the first line of each paragraph, and first and last paragraph of each chapter.0:00 Introduction0:37 Fewer Fixations1:45 Using a pacer2:09 Eliminating subvocalisation2:22 Mindset3:03 Skimming3:59 ComprehensionCheck out the book by Stephen King that I mention here: also share how to speed read a book here:
Are you interested in earning $10,000 USD per month? Here are 15 business ideas that you can use to make $10,000 USD (or more!), per monthWhat ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments. We can all share our business ideas and help each other! You can also watch this video, and others, on Youtube: Business Ideas0:00 - Intro0:21 - Wedding Photographer1:01 - Content Creator / Youtube Automation1:42 - Ecommerce / Dropshipping2:32 - Consulting Business 3:14 - Digital Marketing Agency3:59 - App Developer / Agency4:25 - Gardening Services Business5:00 - Ice Cream Sales5:30 - Slot / Vending / ATM Machine Business6:09 - Writing Services Agency6:32 - Plumbing / Roofing7:13 - Online Personal Tutoring Agency  7:29 - Group / Personal Fitness Training8:05 - Tax & Accounting Firm9:11 How to come up with Unlimited Business Ideas? 9:14 - 1) Allocate Time Each Day to come up with ideas9:28 - 2) What are you interested in?9:42 - 3) What problems do you have? 10:10 -4) Ask People for ideas
The pen is mightier than the swordWriting is one of the most important, and underrated skills. Being a great at writer also makes you a great communicator, influencer and thinker. Improving your writing is one of the best ways to improve yourself.What would it be like to be able to write engaging, influential, powerful writing that can influence, move, persuade and motivate people? Imagine being able to communicate complicated ideas in a simply, logical, easy-to-understand way? Imagine being able to effectively communicate exactly what you feel or think. Writing provides a toolkit and framework to think at a higher level.Read more here: is J.K. Rowling?J.K.Rowling is a famous British author known for writing the popular children's book series of Harry Potter. She is the ninth best selling fiction author of all time having sold an estimated 500 million copies worldwide.Tips in this podcast:Tip 1 - Advice For Becoming An AuthorTip 2 - Believe In Your VisionTip 3 - Take Action On Your Ideas When They Come To YouTip 4 - You Will Always Be CriticisedTip 5 - How To Deal With Huge ExpectationsSources:
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