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This week's guest is Luke Jacobs, CEO  and Co-Founder of Encamp. Encamp is an enterprise technology company on a mission to create a world in which what’s good for business can be good for the environment. Jacobs discusses  the importance for companies to set up compliance mechanisms to demonstrate adherence to ESG goals or programs.
 Today we have Katya Hantel, Head of Global Sustainability at Conagra Brands. Conagra Brands, Inc. is an American consumer packaged goods company, that makes and sells products under various brand names that are available in supermarkets, restaurants, and food service establishment.In this interview, Hantel discusses intergrating ESG into core business functions, the backlash against ESG, and the balance of finding ESG professionals vs professionals who work in ESG. 
Hugh Shannon, Director of Growth & Operations at OakNorth. OakNorth works with banks across the U.S., to lead businesses toward embracing the future of climate change. Shannon discusses both how banks are assessing climate risks in their loan portfolios, and educating entrepreneurs what are steps they need to take to demonstrate the viability to banks. 
Jim Giles discusses a wide range of topics covering Net Zero, Science based Targets, Carbon Markets, and the impact of various Carbon Market schemes on developing economies. 
In this episode I interview Urvashi Bhatnagar, who  believes global wellness can be achieved through sustained and intentional investment in products and processes that are designed to be inherently sustainable and capturing value from the triple bottom line advantages that sustainability offers.In her upcoming book The Sustainability Scorecard: How to Implement and Profit from Unexpected Solutions,  Urvashi Bhatnagar and co author Paul Anastas show business leaders and innovators how to create breakthrough sustainable products and processes that are good for the planet, human health, and profits. The Sustainability Scorecard is a digestible and comprehensive guide rooted in scientific and data-driven methodology. This required read unpacks how sustainable operations can produce beneficial results through market share and new service line expansion, supply chain and sourcing model transformation—driving the most consistent and long-term value.
In this interview, Jules Kortenhorst, a recognized leader on global energy issues and climate change, discusses an expansive range of topics. Kortenhost outlines his career path, the work of RMI, the impact of geopolitical activity on energy and renewable energy, current and macroeconomic factors that will impact COP27 happening later this year, and how developing economies can growth their GDP with clean energy. 
In this epsiode,  Gabe Brambila VP of Corporate Sustainability at HealthEquity.HealthEquity is a leading administrator of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and other consumer-directed benefits—FSA, HRA, COBRA, and Commuter. Benefits advisors, health plans, and retirement providers partner to help over 14 million members work toward long-term health and financial wellbeing.Gabe discusses a developing and implementing a Sustainability program in the health and investment space, long term strategic plans for HealthEquity, and the value of looking to the future in ESG. 
In this epsiode,  Nitish Singh Environmental Officer at Sandock Austral Shipyards, discusses his ESG career,  and the unique Environmental challenges for the Shipyard industry as well as South Africa. 
I interview Jeffrey Hollender, CEO and Co-Founder of the American Sustainable Business Network . Hollender discusses the importance of public policy initiatives to advance ESG in the US, the future of ESG related regulations in the US, how best companies can engage with policy makers,  and lessons learned from other countries with ESG regulations in place. 
In this episode, Sianne Haldane, Chief Impact Officer at Maanch discusses  her career journey being inspired by Nelson Mandela, how companies can quantify ESG efforts to report out to interested parties, and how impact investing has the opportunity to alter how companies can engage on UN Sustainable Development Goals.
In this episode I interview Amber Stryker Director of Beauty For All (BFA) Impact to discuss the following: Stryker's career path How BFA creates a cohesive ESG program across multiple consumer facing companies within the beauty industryBest means to communicate BFA's ESG program including their first CSR Report. 
In this podcast, I interview with Trenton Allen, Managing Director and CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors. We discuss Allen's path into Sustainable Infrastructure, what is the definition of Sustainable Infrastructure, and how people can invest in infrastructure that can help create a more sustainable world. 
In the latest episode, I interview Nick Reinke CEO of HabiTerre. HabiTerre, provides 360° in-depth intelligence for every plot of farmland across the globe, with unprecedented field-scale insights for businesses in the broader agricultural industry.  Reinke discusses Science Based Targets, Net Zero goal setting and monitoring, the future of food security and how HabiTerre can be a tool to understand goals, and food security concerns. 
Jon Smieja, VP of Circularity & Senior Analyst at GreenBiz Group discusses the latest Circularity conference, the lessons learned from the conference, and the future of Circularity. 
I interview Dr. Asish Sharma,  Founder of  Sustainability Alternatives. The conversation revolves around the importance of Air Quality and its impact on the most vulnerable people within society. Dr. Sharma also outlines various models of mitigation and technologies that can be used in developed and developing economies. 
In the latest episode of ESG Matters I interview Dr. Matthew Trowbridge from International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Dr. Trowbridge discusses his path from medicine to wellness, as well as how businesses can incorporate wellness metrics into their decision making process. The end result being a stronger, and  healthier, people with improved quality of life. 
In this episode Kat Kraft discusses how  geospatial data usage can help companies in all industries become smarter about climate resilience as well as where and how they can start investing to fortify their infrastructure.
In this interview I talk with Jim Boyle, CEO & Founder, Sustainability Roundtable Inc, about the power of collaboration.  As well as how companies can best collaborate with industry peers to achieve ESG goals and targets. 
Kate Rebernak discusses her entrepreneurial  journey from founding  FrameworkESG to the present. Rebernak provides an honest view of what it takes to be a successful owner operator of a business within ESG. This is a must listen to for anyone interested in starting their own business to support various ESG activities.  For more information on Kate Rebernak: more information on FrameworkESG:
Samira Khan, and I discuss her path in ESG, focusing on managing social issues,  social innovation,  and social impact. Khan also details how a company can improve its social programming,  and work with partners overseas.
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