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Business Humorist, Author and Professional Speaker Christine Cashen brings abundant wisdom to today’s episode. Christine loves to support others in sparking new, innovative ideas, managing daily conflict and finding inspiration and joy. She encourages us all to see the good in the world, and to compliment others and more than we criticize. When attempting to find more peace and less overwhelm, Christine has a few key pointers: Don’t bookend your day with screens, choose a mindful daily habit such as stretching or prayer, and utilize music throughout your day. Music can be used to support relaxation, inspiration, concentration and more. Christine also suggests adjusting our mindset when faced with daily annoyances or frustrations we cannot change. She implements a “Reverse Wishing Well”, giving others grace instead of critique. To connect with Christine, visit: Christine Cashen: Dynamic, Hilarious Motivational Speaker 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Continuing the conversation surrounding curiosity and growth, musician & educator Aaron Williams is back for Part 2. Bronkar and Aaron dive deeper into how we can use our curiosity in empowering and creative ways. We can get curious in conversation, question how we learn most efficiently, and leverage curiosity to avoid Comparison Syndrome. Bronkar points out: If your goal is to mirror another person’s exact skill set or abilities, you may be stuck in Comparison Syndrome. If you can use that person for inspiration and get curious, you may be on the right track. We can avoid falling into comparison cycles by asking questions and getting curious. We’ll also discuss how we can learn new ways of learning. Exploring questions to gain more awareness around how we learn, what our process is, and how we can rethink what we think we know best is the key to learning new skills quickly. Aaron gives an example of how the counterintuitive idea of slowing down actually helped him learn a new skill efficiently and more quickly than his initial attempts. He challenges us to get to know ourselves a bit better by asking some simple questions: What is my main goal? How can I achieve this goal? And once it’s attained: Is it best to Modify or Move On? Aaron Grooves is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator. His primary objective is to make the world a more joyful place through music, logic, and love. If you’d like to see more from Aaron, check out his YouTube channel here: AaronGrooves - YouTube. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
In today’s episode, Bronkar ignites a truly courageous conversation. Curiosity is key with our special podcast guest: longtime Musician and Music Educator Aaron Williams. Aaron dives into how he’s learned to hone and prioritize that curiosity, allowing it to expand his mind and growth opportunities. Finding inspiration in others, Aaron has let that curiosity flow and ignite possibility in his growth both as a musician and as an educator. Bronkar and Aaron also discuss the importance of understanding that soft skills are just that - skills. Most of us are not born public speakers or amazing communicators. Those skills can be developed, honed and grown with practice and dedication. Whether communicating with a student, child, colleague or stranger, awareness is key. We all get to choose how we show up. When we enter into conversations with an expansive mindset, and when we choose a forgiving, easygoing energy, we invite others to connect. Part 1 will leave you with a few important questions: What do you want to create? What are you Manifesting? And what will you enter into your mental search engine today?  You can find Aaron on YouTube as Aaron Grooves: AaronGrooves - YouTube 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast:  📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel: 
Cyndi & Bronkar are back this week with tips and techniques for protecting our energy. Whether positive or negative, energy is all around us, at all times. We are often unconsciously influenced by others’ energy, which can be amazing when we’re around joy, laughter and positive forms of energy. But what happens when we encounter negative energy? An aggressive driver, a rude customer or co-worker, or even just an encounter with a glum or upset friend; these are all forms of negative energy which threaten to encroach on our mood and affect our own personal energy. Listen in for specific tips and visualizations for protecting your energy. Whether redirecting, deflecting, protecting or rebuffing others’ negative energy, there are ways to support our mental wellbeing and choose what energy to absorb and share with others. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Our guest this week is a facilitator of joy, promoter of laughter and true Positivity Warrior. Jenny McKinney will encourage you to live your best life and move to the beat of your own drum. If she had a superpower, it would be to share the pure joy she wakes up with and feels to her core every single day. Jenny shares how she finds and creates joy, and how you can summon your own energy and positivity. Running on others’ energy will only take us so far. In this episode, we discuss how to create a fulfilling life, tips to avoid energy zappers, and strategies for living our true intentions. Jenny reminds us: We each get to determine how we react to life and the joy we bring with us. And what we tell ourselves is important. With some self-awareness and focus on the energy we’re creating and releasing, we too can harness the power of positivity. You can learn more about Jenny on her website at: So Much JENergy or listen in to her Podcast at So Much Jenergy Podcast. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Cyndi & Bronkar are back Exploring the Power of Music: What it is, how it can be harnessed, created and used in our daily lives. Music is all around us, everywhere we go. From hidden vibrations in nature to the beat that pulses through every living being. Music has the power to transform us. It can take us back in time, recover memories and shape our moods. We can harness its vibrations to create an environment to focus better, as a tool for relaxation, or to stimulate our senses. Just by existing, we are musical beings who feel rhythm and are affected by tone and vibration, whether we realize it or not. Listen in for tips on how to harness the power of music for your own growth, enjoyment and more. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Cyndi & Bronkar are back this week discussing Intentionality. We’ll discover what it means to approach life with intention and how we can all achieve more in our daily lives. This episode is full of tips and tricks for creating your own life with intention and explores what it means to create a life in which the world works for us, as opposed to simply happening to us. While we can’t control everything that happens in life, we can certainly control how we react and move forward. Living Intentionally is a powerful tool in achieving the goals and dreams we set for ourselves. It can influence our parenting, our business, our interaction with others and more. When we show up with Intention, we move through life more mindfully and find more fulfillment as a result. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
How do we gain confidence? Is it something we’re born with, that some people just have, and others don’t? Cyndi & Bronkar dive into the topic of confidence - what it is, and how we can achieve more of it. By definition, confidence is “A feeling of self assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own ability or qualities”. It encompases a sense of grace about oneself. It is a skill that can be trained and honed. Our mindset can be a powerful player in whether or not we have confidence. We decide whether to approach life by simply wishing we had what others have, or appreciating what we do bring to the table. Rather than comparing what others have achieved, or what others are capable of, we can focus on our own unique abilities and grow confidence in who we are as a result. No matter where we are in life, we have the opportunity to grow. Listen in for more about how you can adjust your mindset and achieve the confidence you deserve. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Cyndi sits down with Bronkar this week to explore how he tunes into his undeniable presence onstage. With over 5,000 shows under his belt, ranging from small group talks to full stadiums, Bronkar makes it look easy. But we all know it’s not that simple - Bronkar breaks it down for us into small steps and tips that will work for anyone. We learn how to avoid self-sabotage and negative self-talk, to shift our mindset to approach from a place of confidence, and to get out of our own way. Speaking in front of an audience is not a skill most are born with; it can be honed over time. Bronkar offers simple steps for anyone wanting to get started on the path to sharing their unique voice. He advises: When we remove the self-centered, egocentric point of view, we instead lead with humility and vulnerability, focusing on the gift we’re giving to the audience: Spreading the Good Stuff. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Cyndi and Bronkar are back this week discussing the power of manifestation: what it is and how we can better control its impact on our lives. Manifestation is happening whether we’re aware and focused on it or not. Our self-talk and our beliefs about ourselves and our worth guide us through life. By understanding the power of manifestation, we can use its magic to propel us into the life we choose. Whether you’re searching for happiness, success, or something else, manifestation can make all the difference. If you’re enjoying these conversations, consider joining our community at In addition to this podcast, The Good Stuff Network puts on group programs, live events, and retreats (infused with music, meditations, laughter and real authentic connections with amazing humans). If you got some value today, do us a favor and spread the good stuff by sharing our podcast with your friends and family. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
This week is all about rhythm, energy and finding joy through purpose. Our guest Dave Holland is a highly charged world percussionist, teaching artist and drum circle facilitator. He encourages us to live in the moment, to be consciously connected to our rhythm and to be aware of how it interacts with others. Dave is energized by the work he does through teaching and facilitating drum circles, and encourages everyone to find their own inner rhythm. He is confident in the transformational power of rhythm and believes we all have something to contribute if we just show up. As founder of Beatin' Path Rhythm Events, Dave spreads the message of community, teamwork, diversity, and environmental awareness through drum circles and interactive performances. He regularly performs and facilitates drum circles at regional area schools, urban communities, health fairs, and festivals. Dave's world travels include Cuba, West Africa, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Russia and Turkey. As author of 3 books on rhythm facilitation in the classroom and community settings, Dave has presented at the National Drum Circle Facilitator Conference, the International Orff Schulwerk Conference, the International Percussive Arts Conference and numerous statewide music educator conferences across the U.S.
Cyndi & Bronkar are back this week diving into Self-Awareness: What it is, why it’s important, and specific tools we can leverage to become more self-aware. A lack of self-awareness can leave us confused to others’ reactions; we might feel as though others don’t understand us, or find their reaction confusing, or unexpected. Everyone has a different seat in the stage of life and perceives their world through a unique and personalized lens. Through better self-awareness, specifically through 5 key steps discussed today, we can decode these situations, resulting in better communication and more harmonious interactions. We can modify how we show up in the world by better aligning our intentions with the reactions we hope to achieve. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Harmony surrounds us, whether through nature, art, music, or most impactfully, among our fellow human beings. So too, is discord. In our newest episode, co-founders of The Good Stuff Network Cyndi & Bronkar discuss the process of creating harmony within ourselves and with those around us. How we can tune into who we are as individuals and leverage the power of harmony within our own lives. Whether at home, at work, or with friends, we can all lean into our respective strengths to balance out and harmonize with those we encounter and interact with daily. Cyndi and Bronkar discuss what harmony means to them and how we can all achieve a more harmonious life. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community:  📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram:  📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Today’s episode features CEO and Activist Aliguma Young, MBA. Aliguma radiates positive energy and enthusiasm for following your passion in life. As the CEO of The Super Fundraiser, Inc. and Aliguma Speaks, Inc, as well as a mother of 3, Aliguma discusses how she manages competing demands and strives to be her best self. She discusses how to use the power of music, positive thinking and affirmations to get through the toughest parts of our day, while continuing to stay true to ourselves. Aliguma has raised over $150,000,000 for organizations including leading the capital campaign for construction of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. In addition to being a fundraising thought leader with over 15 years of experience leading fundraising efforts, Aliguma is an internationally sought-after speaker on diversity, equity, and anti-racist culture building who has partnered with notable companies and organizations including Microsoft, the Junior League, Tufts University and Teach for America. Listen in and visit It takes dollars to make change ( for more information on Aliguma and the work she does.   🌞  Join The Good Stuff Network Community:   📣  Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast:   📱 Instagram:   📌  Subscribe to our channel:
Known for over two decades as the award-winning and groundbreaking American supermodel, Emme was twice selected as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People and named by Oprah Magazine as the “Godmother of the full-figured industry.” Today, Emme is a trusted voice in the beauty, wellness, fashion and news industries, and recognized globally as a lead influencer for positive body image and self- esteem. Emme wants us all to feel good in the skin we’re in, starting with listening to our bodies and honoring our individual needs. She encourages us to be mindful of what we consume, both physically and emotionally, and to find our own joy in this gift we call life. Emme discusses how she has learned to find her own joy through meditation, nature and listening to what her body needs to thrive. Her advice on how to have a robust, purpose-driven life without feeling stressed is essential for us all. Emme was the first celebrity advocate to speak before a Congressional subcommittee to increase public awareness of eating and body image disorders. As a social reformer, she is a sought expert for TV, Radio, and Podcasts. The author of 5 books, Emme is also a columnist, life coach, and consultant. Emme’s latest mission is the launch of the True Beauty Foundation, whose mission is to provide global programs that cultivate and promote positive body image, self-esteem, and general mental health awareness for girls, boys, women, and men. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: 📱 Instagram: 📌 Subscribe to our channel:
Meet the one and only, Cyndi Harvell—self-taught guitarist, singer/song-writer, artist andcreative, and Bronkar’s new co-host of the Spread the Good Stuff podcast! In this episode, Bronkarshares the spotlight with his beloved life-partner, business partner, and “sanity goddess” who gives ussome insight on her professional background, what unique strengths and talents she brings to The Good Stuff Network, and how the two’s personality differences play into their roles within the business. Cyndi and Bronkar discuss how they met, the origins of The Good Stuff Network, born out of the2020 COVID-19 pandemic, along with their existing goals and ideas for the podcast, and what “spreading the good stuff” means to them. How did they come up with the podcast name? What’s inspired them to build a network basedon love, kindness, and positivity? How has their experience as partners and parents equipped them topursue this kind of work? What kind of dialogue can you look forward to on the podcast? All of this andmore answered in this special episode!    
In today’s episode, Bronkar sits down with special guest, Don Reed Simmons, to take a more in-depth look at mediation and spiritualism, as well as Don’s personal insight regarding authenticity and compassion for others—perspectives that he’s put into practice in his work as a Visionary Consultant and teacher who sets out to help people and businesses find their balance within life. If you’re particularly doubting your ability to practice mindfulness and meditation, you’ll want to check out this episode as Bronkar and Don discuss meditation techniques, including the famous “om” or “hum”, along with ways to get over the mental block that is keeping you from implementing meditation into your daily routine. Rest assured, you can trust Don’s insight—just look at his resume! His background includes having worked with thousands of clients over the last 25 years as well as having worked as a crisis counselor in New York City, Los Angeles and Honolulu. Don has also been heavily involved in the film industry. In addition to being an award winning film-maker and writer, he is also a Sound Therapy practitioner/instructor and a Shaman Healing facilitator. What an enigma! Meditation has always been a part of Don's life since childhood and that passion has carried him through to the work that he does today. Garnering him the title of a real “Meditation Guru”, Don has studied with some of the best teachers including, Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, and the founder of Mindful Based Stress Reduction, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. What’s more, Don has impressively produced 11 meditation CD's, having performed with legendary composers Steven Halpern and Jonn Serrie. He currently facilitates weekly Virtual Meditations and in-person Shaman Sound Clearing sessions from his home base of Sarasota, FL. Learn more about Don’s amazing work here:
In today’s episode, Bronkar interviews man of many talents, William Forchion: Director, Producer, Poet, Clown, Acrobat, Stuntman, Father, Friend, Minister, Coach, Writer, Storyteller, and Teacher all-in-one! Much like Bronkar, William is fueled by his desire to inspire, educate, entertain, and innovate by creating art that connects audiences and promotes emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. His vast experience as a performer and a teacher has yielded him a unique perspective on who we are as human beings and how we ought to view ourselves. Despite having faced some heavy transitions, something we can all relate to, William shares how he is able to maintain his joy and passion for life, simply by being mindful of his own power—that he is his own conduit of joy. In this episode, you’ll hear how he perceives balance, his thoughts on the “key” to parenting, including his interesting approach toward unschooling his son, his personal daily rituals, and lessons learned as a performer. As Bronkar and William talk the unseen realm, meditation, and the “shimmering self”, you’ll get to hear about allowing, creating space and surrender, and why these mentalities are so important to implement in our daily routines. The good news is that you don’t need to be an entertainer to practically apply these valuable lessons in everyday life. As a coach, William sets out to make these concepts accessible and transformational for his clients. His mission is to help people find new boxes that are bigger than the ones they were already in, while ultimately helping others to see that they themselves are the biggest inspiration that they will ever need. You can find more of William’s amazing work here: Website: Instagram: @wforchion Podcast: Billosophy101
Today’s guest, dancer, speaker, people-coach, President and Human Experience Master at Illuminated Hospitality, Karen Lasher, shares her experience showing up every day with love and joy in her heart for herself and others. From working as a liftee on Mount Hood to helping hospitality companies create the best customer experience for their guests to dancing (yes, dancing!) in the streets of her community, Karen demonstrates how the simplest of jobs can have the greatest of impact when we operate out of the love and light that we are. Bronkar and Karen discuss inspiration for designing a routine that works best for you, including some unique rituals and techniques that will keep you centered and in touch with your most loving, authentic self because let’s face it—we’re all human and life can be challenging! When you get into funks, how do you get out? When someone mistreats you, what is your natural recourse? As Karen exemplifies, joy is an inside job, and the stories we tell ourselves play a big role in those next steps.  LINKS FROM THE SHOW: Dancing: Instagram + Facebook: @karenthedancinglady Website: Personal Development: TEDXOronocoBayPark:
Bronkar Lee, President of Spread the Good Stuff, LLC, chats with David Corbin (Keynote speaker, business adviser, President of Private and Public Corporations, Inventor, and Mentor) about the joy of life, passing on wisdom throughout the generations, and how we can "be a hero" for others. David M. Corbin has been referred to as “Robin Williams with an MBA” because of his very practical, high relevant content speeches coupled with entertaining and sometimes side splitting stories. A former psychotherapist with a background in healthcare, he has served as management and leadership consultant to businesses and organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 20 companies to businesses with less than 1 million – and enjoys the challenges of all. He has worked directly with the Presidents of companies such as AT&T, Hallmark, Sprint as well as the Hon.Secretary of Veterans Administration and others. --- LINKS FROM THE SHOW --- More on David Corbin: Watch Pass it On (The Movie) 52 Creative Ways to Connect With Your Kids (Book by Cyndi Harvell) --- MORE BRONKAR --- Get the free Master Your Morning mini-course: Instagram:
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