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This is platform that will focus on empowering all people through education. We will be discussing real life issues that affect the community, with the people that have experienced it! Empowering. Educating. Transparent. Real.
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Your favorite Tuesday night talk show hosts are back with another episode of Talk About It Tuesday on Emotionally Empowered Radio! Ebony and DaWanna love to open the floor and respond to questions from their audience. So this Tuesdays episode will be just that. Tune in at 8PM EST to the live over on Facebook and make sure you chat with them!!! They cant wait to hear from you!!! Be sure to tune in, you never know where the topic will end up!!!!
The Importance Of Sex

The Importance Of Sex


Your favorite Tuesday night talk show hosts are back with yet another episode of Talk About It Tuesday, here on Emotionally Empowered Radio! Ebony and DaWanna talk sex!!!! How important is sex in a relationship? The audience has sent in some questions and the ladies are going to answer them!!! This is a show that you trulydont want to miss! Be sure to watch the show live on facebook at 8pm EST @ Emotionally Empowered Radio!!! See you there.
DaWana sits down with City Council Candidate Aaron Sims
Your favorite Tuesday night Radio show hosts are back to bring you Talk About It Tuesday!!!! Ebony and Dawanna will have special guests Kentrail Fickling and William Morris, who are currently campaigning to gain access to the Inkster Cit Council ballot this August. Be sure to join in as we discuss with them some of our major concerns, and their plans for the future of the city. We also will be talking what steps they took to get where they are today, and what advice they have for the youth of today. Catch us live at 8PM EST over on Facebook live! Emotionally Empowered Radio
Where Is The Love

Where Is The Love


Your favorite Tuesday night talk show hosts are back with another fire episode of Talk About it Tuesday! This week Ebony And DaWanna have a special in studio guest on at the start of the show, and will be discussing support in the community! The ladies want to know why is so hard to show love in our own community? Do you think supporting one another is especially hard for women? Why or why not? Be sure to weigh in on this topic tonight at 8 with the ladies of Emotionally Empowered Radio! Live on Facebook, every Tuesday @ 8PM EST.
Your favorite Tuesday night radio show hosts are back and discussing your topics!!! Ebony and Dawanna are ready to Talk About It!!!! They’ve read your emails and listened to your suggestions!!! There will be no filer on the things they discuss tonight!!!! Tune in if you dare to join! Live on Facebook at 8 pm! Emotionally Empowered Radio.
Emotionally Empowered Radio is back!! Ebony and DaWanna bring you Talk About It Tuesday!! This week we discuss submission. Is submission a marriage thing or relationship thing? Are you submissive? Is your mate submissive, or both? This is an episode you don’t want to miss. We’ve been gone for a minute, so you know we have to play catch up! We are live on Facebook and Instagram tonight!! Be there or be square...
Blended Families

Blended Families


Join your favorite Tuesday night talkshow hosts, as they discuss blended families. Join us live at 8pm tonight on Facebook as we discuss life after combining families. Bonus children, discipline, and all other issues are on the table tonight!! Be sure to tune in!  This is one topic you will not want to miss.
Ebony and DaWanna bring you a special episode of Talk About It Tuesday! Do you have so much on your plate that you feel overwhelmed? Lets face it, most of us have childeren, men, jobs, lives, and or businesses to run. How do you handle that from day to day? The ladies of Emotionally Empowered Radio have some life hacks for you!!! Be sure to join us on Facebook live @ Emotionally Empowered Radio, or listen right her on blogtaljk radio!!! This is a show you dont want to miss!!!
Your favorite Tuesday night talk show is back!! Emotionally Empowered Radio is back for Talk About it Tuesday with a guest host!!! We want to discuss the importance of having a social life after getting married, having children ,or entering into a relationship.  You wont want to miss this show. We go live at 8PM EST. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and watch us live! We welcome all callers and comments.  Education , Real, Transparent, Empowering!
Soul Ties

Soul Ties


Your favorite Tuesday night talk show hosts are back! This time we discuss soul ties! What exactly is the phase Soul Tie referring to? How does this occur? How can you tell if you’re affected? More importantly, how to break it! This is a show you surely don’t want to miss. Emotionally Empowered Radio. Educating, Real, Transparent. Live on Facebook at 8 pm est @ Emotionally Empowered Radio !! Come check us out!
Closure, Who Needs It?

Closure, Who Needs It?


Your favorite podcast hosts are back with Closure, Who Needs It? Tonight on Emotionally Empowered Radio Ebony, and Dawanna bring you the finale in a three part forgiveness series! Closure is the end of the line for this series. In part one they brought you Learning To Forgive After Betrayal. Part two covered Humility in Restoration, and Finally the girls are back to talk about Closure. Why is Closure so important to situations. Does it only apply to emotionally traumatic situations? What are the benifits of learning to let things go, and just live? Be sure to listen in, you dont want to miss this! Be sure to head on over to our facebook page @ Emotionally Empowered Radio!!
Humility In Restoration

Humility In Restoration


Do you have what it takes to be humble while being restored? Last week in part one we discussed learning to forgive after betrayal. This week Ebony and DaWanna get into part  2 of their 3 part series. One of the hosts will discuss what it personally feels like to be humble and patient in light of being restored. Make sure your on the line with your favorite Tuesday night radio show hosts for Talk About It Tuesday! Also live on Facebook @ Emotionaly Empowered Radio.
Join the ladies of Emotionally Empowered Radio as they discuss forgiveness. Learning to forgive after betrayal is part one of a three part series, and for the next two weeks the topics will dive deeper and deeper. Why is forgiving one another so hard to do? Why should you even try? What are some of the reasons that you haven't? What is the result of not forgiving someone? This episode is guaranteed to be real, transparent, and hopefully theraputic for those that are in need.
Join the ladies of your favorite Tuesday night podcast as they bring you Talk About It Tuesday! Emotionally Empowered Radio hosts Ebony and DaWanna discuss communication. What is the importance of communication in relationships? Not just marriages, not just the intimate ones, but work ones as well. With technology on the rise do you think this makes it harder for people to communicate with each other? Call in, talk to us, let us know whats on your mind!!! Join us here or on Facebook live!!! See you soon.
Join the ladies of your favorite Tuesday night podcast as we discuss all the parts of mental health...for the second time! We are taking a deeper look, and moving far past where we went last week! We are discussing things that are shrouded in darkness, the things that  everyone knows but dare not mention, and the secrets surrounding certain family members that have remained hush-hush for years. Ebony and Dawanna wanna talk to you. Be sure you are tuned in to Emotionally Empowered Radio for  Talk About It Tuesday!!
Join Ebony and Dawanna as they discuss mental health. The ladies of Emotionally Empowered Radio want to hear  from you!!!  Let’s discuss why the community frowns upon getting help for those with mental health issue. Why is it not widely discussed? Why do we ignore these issues? Call in and share your thoughts, catch the live on Facebook, or listen right here in the site! Make sure you don’t miss the first show of 2019
Tune in for this powerful episode in which we discuss human trafficking! We will speak to a mother whos daughter was almost taken, but she was able to escape. We will discuss some of th hotspots arund the city of detroit, and how we can band together to keep our daughters safe!!!! Be sure to call in and talk with us, share a story, or just simply listen. Lets Talk!!
Ebony and Jo discuss whether or not marriage is a winning situation. Some people seem to think that just because a person can say that they are married, they are winning. Others tend to think that that’s a lie, what do you think? Tune in, call in, and have dialogue with Ebony and Jo as they explore this topic! #talkaboutittuesday #emotionallyempoweredradio
Emotionally Empowered Radio Presents, Talk About It Tuesday with your favorite hosts, Ebony and Jo. Join us as we discuss the wait for the ring.. How long did you wait? How long would you wait? Lets Talk!! Be sure and tune it to this hot episode, you can also catch us live on fb.....
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