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Every week a DJ spills the beans on their club experiences. What was the first club they've visited? What's their most memorable club gig? By which other DJ were they blown away? Hear those and other exciting stories from the DJs themselves in this brand-new podcast, starting January 21, 2022.
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Delafino must be one of the nicest DJs and people in general I know. Kind, warm, soulful. Just like the music he plays, if it’s for Defected or for Shomi, at Extrema Outdoor or Tomorrowland. He’s soft-spoken and pensive, and obviously a family man. So some sweet ear candy all over this episode.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify ///  Facebook /// --- Instagram /// Twitter /// ---MAJOR KSpotify /// Facebook /// Instagram ///  Twitter /// the show
A couple of Odeum's tracks made it in my (major K) mix podcasts and live sets, so I thought: why not ask him to be a guest in this show. Didn’t know if he would be able to, as he’s from Ukraine, and there’s a terrible war going on there that shocked the world. But he was immediately game for our podcast series and had listened to previous episodes as well. So I am really grateful for him to take out some time for us, it went on to be an interview full of energy and hope.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// the show
Got to interview S. Ruston in the flesh at AZUA Tennis Club in Antwerp Belgium, only yesterday. It’s the reason why this episode dropped on Saturday instead of the regular Fridays as well. But what was she doing at a tennis club, you say? Well, she made the soundtrack for a dance performance created by Sophie Guisset, on one of the clay courts there. Brilliant, riveting and tantalising stuff, loved it. S. Ruston resides as said in Berlin nowadays, and a well-known club has everything to do with that.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// the show
I first met Dave Lambert many years ago when I was covering TomorrowWorld - that was Tomorrowland in the States - for our national broadcaster. The Belgian played a banging gig there, and I was also privy to a great after party set when the festival was over. He is a DJ all the way, with a residency at club Versuz in Belgium. This Saturday, Yves V and he have a Birthday Bash there, with special guest Fedde LeGrand.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// DAVE LAMBERTSpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// Tracklist ///These Thoughts (Original Mix) - Danny QuasarThe Rhythm (Extended Mix) - Earth n DaysApollo 12 (Original Mix) - MultimenTill the sky falls down (Calo Divinti Remix) - Dash BerlinAd Astra (Eyal Rabia Remix) - major KBefore I Met You (Original Mix) - Luygi de Paula, AlledoShift (Original Mix) - Nick Thistleton -  - Progressive HouseUnknown Darkness (D Mayer Remix) - Stark DMelting Through (Original Mix) - Tomi HStellar (Original Mix) - Danny QuasarFeel - Metric (UK), Micah BaxterFeeling (Extended Mix) - Jack BackLose Your Control (Club Mix) - Lucky JesusWhat We Do (Will Taylor Remix) - Motion SkyRelease (feat. Tamika Tyan) [Extended Mix] - CASSIMMCarnaval de Paris (Extended Mix) - CIDThe Parade (Extended) - Da Hool, Joel CorryWe Don't Need (Extended Mix) - Piero PirupaEncouraging Voices From The Past Move Your Body! - Nicky KrügerBarred (Original Mix) - Noceur PneumaAd Astra (Tom Harrison Remix) - major KSLICR (Original Mix) - Uwe ThomaSupport the show
Seán Comiskey is one half of the British DJ duo Shumbo Jebang and does a really good job co-running Underground Kollektiv, a group of like-minded DJs and producers from all over the world, with for instance a non-stop online radio station. Check it out on He’s from Manchester but has a soft spot for Berlin as one of the club capitals of the world. And he oozes a passion for music, that was more than clear during our long chat. BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// SHUMBO JEBANGMixcloud /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// the show
I’ve known Yves V for quite some time now, even was there when he had his first solo show. All exciting stuff. But although Yves has toured the world and played the biggest stages, he’s very humble about that, and enjoys the crowd and being near them most of all. It’s like he still can’t believe he’s living the life that he does. Living the dream, as it were.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify ///  Facebook /// Instagram /// Twitter /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// Instagram ///  Twitter /// the show
It’s a special edition, as I wasn’t able to secure a guest for this episode. But! In almost each interview I did, there were bits that didn’t make the show. Those bits get a place in this episode. You’ll hear extra great views by Mason, Robert Abigail, Jay Frog, Insolate, Keizer Jelle, DJ Licious, Jaydee, Lucky Jesus, Vanilla ACE, and starting with AM.I.Support the show
You might know Mason from the massive hit he had with the track Exceeder. First without vocal, then with the famous rap by Princess Superstar, known as ‘Perfect’. But Mason’s about much more than that, so the track only gets a mention at the end of our chat.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// MASONSpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// Instagram ///  Twitter /// the show
Robert Abigail is a Dutch producer who you might know from his monster hit ‘The Mojito Song’ that kind of kickstarted his career. We talk a bit about that, about how he sees that career evolve and of course about some great club memories. I must admit: the sound on my end isn’t so good. Think the recording system used the built-in mic instead of my studio set up and I only discovered that after the interview was taped. So sorry for the less quality of sound, tried to fix it as much as I could, and I think it IS presentable. So please do enjoy the show, anyhow.Support the show
Jay Frog is a German producer and DJ who was once part of the well known Scooter. I met the guy at Dancefair a couple of years ago, and after that on and off in the DJ scene. Always was nice chatting with him, and this time isn’t any different. What do you think is the most important thing for a DJ in a club. The answer you get today from Jay isn’t what you may expect. And one of his most memorable gigs had a lot to do with … sand.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// JAY FROGTwitch /// /// Facebook /// /// /// /// http://jay-frog.comMAJOR KSpotify /// Facebook /// Instagram ///  Twitter /// the show
I met up with Insolate a couple of years ago. She’s a Croatian DJ, producer and record label boss, and quite the advocate for the techno scene. Whenever she can work her magic to get non-techno lovers to move to her music, she’s as happy as can be. We had a lengthy chat about what she did during the pandemic, how she almost unknowingly got to play at Berghain in Berlin and how she has a big heart for Colombia.  And much more!BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// INSOLATESpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// the show
Keizer Jelle started his career as one half of an EDM outfit. Now, under his new moniker, he chose the tech house and house path. We had a long chat, also about the state of affairs in clubland before and during COVID. We went on a trip all the way to Australia where the craziest thing happened and saw the eagerness to go DJ again. All in the upcoming talk.BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify /// Facebook /// /// /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// /// Twitter /// the show
major K: 'I have seen DJ Licious rising up in the ranks so the speak. First met up with him at TomorrowWorld - the US spin-off of Tomorrowland that was. This was before his big breakthrough with 'Calling'. He has his own party concept and record label - SHOMI - and hosts a show on Studio Brussels, one of Belgium’s finest radio stations. We had a good chat about his beginnings, about why Roger Sanchez was so instrumental for him in becoming a DJ and how a light jockey can make all the difference on a club night.'BACK TO THE CLUBS Merch /// GUESTSpotify ///  Facebook /// Instagram /// Twitter /// KSpotify /// Facebook /// Instagram ///  Twitter /// the show
Jaydee is a legend: his ‘Plastic Dreams’ was a dance hit in the nineties, and even more than that: it’s a CLASSIC, no doubt about that, and one of my all-time favourites. Jaydee is a Dutch producer who keeps on making music, really great tracks, one of them is out today on my Flash Forward Presents label. It’s called ‘Moskow Metrow’ and reflects Jaydee’s love for the Russian capital and eastern Europe in general. We talk about that a bit, about his earliest party memories, in a barn, and how he is a music lover first, before being a DJ.MONOLINK LIVE - mentioned in the show TO THE CLUBSMerch /// JAYDEESpotify /// /// /// /// KSpotify /// /// /// Twitter /// the show
Lucky Jesus is a producer’s duo that just released ‘Can’t Stop Raving’ on my label Flash Forward Presents. There’s Jesus on the one hand, and Lucas on the other. They’ve found each other some 5 years ago now, in Rio de Janeiro where they live and operate. In this show, we get to know more about Brazilian nightlife - it’s challenging for electronic dance music artists, especially in Rio. And we hear why a certain Bosnian-German DJ has blown them away recently.BACK TO THE CLUBSMerch /// http://backtotheclubs.flashinghotshop.comLUCKY JESUSFacebook /// /// /// ---Spotify /// KFacebook /// /// Twitter /// /// the show
Vanilla ACE is but one of the names you may know this British DJ and producer as. Perhaps DJ Sam Young rings a bell too. Or Sammy Deuce, his most recent project. Doesn’t matter under which guise, he’s known to set dance floors alight, from the London club scene to festivals in Brazil, to the weddings of Idris Elba and George Clooney. We of course talk about those two special gigs, about a club he really would love to play at again and we start off with the reason why he goes by the three names as mentioned earlier.GUESTFacebook /// /// /// /// /// /// /// TO THE CLUBSMerch /// http://backtotheclubs.flashinghotshop.comMAJOR KFacebook /// /// Twitter /// /// the show
AM.I's a DJ and producer located in Antwerp, Belgium, playing and making melodic techno tracks.  She’s ambitious, trying to get there one step at a time. We talked about the weird last edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (or ADE, as you’ll hear us call it) and the difference between crowds in Belgium and Berlin. There’s AM.I’s connection to nature and the flemish word KNALDRANG.AM.IFacebook /// /// /// ---Spotify /// KFacebook /// /// Twitter /// /// TO THE CLUBSMerch /// http://backtotheclubs.flashinghotshop.comSupport the show
Introducing a brand-new podcast, as of January 21, 2022.Support the show
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