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Author: Mike Postil

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Learning and gaining new insight from experienced guests involved in either real estate, personal security, the outdoor lifestyle or all three. Fit part of the profile? Have an interesting lifestyle? Lets podcast...
29 Episodes
Straight up real and direct conversation with MMA Pioneer, Pro Boxer and Boxing Coach Erin Toughill.
Listen to the outstanding mindset & outlook in life from security expert, author, speaker & host of the podcast: Who I Became, Simon Osamoh.
Listen to Nick Lind, founder and owner of Revere Real Estate, on what it takes to succeed in a very competitive market, and achieve the lofty goals that Nick is determined to achieve.  Nick is a very sharp individual and his work ethic is impressive. I always enjoy engaging with and learning from people like Nick. If the following words are of interest: Mindset, Sports, Education, Dedication, Adversity, Determination, Goal Oriented, Business Owner, Real Estate, Contractor and Development; then you will definitely want to listen to this episode.
Get into the mindset of Spencer Pirdy; which helps propel him to charge big surf and complete long distance ocean paddles.
Being the owner of a retail store can be difficult. As the owner of a ski shop, it is even more complex. It takes a hard working and unique individual, with a passion for the outdoors, to keep it all together and make a living. Listen to how OC Snowsports owner Darryl Longabardi keeps it all in check and stays successful.
Listen to former D1 Football Athlete and now MMA Fighter Quest Truxton, discuss his journey from football, to martial arts student and cage fighter. Humble, determined young man focused to succeed. 
The Barber brothers discuss growing up, competitive surfing, education, additional sports, family, and work involving business and professional flying. It can be hard to find your place in the world. Mick and Chance have done a solid job in achieving those goals.
Realtor Holly McDonald discusses her daily activities as a loving mom, wife and Realtor. Listen to how Holly manages all three and stays consistent as a successful real estate agent, in a very competitive environment. 
Postil's Podcast started with Mike Postil hosting Max Gamboa as his first guest. Mike and Max recently met up for the second time. Both catch up and get current from the very first episode. There is a bit of an echo. Sorry about that. 
Randy King from Alberta Canada speaks to Mike Postil about his experiences growing up, that got him on the path of being a martial artist. Which then led him to becoming a well known bouncer in his area. Randy evolved and became a proficient self-defense instructor and now teaches the 80:20 Conflict Management System, which he is the founder of. 
Heather discusses her passion about helping people maintain their proper fundamental health and live a better life. Her company is seen as the leader in Regenerative Technologies and has 11 different devices to aid in one's therapy, endurance and recovery levels. Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heather 'walks the talk' by using her own therapy devices every day and now she has no indication of her aliment. You have available options in the world geared towards your health. Ascent Adaptation may be one of those options to help you.
If you are in the real estate profession, then you will want to listen to Andy Murphy, host of The Secure Dad Podcast,  and Mike Postil of Postil's Podcast. Andy and Mike discuss safety tips for Realtors.Due to the short episode, some topics were not covered or discussed entirely. Feel welcome to contact me for information and or any questions.Thank you for listening.Mike
I had the opportunity to discuss real estate and security with Andy Murphy of The Secure Dad Podcast.   Andy and I discuss involving security with the daily aspects of residential real estate, being a Realtor, and taking care of my clients or prospective clients.Due to the short amount of time on this episode, some details or topics were not discussed in length or mentioned. For additional information and or questions, feel welcome to contact me. Thank you for listening!Mike
Julie Laughton is an amazing lady. Since March is Women's History Month, we needed to bring her back on for Season 2. Energetic and a 'lady of her word,' she treats her clients with the utmost in care and respect.
BJJ Black Belts James Woodfield-Jones from Australia and Mike Postil from the United States discuss life and the importance of martial arts. 
Listen to Mike Halphide's distinguished 37 year career as a lifeguard for the City of Newport Beach. 
Kristin Breen discusses her entry into the mortgage industry and becoming an expert in securing loans for her customers.
Mike Tomacelli, Founder of the Tomacelli Academy, discusses his diverse academy, mindset and determination to succeed.
Movies are produced & books are written about men of this caliber. Listen to Mike Spreitz life's journey & his mindset.
Listen to the dedication and hard work Realtor, investor and house flipper Mark McMahon puts into his daily routine; to be successful in a challenging environment of residential real estate.
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