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Author: Charles Calzia

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On this show, I'm going to be speaking to and interviewing some amazing guests on tech, entrepreneurship and productivity.

We're going to be delving into what it takes to build a successful startup, the people who are solving problems through software and so much more!

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In this episode, I’m joined by Yong-Soo Chung, who founded and runs 3 businesses, hosts an incredibly high-production podcast, and shares some of his learnings through content in his newsletter. We speak about how founders are becoming creators and creators becoming founders, Yong-Soo’s journey of starting 3 businesses, and his entire workflow for how he creates his podcasts.
We speak to Will Sacks, founder and CEO of Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, a seed round accelerator for mission-driven entrepreneurs. We talk about startup funding, the benefits of participating in a startup accelerator, and much more. Check out this episode's sponsor: Indie Worldwide
I speak to Max Weisbrod, founder of Baton, a startup that becomes the operations team for fractional executives. We speak about customer success, automation, and much more. Max’s LinkedIn: Baton: This episode's sponsor: Indie Worldwide, an awesome community of bootstrapped startup founders. Check them out here: Sponsor us:
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A few months ago I had a super interesting conversation with Mike Heap, who quit a major accounting job to start building products. At the time of speaking, he was building No Code AI Model Builder but has since pivoted to build My AskAI, a tool that allows you to super quickly build your own Q&A AI using your own content. In this episode, he shares lots of tips for indie hackers, interesting nuggets about the world of AI and his personal journey. Connect with Mike: episode is sponsored by Indie Worldwide. Check them out here:
In this episode, I speak to Aaron Shew, the director of data science at AcreTrader, a fascinating company allowing normal people to invest in agriculture! LinkedIn: AcreTrader: This Episode's Sponsor: Indie Worldwide
In this episode, we speak to renowned author, YouTuber and entrepreneur Tiago Forte. He founded Forte Labs, with the mission of answering the question, “How can humans reach their creative potential?” We discuss what a second brain is, 4 letter frameworks, productivity tools and the future of productivity.
In this episode, I speak to John Rush, a serial entrepreneur and software developer. He has been involved in the creation and management of over 30 startups, most recently Mars, an open source development tool for building apps from microapps! We speak about the future of programming, Mars, microapps and so much more. So let’s jump right into it. Mars: John’s LinkedIn:
In this episode, I speak to Min Lee, an awesome entrepreneur in the healthcare tech space. She studied biomedical sciences with management at Imperial College London, Healthcare technologies at King’s College London and then launched a mental health startup - Humin. We speak about the health tech world, running a business part-time and some of the challenges of entrepreneurship. Min’s LinkedIn: Humin:
In this episode, I speak to John North, a serial entrepreneur, author and more. He is the CEO of Evolve Systems Group and is a seven-time Amazon International, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author! We speak about serial entrepreneurship, writing books and solo vs co-founding a business. John’s website: Evolvepreneur App:
In this episode, I speak to Presence Plumb, an entrepreneur, web3 expert, podcaster and life coach. She founded a web3 company called Rentoken, runs two podcasts and shares so much of her incredible knowledge online! We speak about the world and future of Web3, renting NFTs and podcasting. Presence’s LinkedIn: Rentoken: It Starts with Action:
In this episode, I speak to Rushen Patel, data scientist and founding engineer at Prograd. He has a huge diversity of experience in research; working at Red Bull Racing doing vehicle modelling and simulation; and leading the enterprise data science team at M&S! We speak about vehicle modelling and simulation in F1, data science in the supermarket industry and transitioning from building a business part-time to going full time. Rushen's LinkedIn: Prograd:
In this episode, I speak to Kunal Kushwaha, developer advocate at Civo, an awesome YouTuber, founder, TedX speaker and hackathon coach. He is building a YouTube channel, the Community Classroom & Kubeworld organizations and so much more! We speak about growing on YouTube, developer advocacy and online learning. Kunal's YouTube: Kunal's Twitter:
In this episode, I speak to Kjell Vandevyvere, a startup writer. He is sharing so much of his writing expertise on topics from how to write good copy to effectively marketing your writing! We speak about managing your time as a freelancer, writing consistently, creating a routine for writing and content creation. Kjell's website: Kjell's Twitter:
In this episode, I speak to Noah Bragg, an awesome entrepreneur and podcaster. He is building Potion, an awesome tool for rapidly building websites in Notion, in public! We speak about building a SaaS from the ground up, building in public and bootstrapping. Noah's website: Noah's Twitter: Potion:
In this episode, I speak to Dominic Lau, an awesome VC. He is principal at Ripple Ventures and is building the RippleX Fellowship Program! We speak about: the VC world; when the right time to seek investment is; and advice for getting started as an entrepreneur. Dominic Lau: Ripple Ventures: RippleX Fellowship:
In this episode, I speak to Shawn Axsom, director of engineering at Docker. He is very active on Twitter and started the Here to Help community where he gives advice on leadership, breaking into the tech world and more. We speak about leadership, management, hiring, alignment and so much more! Connect with Shawn on Twitter: Check out the Here to Help community:
In this episode, I speak to Arvid Kahl, an awesome entrepreneur, author and former software engineer. He sold his SaaS business and now makes it his mission to empower other entrepreneurs around the world. We speak about building in public, imposter syndrome, negativity bias and so much more! Connect with Arvid on Twitter: All of Arvid's other links:
In this episode, I speak to Alan Smith, CEO of Capital Partners. We talk about his incredible journey as an entrepreneur, some of the problems he’s faced, thinking about the end game and so much more. Connect with Alan on Twitter:
This is our first of many episodes where I will be speaking to and interviewing some incredible guests on tech, entrepreneurship and productivity.  Thanks for listening!
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