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In this episode I talk about the things that embody a draconian magician.  If you walk the path of the dragon,  you need to be feeding your mind, body , and soul with things that will harness the inner flame.  In this episode I talk about the intellectual hunger every draconian needs to have.  Keeping a healthy life-style in the foods we eat and exercises to keep the physical body a strong vessel for the dragon to inhabit. 
In this episode I discuss some books on the LHP, in particular the path of the dragon (Draconian Spirituality). I also talk about the Oraculum Leviathan tarot deck that was made by Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack specifically for the draconian magician. 
Raising Inner Fire

Raising Inner Fire


In this episode I talk about the importance of raising your inner fire. From the previous podcast, I go further in detail about fire meditation. This is paramount when you are walking the path of the dragon. We must learn to harness our internal flame. This is not only meant to focus your mind, body, and spirit, but it also acts as a protective barrier against malefic spiritual energy that might be directed at you. This also protects against lower spirits that only want to trick the practitioner or cause problems on the path. 
In this episode I talk about the importance of meditation, and I share with you a few exercises to begin your meditation journey on the path of the dragon.  Follow my IG page and feel free to message me there if you have any questions: Drakonianj
In this episode I talk briefly on some of our gods and goddess in the draconian path. These are by no mean the only deities we can encounter, but definitely the most worked with within our path. I share a little about their gnosis and what some of these gods and goddess have tough me. I start off by talking about the three main Draconian deities: Lucifer, Lilith, Leviathan. I connect their individual essence between all three deities and how they rule the Draconian current as a whole.  
Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice


In this episode I talk about the difference between theory and practice of our magical path. I talk about how both aspects are important and need to be practices together. I talk about the importance of book knowledge as well as the importance of actual practice.  I talk about the importance of reading well, knowing your authors. Be intelligent in choosing who you read and who you follow. Who are your teachers and why do you gravitate towards them. I also talk about the importance of consistence and commitment to your craft. The importance of learning about other practices without needing to dabble. 
In this episode I talk about differences between the right-hand path and the left-hand path of spirituality. I discuss the polar ideas of a structured monotheistic spirituality vs. the chaos of paganism and draconian magic. I also talk about the tree of death and its counterpart, the tree of life. How they are different in practice and theory. 
In this first episode I talk about some key point on what it is to be a Draconian practitioner. If you have been called to this path, what are some of the elements you  will be working with. What does it take to be a Draconian magician. 
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