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Yarko Petriw is an accomplished professional with proven success in the sales landscape. But not many people know about his numerous hobbies outside of work from photography to restoring vintage motorcycles. As if he wasn't busy enough, Yarko took it upon himself to co-found Counselling Match, a marketplace service that pairs people seeking much needed mental health services through day-to-day activities or extremely difficult moments in their lives, with passionate and capable clinicians. Yarko's passion for improving mental health is an inspiration for many across our communities.
Casey Chung has a passion for exploring what mental health and wellness looks like for the people around him, always driven to create a social norm that allows for discussions around self-improvement and exploration. Being born and raised in a background that values academic excellence, his journey into understanding his own mental health led him to retire his passion for accounting and dive in head-first into the pursuit of better wellness. His journey has contributed to big changes in one of the largest accounting firms in the world, and continues to evolve into greater advocacy for how we can all better include mental health awareness into our day-to-day.
Ji-Youn Kim dedicates her time to unravelling the systemic oppression and racism that impacts North America’s mental health infrastructure through her efforts in advocacy and her clinical practice. Despite most of her education advising her to remain non-political as a professional clinician, she took a huge leap in maintaining her political voice in order to help those in difficult circumstances within the political spectrum. Ji-Youn’s focus on justice-oriented mental healthcare enables her to go deeper into the circumstances of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) populations by exploring additional aspects of trauma that stem from community, culture, and nationality, and how these intersections impact the lived experiences of countless North Americans.
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