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On this Episode Morgan Knudsen returns to discuss the re-release of her book "Teaching the Living" and the launch of her new podcast "Supernatural Circumstances". We dive into wendigo lore and dogman stories. FInd Morgan Knudsen at her book on amazon: @entityseeker and @supernaturalcircumstancesPlease rate and review on your podcatcher! Thank you!Find MITM on Instagram @midnight_inthemountainsShare your paranormal encounter,
Signed Anonymous

Signed Anonymous


On this episode of MITM,  Aaron joins Laura to read some listener emails and share their thoughts on the subjects. This episode includes a sweet story about a pup that crossed the rainbow bridge,  helping a stranger cross over into the light and a fear invoking mummified, hat wearing entity.If you would like to share your story to be featured on "Signed Anonymous" email MITM at midnight_inthemountains@yahoo.cominstagram: midnight_inthemountainsPlease leave a rating and review on your podcatcher! Thank You!
From The Shadows

From The Shadows


Brothers Dylan and Brandon Clark tell stories of growing up in a haunted house, weird PA woods encounters and scary Ouja board stories.Find Dylan on youtube at Creepy Unsolved Creepy Unsolved on Instagram @creepyunsolvedPlease rate and review Midnight in the Mountains on your pod-catcher.If you would like to be a guest on MITM email me at midnight_inthemountains@yahoo.comYou can also email me to share an experience, to have it read on the "Signed Anonymous" series.Follow Midnight in the Mountains on Instagram @midnight_inthemountains
Laura and Ann Selene owner of KPNL paranormal radio and the host of "The Caravan of Lore" podcast, discuss her reiki journey, life long paranormal experiences including very strange alien activity, remote viewing and an encounter with an unseen entity.  Find Ann Selene and KPNL at Instagram-@ladyannselene radio: @kpnlradio podcast: @thecaravanoflorePlease rate and review Midnight in the Mountains on your podcather! Thank you!If you would like to share a paranormal encounter with me to be a guest on the show or have your story read on a "signed anonymous" episode send me an email at,
On this episode of MITM join Laura and Varla Ventura for a fun discussion on the origins of Christmas, Pagan traditions, winter solstice and holiday folklore. They discuss Krampus, Belsnickel, Santa Claus, Gryla and the Yule lads, the Yule Cat, Oden and the wild hunt, reindeer and winter goddesses.Find Varla at: Find Varla on Instagram at: varlaventura If you would like to share your paranormal experience with Laura, to be featured on an episode of "Signed Anonymous" where listener stories are read, send an email to :midnight_inthemountains@yahoo.comFind MITM on instagram at: midnight_inthemountains
Nomar Slevik is a paranormal author of several books, the host of the " I want to Believe" podcast and a former paranormal investigator.  He also has a UFO documentary called "Other Worldly Amor.  All of his work can be found at this episode of MITM Laura and Nomar discuss his possible first ufo sighting at a very young age, ghost encounters, paranormal investigation and some very strange paranormal experiences including a roof walker and possible wendigo? Other MITM episodes can be found under Creepy Unsolved on all pod catchers. Spotify and buzzsprout under Midnight in the Mountains, other podcatchers to follow.
On an early Christmas special of MITM Laura is joined by Steve Stockton and Sysco Murdoch. They are life long paranormal experiencers, investigators, authors, podcasters and youtubers. Laura, Steve and Sysco discuss their first paranormal sightings as young children. They get into the holiday spirit by reminiscing on Christmas visitations from past loved ones. Sysco reminds us to remember and honor loved ones, especially around this time of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!find Sysco Murdoch on YouTube @journeythroughthegatepodcastfind Steve Stockton on YouTube Instagram: @13pastmidnight
Heather Moser of Small Town Monsters grew up in the foothills of Appalachia and is immersed in its folklore.  She is a paranormal investigator, researcher and writer for Small Town Monsters broadcasting network. On this episode of MITM Heather and Laura discuss her work on STM, Appalachian folklore, bigfoot, ghosts, possible ancient beings, spook lights, Estes method sessions and more.Find Heather Moser on Instagram @paganhistorian and on
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