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Frank O'Linn, Superintendant of Catholic Schools joins us.0:34:  How did Catholic schools fare during covid?1:33:  What do you tell your kids about Santa?2:15:  These are high concepts of faith: Christmas and Easter!3:27:  What's your response when athiests say we can also outgrow God?5:30:  One of my kids was really upset when they found out that Santa was a ruse.7:13: Students disaffiliate from faith because their knowledge isn't advanced.8:00:  Fr. D's parent's taught about St. Nicholas!9:10:   Mike's mom started her de-buking with the Easter Bunny.  10:20:  St. Nicholas was part of Mike's family tradition too.11:08:  The "work" of Christmas has changed as kids get older: Gratitude not entitlement!12:07:  Engage in discussion, because parents are the first teachers of faith.13:07:  Did you have to give a present away?14:05:  Did you open one gift the night before?14:50:  Did you ever do "Give a Child a Christmas?"15:40:  An unhelpful line...16:35:  Thanks to Frank for his hard work.16:55:  Enrollment is way up in Catholic Schools.17:15:  Church Search goes to St. Angela Merichi 17:50:  Fr. Don Dunson is at St. Angela's. 18:20:   It's St. Nicholas Day!18:36:   Readings for the third Sunday of Advent can be found here.
Mary Bonino and Calla Gill join us to talk about our Eucharistic Revival Bill boards.0:32:  Nobody stole them!1:00:  Fr. Damian talks about the initial idea of the Billboard Campaign.2:25: Why 33 Billboards?3:04:  So what was the process like creating these billboards.  Mary talks about finding Saint quotes on the Eucharist.4:00:  A campagn of wonder!4:10:   Calla talks about the design.6:00:   Take pictures of the billboards with #EucharistCLE. 6:40:  Not while you're driving.7:00:  This is the diocesan phase.  Phase 1 is voices of saints.  Video campaign of priests on what the Eucharist means to you.   Phase 2 will be your opportunity.8:00:  Share your story about the Eucharist here. 9:34:  The Billboards are all over the 8 counties.  Thanks to Lamar.10:00:  They'll have to be in different languages.11:27:  St Ambrose's funny quote.12:00  Try to see all 33.  Billboard Pilgrimages.12:50:  Hashtag #eucharistCLE13:00:  Church search goes to St. Charles Borromeo14:50:  Readings for the 2nd Sunday of Advent can be found here.16:09:  Come back to Mass!17:00:  Mary and Calla's promo video
Patrick Grace joins us from the Catholic Community Foundation.Be sure to join us for We Give Catholic on Tuesday, November 29 on the livestream from 9a-3p.0:30:  So what is We Give Catholic anyway? 0:43:  The first year we did this we had a huge snowstorm.1:07:  A little history of non-profit fundraising efforts in Catholic communities on #GivingTuesday2:19:  Fr. Damian and Mike will be your livestream hosts for the morning.2:42: There will be a race with some special guests.3:50:  It's a healthy compeititive thing.4:18: You can choose SEVERAL different organizatons with the handy drop down menu.5:34:  Younger people are really involved.6:50: 24 hours of giving.6:59:  There's a video contest too!7:43:  Did ya see the billboards on the shoreway?8:28:  We throw it live to a bunch of parishes to see what they are doing.9:19:  St. Brendan's is doing something cool.10:00;  The first prize will be given out overnight.  The Midnight Owl.12:05:  Lots of schools have animals on campus now.13:30: Pre-school enrollment is up.14:07: Bishop Malesic and Bishop Woost will be bringing good news.14:00:   Do we have a bell?15:30:  Mike lost his muffler one year doing this.17:45:   Church Search goes to St. Patrick's on Bridge and they'll host 9 Nights of Night Prayer starting November 30.19:06:   Readings for the First Sunday of Advent can be found here.
Who is Sr. Jane?

Who is Sr. Jane?


Sr. Jane Nesmith joins us as the new Director of Black Catholic Ministries of the Cleveland Diocese.It's our 50th Episode of Question of Faith.0:40:  SrJane tried to get her new driver's licence today1:10:   Sr Jane is a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament.  Founded by St. Katherine Drexel and is from Philly originally, but she's worked in Louisiana for some time.2:00:   She's a Xavier, New Orleans graduate and is on the board and worked at Xavier Prep and worked in Jamaica at a high school for a year.3:30:  The Blessed Sacrament sister are not new to the diocese.4:30:  Cleveland weather is not like New Orleans.  So Sister will live downtown.5:00:  Mike's a lousy driver.5:45:  What are her hopes for this new ministry?7:00  An amazing story about Sr. Jane's book on the rosary.11:20:  Black Catholic History Rosary and Adoration continues tonight at Our Lady of Peace.   And was awesome last week at St. Aloysius and St. Agatha.13:55:  They do a living nativity at St. Aloysius.14:15:  Theology on tap is tonight at Forest City Brewery (11/15) with Fr. Kevin Clonowski14:40:  It's our 50th Episode!   Please rate and review our podcast.15:40:   Young Adult Mass is this Saturday at 4:30 (11/19) at the Cathedral.16:10:   This week's gospel can be found here.18:30:  We prayed before this podcast with Sr. Jane.
Fr. Eric Garris, Assistant Coordinator of Vocations for Diocesan Priesthood and Recruiter for Borromeo and St Mary's Seminary joins us.0:40:  The longest title in the history of titles.1:30:   Fr Garris talks about quanitity and quality...and our often focus on numbers.2:40:  Fr. garris' question back when he is asked how many vocations do you have?3:20:  By the time they meet the vocation director....4:00  When Fr Damian worked in a parish, what was his role?4:20:  The parish needs to mentor someone who would be a good priest.4:40  It takes many...5:00:  The priest in the parish knows him better and has a relationship with him already.6:20:  When the possible candidate says "Ive been inspired by you, Father."6:40  Basketball at the Seminary7:40:  Inviting people up to the seminary is like is important.8:20:   Vocation Awareness Week is about Awareness.8:50:  Family Day at the Seminary10:20: Often the parents are more resistant than the candidate.11:10:  "College guys who love Jesus."12:00:  Culture > Numbers12:20:  We talk about this culture shift with RCIA (soon to be OCIA)14:00:  If you don't have numbers, you don't have anything though.16:00:  Covid set things back.16:40:  We find guys who are ready and guys who are not called.17:20:  The laity have a role to evaluate these seminarians too!18:40:  Discernment central works on both ends of the specturm.19:00  Discernment in seminary is like dating.19:20: Vocation is formed within relationship.20:20: Discernment is a process and you are becoming.20:40:  Seminary is not about ordination, but proper discernment.21:00  Conforming to the person of Christ.22:00:  It's like not practicing and wanting to play in the NBA.22:20:  It's not about the end game.22:40: The seminary prepared me but the parish taught me how to be a priest.23:20:  Church Search goes to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Wickliff, OH24:40:  Recording on Election Day: We encourage you to vote today.25:20: Fr. D   hit 300K miles on his Mazda.  (original clutch)25:00:  Mazda: Give FD a new car.26:20:  The "I voted" sticker.27:00:  Rising Store is offering free coffee.27:20:  Readings for this week can be found here.27:40:28:00   This is when your life is being demanded of you.28:40:   Email:  egarris@dioceseofcleveland  Twitter and Insta:  @fathergarris29:50:  Dancing lessons.30:20:   Theology on Tap is next week.30:40:  Office of Black Catholic Ministries - Rosary and Adoration event and their new Director, Sr Jane Nesmith
0:00:  Maria Wancata from the Marriage and Family Ministry Office joins us.0:50:   So DO I have to count my sins?1:17:  So how well do you examine your conscience?1:50:   Canon 988:   Re: Count the grave sins to the best of your ability.2:47:  Maybe you can give "an idea" of how often you do this?3:24   If you're counting dilignetly then you're probably overly-scrupulous.3:30:   But more serious sins--you'll probably know how often you do THOSE!3:49:  Are you being honest and seeking mercy?4:00:  Have you shown that you're really thinking about your sins?4:30:  Try to go to a confessor you can be honest with.5:00:   Behind the screen confession vs. face-to-face.5:32:   Once a month confession for FD.6:17:   Root Sins.7:25:  Your biggest sin can also be your biggest strength and that can help you overcome your sinfulness.8:30:   Name what's actually going on as opposed to generalities.9:13:   Other sins that are symptomatic can help find the root sin.9:34:  On scrupulosity vs. God's mercy.10:00:   Go more frequently to be more self-aware and go deeper.10:27:   Do the Ignatian Examen.11:05:  Notice your feelings11:18:  Workout analogy. (retreats and "rehab.")14:10:  St. Ignatius' feelings14:38:   Happy All Saints Day15:02:   Church Search goes to St. John BoscoNov 19  Marriage enrichment event.  Check it out here:18:06:   Burn your ordo!18:44:   Gospel reading for this week.20:00:  There are no sacraments in heaven!20:50:  All Souls and a bunch of Saint DaysNov 1:  All Saints DayNov 2:  All Souls DayNov 3:  Martin dePorresNov 4:  St Charles Borromeo
Emily Ahlin, Diocesan Archivist joins us and is sick.0:55:   Emily got sick camping and then led our diocesan young adult retreat.1:25:  Common question.  1:35 Emily responds:  And it's unexpected.2:20:  What are some factors that distract us?2:40:  It's not dis-similar to other walks of life.3:05:  Mike asks a different question, but it's not about the collection.3:50:  FD ask a question:  What are you expecting?4:15:  Other denominations do this differently.4:50:  Liturgy is work.5:20:  Maybe it's not emotional or instantaneous.5:45:  Mother Teresa gives us a good example.6:15:  Understanding what's going on is key.6:35:  Mike: It's easier when I have a role.  How male!7:10:  FD:  Everyone does have a role!8:00:  Are you tired after Mass because of how you entered into Mass?8:25:  Crticial response:  How do we respond when Liturgy isn't performed well.9:00:  Patrick Lencioni has good books on this.9:15:  FD talks about one of the things we're planning for the Eucharistic revival.10:00:  Many don't know what's going on at Mass.10:20:  Emily's young adult group in Pittburgh watched Bishop Barron's DVD series on The Mass.11:15:  FD's experience with his friend from Campus Crusade for Christ.12:20:  Scott Hahn on Eucharist and Passover.13:40:  Emily cough count.13:50   Fr. Kevin Irwin's 101 Questions and Answers on the Mass.14:20:  Deacon Bill Ditewig's thoughts on the "General Instructions."16:05:  Good to have someone who knows how to do Liturgy.16:35:  FD's Exam on the Mass for Altar Servers. 16:55:   People have a desire to know more.17:10:   On transcendentals!18:05:   Emily like's truth.   FD is drawn to beauty.  Mike to goodness.19:10:  Fruit of Mother Teresa's prayer.19:20:  Cough tally.19:55:  World Youth Day is coming.  Join us!21:10:  Catholic Creatives21:30:   Church Search goes to St. Ann's AKA Communion of Saints.21:55:  7 coughs23:55:   This week's gospel on Zacchaeus 
0:00:  Francine Costantini, Director of Youth Ministry joins us.0:44:  We got Guardians gear on for tonight's game.  1:05:  Mike has a Wille Mays Hayes jersey on from the movie Major League.1:36:  How did Mike choose his parish when he moved to Cleveland (Lakewood)?2:08:  Mike did a search for his territorial parish....2:49:  What is a territorial parish anyway? Francine explains.3:24:   St Luke's did a lot for "non_Catholics" in their territory during the synod.4:00:  What's all of our jobs in the territory?4:17:   Fr. Damian quotes "Joy of the Gospel"5:50:  Did you give your local church a chance? 7:00:   Author Renee Lareau talked to Mike about changing her territorial parish. 7:19:   Teens go home from conferences and camps and then try to start things in their parish.8:02:  Young energy at Daily Mass.8:19:  What happens when you have an older pastor?  You have a responsibility too!9:03:  Synodal and Hierarchical.9:21:   Criticism is important and a responsibility.10:30:  Sometimes even a "dog homily" can inspire! 11:27:  What about a parish school?12:20:  Weird situations happen sometimes.12:40:  Evangelize your school parents.13:30:  What if there's no youth ministry, young adult ministry, etc.?14:10:  Some have great youth ministry...but another parish does young adults well.14:40:  Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.15:00: What does your parish do really well?16:00:  Don't burn out your youth ministers!15:48:  Theology on Tap is tonight15:58:  Happy feast Day St Luke's in Lakewood.16:30:  We're watching the Guardians at 4PM at Forest City Brew and Theology on Tap immediately follows.17:03:  Deacon Dave Choniacki is tonight's speaker.17:30:  St. Mary in Painsville is this week's Church Search.18:42:  Readings for this week can be found here.20:00:  Check out your territorial parish this week. 
0:00:  On location at the Rennaissance Hotel for the Conference for the Canon Law Society of America.1:00:  What is a Midge?  Check out Joba Chamberlain fighting them off.2:15:  What is Canon Law?3:00:  Canon Law = How we live out our Theology?3:30:  Canon law is especially important for Sacraments.4:40:  What have you liked about the conference thus far?5:00:  What's an Auditor?6:40:  Do Canon Law and Evangelization work together?7:20:  How did you get into Canon Law?11:00:  We met on a boat on a hot day.12:00:  Church Search goes to St. Paul in Akron.12:40:  Scripture for this week (again!)
Mary Boneno, Executive Assistant for the Secretariat Parish Life (and a major Astros fan) joins us.0:00:  Mary is from Houston!0:50:  Mike's college roommate is from Houston!1:15:  Mary and Mike and both transplants so who do they root for?1:35:  Mike is not a Yankee fan.  He's a Mets guy.2:00:  Mary's Houston Astros office decor.2:20:  So who would Mary root for if Houston plays Cleveland in the next round?3:00:  Mike faced this dilemma when he lived in Buffalo.4:00:  Can you have an American League team?  Who does Mike root for?4:25:  The Mets won the World Series in 1986 so....4:40:  Cleveland has the lowest payroll.  Astros are cheaters.5:25:  What if Fr. Damian moved to another city, who would he root for?6:25:  It's like your family.6:45:  Fr. D is going to NYC this week.  Will he get tickets for the Yankees-Guardians?8:00:  How did the Astros get their name?8:25:  What happened to the Houston Oilers?8:55:  Why should you root for the home team anyway?9:15:  Ever hear of the Mets player Steve Henderson?  9:45:  Mike loves the underdog.  So welcome to Cleveland.10:45:  Mary remembers the Astros Champisonship well!11:10:  Mary's HS is across the street from Minute Maid Park11:15:  Tx_Kristan from Instagram and on Twitter @TXproverbs313011:35:  Check out Minute Maid Park11:45:  What do you like about Progressive Field?12:05:  Fr. D talks a little trash and Mary snaps back.12:35:  Did Mary go to games in DC?13:00:  Fr. Steve Bell was the cantor at the DC stadium when Pope Benedict visited.13:15:  Where are watching Game 1?14:00:  Mike won his fantasy league this year.14:15:  We should wager...15:10:  Mary goes to St. Stephens in Cleveland in this week's Church Church.16:00:  St. Stevens vs. St. Michael's: a 100 year rivalry.17:00:   Scripture for this week is found here.17:45:  The scripture is like The Guardians. Never give up. 18:45:  FIN
Fr Dan Schlegel, Secretary and Vicar for Clergy and Religious, AKA the King of Puns.1:00:  Fr Schlegel was Fr Damian's supervisor during his internship.1:24:  The Secretary keeps all the records.1:49:  What happens at a Priests' convocation?2:39:   Speakers include: Dan Cellucci from the Catholic Leadership Institute.3:20:  Speaker:  Deacon Greg Kandra, from The Deacon's Bench.5:00:  What else goes on?  How do priests get inspired at the convocation?6:30:  The Toledo priests come and serve them for confession, etc.6:57:  Priests love to get together with each other, even if they don't think the same way at times.8:23:  We'll be recording some 8:44:  Fr Schlegel loves dogs.   Here's Mike's dog's old blog.  Fr Schlegel's dog was named Halo.9:30:  Is this Haze's last blessing of the animals? (sniff)10:30:  Are friendships with animals or plants real friendships?11:10:   Mike's condo garage is being repaired, so he is praying to Mother Cabrini the patron saint of finding you a parking spot.13:18:  Pray for our priests at convocation.  What's Fr Damian and Fr Schlegel's favorite part of convocation?13:50:  The Bishop gets to know the priests better at the convocation.14:24:   Fr. Schlegel gives us a Church Search:  Holy Angels in Chagrin Falls (Bainbridge Township)15:38:  Beautiful area at Holy Angels sez Fr. D.16:06:   Theology on Tap at Holy Angels with our pal, Alex Yates.17:07:   Readings for this week can be found here.    
1:10:  Fr Damian asks the Bishop for some good book recommendations on books on faith and science and the Bishop talks a bit about his thoughts on the intersection between faith and science and the upcoming Eucharistic Revival.5:27   Eucharist by Bishop Robert Barron5:54:   Joseph Ratzinger's God is Near Us.6:14:   20 rapid fire questions with Bishop Malesic:6:36  Best and worst thing about being a Bishop?8:32:  Best and worst of being in Seminary?9:18:  What do you miss about PA?10"05"  What does PA have that you wish Cleveland had?10:50:  What does Cleveland have that PA did not? 11:39  What is your favorite comfort food?12:00:  Best movie ever?12:30:  Movie where you wanted the two hours back?13:13:  What was young Ed Malesic like as a kid?14:18:  Favorite teacher or mentor? 15:48:  Favorite piece of Bishop's regalia? 18:27:  What sound do you love?18:30  What sound do you hate?18:40:  Tell us about a time that you failed at something and what it taught you?19:36:  What do you do on your birthday?19:55:  If you can cannonize one person, living or dead who would it be? 20:53:  Who do you call for spiritual advice?21:25:  What is one thing about another religion that you admire?21:53;  What's an occupation you want to try just for the heck of it?22:10: What's one thing that people don't know about you that you wish they did?   
0:00:  We're on location at Theology on Tap at Forest City Brewery in the Duck Island Section of Cleveland.  Our guest is Bishop Ed Malesic.1:00:   What has Bishop Ed come to know about Cleveland?4:30:   What should we do about divisions in the Church?9:28:  How do we know what God's plan for us is?18:23:  Take our listener survey19:00  Give to the Matching Gift for Catholic Charities.20:30:  Church Search goes to Holy Family in Stow21:00   Readings for this week are found here.21:50:   Mustard Seed Communities can be found here.
0:00:  Calla Gill joins us for this week's cast.1:00:  Bishop Robert Barron's interview with Shia LaBeouf.3:30:  Calla's a convert!4:00:  Fr Damian considers himself part Capachin!5:25:  Have we seen this guy in a movie?6:00  Padre Pio went after him.6:35:   Fr. Jim McDermott's article on the interview in America Media. 7:30:   Bp. Barron's interview is more about his conversion.8:45:  He was cancelled; but this movie was his way back to Hollywood9:30:  Encountering the Capuchins in a non-transactional relationship.10:20:  Maybe both things are true?10:50:  Should we believe ANYONE'S conversion story?11:30  A spiritual director is a good choice.11:45:   Look for actions over words with conversion.12:15:  A note on presupposition.13:10  Would becoming Catholic give you more fans?14:10:  Kristen Chenowith's experience.14:45:  Does everything need to be discussed?15:30:   Some folks won't do an interview if you want to talk about X or Y?16:15:  Different arena's exist here.16:40:   Britney Spears conversion experience.17:10: Stephen Colbert and Harrson Butker what about them?17:40:  He seems like he's in a better place now.18:10   Shai on the Latin Mass and Mike's opposite experience.19:00  Mass in other languages20:40:  September 23 and Bruce Springsteen21:00:   Catholic Charities Matching Gift Opportunity.   Text:  CCHOPE  41444or go to 22:00:   Church Search:   St. Mary of the Falls24:25:  Readings for this Sunday can be found here.25:30   Cleveland Art Museum has a great image of Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Check it out here.
Francine Costantini joins us for this episode (1:45)  Mass times app can be found here.(2:00)  Visit different churches out of town.(3:00) What about the sabbath?(4:00) Fr. Damian invites himself to people's houses to watch the game.(5:15)   Always starts with what's good.  Be curious not judgemental.(6:00)  Athetic ability fades.(8:00)  There's more to life than being a good ballplayer.  There are different types of good.(8:50)   St Paul uses sports analogies.  (So does Pope Francis!)(9:35)   Cade York's winning FG and other athletes who make religious gestures.(10:20)  We're more than our abilities and more than our sins.(11:15):   Hallow App: Harrison Butker (12:10):   Fr. Damian's high school sports confessional and what it led him to the seminary.(13:00)  Mike's High School sport confessional and his professional career in sports that led him to ministry. (14:55) We learn more from suffering.(15:55)   What are Francine's High School extra-curriculars?(16:25)  Shania Twain's Netflix Documentary.   Ted Lasso won a few more Emmys.(17:20)   Church Search:  Our Lady of Guadaulpe in Macedonia.(18:00)   Theology on Tap (Register now)(18:50)  Take our listener survey19:00    Young Adult RetreatCheck out our New Logo(19:35):    World Youth Day and Portuguese Camino(20:00)   CLE 21:6 Tickets are on Sale for groups.(20:45)   Readings for this week can be found here.(22:00)   How often do we use shrewdness for good?  
0:30:   Major announcement from Maria Wancata....1:05:   What's the intention?1:40:  Boycott of deli in Parma for selling porn.2:30:  Remote vs. Formal or Implicit Cooperation.3:35:  Hard to live prudently without using some of these companies.  Amazon Smile helps.6:50  Sustainable toilet paper: 7:50:  What about music?  What can I support?  How can I be salt, light and leaven?8:45:  Can you support the Browns with Deshaun Watson at QB?9:00:  How do you participate in the economy instead of sitting out completely?10:45:  Fair trade products:  Equal Exchange.11:50:  Grow your own garden and support farmer's markets.12:25:  Gardening gets you in closer touch with the scripture.12:50:  Composting13:35 Maria supports a local artist on ETSY.13:50:  League is a fair trade company that does a lot of college logo products,15:15:  Talk to local vendors in their shops.  Interacting with the proprietor helps with this kind of thing.  Build a culture of encounter!16:40:  Pitchforks at Canisius   17:45:  Lindsay Fullerman did something similar at the seminary.19:00   Ss. Cosmas and Damian Parish in Twinsburg20:30   Readings for  the 24th Sunday
Brooke Uehlein joins us from the communications team and even provided her own question!Church Search goes to St Clarence in North Olmstead, OHReadings for next weekend can be found here.Join us for Theology on Tap on September 20 at Forest City Brewery with Bishop Malesic.Sign up for first ever Young Adult Retreat.
Bishop Ed Malesic, the Bishop of Cleveland joins us at The Fest...a giant festival on the grounds of the Center for Pastoral Leadership each year.We talk a lot about why we gather others to be on Pilgrimage with us.1:54:  The Hillbilly Thomists and The Fest are good examples.2:19:  It takes courage for people to walk into a church when they aren't Catholic.  So we need to show them that we're normal, happy and healthy.3:00:  A billboard on a church that Bishop saw.3:50:  We had giveaways!4:19:  We have a lot in common too!4:41:  That all may be one....5:50:  On Baptism...Catholics don't rebaptize.6:29:  Here's a story of a recent convert.8:00 Another convert story.8:50:  On the ordination of Bishop Woost.Here's a link to the recording of Bishop Woost's ordination.11:50:  The Gremmiel14:10:  Why do we go outside the church?15:43:  Church Search goes to St. Christopher's in Rocky River.17:00:  Readings for next week can be found here.Send us your questions at
On Location at the Becoming Fire Outdoor Festival.Joe Vicario, one of the hosts of Becoming Fire and the Founder of Catching Fire, a Young Adult Discussion Group in Parma, OH joins us.0:45:  What's Catching Fire?1:35:  Do people disagree?2:03:  In Philosophy "an argument" is a good thing.3:22:  Often there's no dialogue because things just appen on Twitter.3:50:  Here's a success story from a conversation on adoption.5:01:  Fr. Mike Schmitz's thoughts on defining one's opinion.5:43:  As a society, we think politically, not theologically or Philosophically.6:40:  There's a systematic way to go about having dialogue.7:17:  What are some resources that guide Catching Fire?11:00:  Mike joined a Facebook group and got attacked!12:40:  Look back at the past Presidents and see how people argued with them and how respectful people were.13:21:  Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg stories.14:20:  Another Scalia story about how he worked with the Obama administration.15:40  Church search is at St. Columbkille in Parma.Catchingfirestc.com18:30:  Readings for next Sunday can be found here.
On Location at Becoming Fire: The Vocation Office's Outdoor Festival.Lindsay Fullerman joins us from FitFromFaith.comWe talk about how prayer and exercise are linked.Church search goes to St. Barnabus.Readings for next week can be found here.
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