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Radical Truth is a podcast produced by TBLI Group and hosted by Robert Rubinstein.
TBLI is making the financial system work for all. Our podcast cover the wide range of ESG and Impact Investing topics. What it is? Why is it booming? Is it really helping? Is Impact regenerative in nature? How will climate change impact investments? There will be regular interviews with thought leaders, some known and some not known, but all brilliant and we will have engaging conversations with all of them.
Let’s make the financial system work for all.
This is Radical Truth.
50 Episodes
Wayne Silby founded Calvert Investments, a $15 billion investment management group in Bethesda, MD noted for their leadership in the area of socially responsible investment. Though he is no longer active in most of the day-to-day business of Calvert Investments, he supervises its private equity activities. Mr. Silby also co-founded Social Venture Network, a group of socially oriented entrepreneurs and investors, and Calvert Social Venture Partners, one of the first socially oriented venture capital funds. He also started the Emerging Europe Fund for Sustainable Investment, a $60 million OPIC private equity fund focused on Central Europe. Mr. Silby chairs ImpactAssets, a $200 million donor advised fund, and SynTao, Ltd., a CSR consulting firm in Beijing, China. What will you learn? - How to start an Impact Investing Fund management - What will be the next iteration of impact and ESG? - How to build the Impact Ecosystem in China? --- Send in a voice message:
Post Growth—Life After Capitalism Capitalism is broken. The relentless pursuit of more has delivered climate catastrophe, social inequality and financial instability—and left us ill prepared for life in a global pandemic. Weaving together philosophical reflection, economic insight and social vision, Tim Jackson’s passionate and provocative book dares us to imagine a world beyond capitalism—a place where relationship and meaning take precedence over profits and power. Post Growth is both a manifesto for system change and an invitation to rekindle a deeper conversation about the nature of the human condition. Prof. Tim Jackson will share his vision for a Post Growth Economy --- Send in a voice message:
Through a regenerative portfolio, Barney Swan accelerates ecosystem protection, carbon drawdown and leadership expeditions. He is currently in Far North Queensland, Australia, leading a project to restore 450 acres of the world’s oldest rainforest: Daintree. Prior to Founding the charity, ClimateForce Limited, Barney skied 1000km over 60 days to the South Pole, pulling a sledge with supplies and shelter. Surviving off clean technologies including a NASA-designed solar ice melter, biofuels made from waste products, vacuum flasks, and solar batteries. With a spirit of collaboration, he connects audiences to better understand their environmental footprint and the responsibility to do more about it. Open-sourcing solutions and making sustainable development inclusive to businesses, students and families. Barney Swan will share his solutions of Regenerating Nature in Australia. --- Send in a voice message:
With ESG winning ground with money flows, there has been more talk of ESG failing in addressing the environmental and social challenges we face. In this podcast, futurist and Investor Hazel Henderson discussed a more science-based investing approach. Hazel Henderson passed away in 2022. This podcast was one of the last interviews she gave. She will be missed. Futurist and evolutionary economist Hazel Henderson was president of Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), author of nine books, a syndicated and author of over 200 articles in Harvard Business Review, New York Times and other publications. She was  profiled in Wired (were she was nominated as “one of the 50 people most likely to change the world”), Christian Science Monitor, Science and many international journals. She served on the advisory boards for the U.S. National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Engineering and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, as well as the Calvert Group of responsible mutual funds. She founded the EthicMark Award for Advertising that Uplifts the Human Spirit and Society." --- Send in a voice message:
Isabel Hilton is a London-based international journalist and broadcaster. She will share her vast insight into China and its future relations with the rest of the world. She studied at the Beijing Foreign Language and Culture University and at Fudan University in Shanghai before taking up a career in written and broadcast journalism, working for The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Guardian, and the New Yorker. In 1992 she became a presenter of the BBC’s flagship news program, “The World Tonight,” then BBC Radio Three’s cultural program “Night Waves.” --- Send in a voice message:
Germany has started a mega fund of fund to fund  decommissioning all German Nuclear Power Plants.  Jochen Wermuth, our next speaker on the Radical Truth podcast is on the Investment committee member of Germany's new €24bn SWF "KENFO".  He shares his solutions for using finance to address the climate challenge. --- Send in a voice message:
What will you learn? - What are the alternatives to corporate governance? - How does steward ownership contribute to build lasting businesses that preserve their mission? - How does an alternative governance structure protect companies from extractive capital? --- Send in a voice message:
Oceans are dying. The combination of pollution, climate change, over fishing are creating death zones destroying plant and other life forms. Coral reefs are disappearing. Can this be turned around? What opportunities are there to address this environmental disaster and create opportunities for mobilising action and investment? --- Send in a voice message:
Learn how ING Group approaches Sustainble Investment in Infrastructure (Green Bonds). Leonie Schreve, Managing director, Global Head Sustainable Finance will share her thoughts and discuss the risks and opportunities. --- Send in a voice message:
Michael Madden is an experienced investor in emerging and frontier markets. He will share his experience operating in various countries going through turmoil and upheaval, including coups, genocide and insurrection.  His latest investment is in Myanmar. Michael is the Chairman and Founder of Ronoc and Chairman of Teneo Capital & Restructuring (New York). Michael was the founding CEO of Renaissance Credit – a Russian bank start-up which grew into a hundreds of millions dollar lending business. He established the American Express card business across the former Soviet Union, and served as Director for a portfolio of franchise markets and as Vice President for the American Express franchise business in EMEA. He is a board member of XacBank and TenGer in Mongolia. --- Send in a voice message:
When there was no ESG or Impact Investing ecosystem, Amy Domini started Domini Social Investments and the Domini Index. ESG and Impact has grown significantly in the past 3 decades, and going mainstream. Nearly all financial institutions are offering their clients Responsible Investing products. How has the industry evolved? Has ESG and Impact improved things? What will the industry look like in the next 30 years. Pioneer Amy Domini will share her thoughts and vision for taking Impact to the next level. --- Send in a voice message:
“Global sustainable finance volumes will approach $425 billion in 2020 after a strong third quarter,” says Matthew Kuchtyak, AVP-Analyst in Moody’s Investors Service’s ESG Group. “We now forecast around $250 billion of green bonds, $100 billion of social bonds and $75 billion of sustainability bonds for the full year.” What are Green or Climate Bonds? Are they really green or low to ero carbon? How will the new EU taxonomy impact the growth of Green Bonds. Sean Kidney one of the thought leaders in this secot and  the CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative will share his vision and thought of a climate bonds and a net zero economy. --- Send in a voice message:
Often called The “Erin Brockovich of Sewage” tells the riveting story of the environmental justice movement that is firing up rural America. Catherine Coleman Flowers grew up in Lowndes County, Alabama, a place that’s been called “Bloody Lowndes” because of its violent, racist history. Once the epicenter of the voting rights struggle, today it’s Ground Zero for a new movement that is Flowers’s life’s work. It’s a fight to ensure human dignity through a right most Americans take for granted: basic sanitation. Too many people, especially the rural poor, lack an affordable means of disposing cleanly of the waste from their toilets. Flowers calls this America’s dirty secret. In this powerful book, Waste, she tells the story of systemic class, racial, and geographic prejudice that foster Third World conditions, not just in Alabama, but across America, in Appalachia, Central California, coastal Florida, Alaska, the urban Midwest, and on Native American reservations in the West. --- Send in a voice message:
Prior to resignation in 2008, Wendell Potter was vice president of corporate communications for the health insurance company CIGNA. He was one of the main forces to prevent the Clinton Administration to pass health care legislation. During his tenure, he was instrumental in preventing the health care system to work for those who were ill. Potter is the first and only "health insurance insider" to have publicly criticized the industry's stance on the Obama health care reforms. A supporter of the Affordable Care Act, Potter correctly predicted in 2010 the final version of the law would increase health insurance industry profits and argued they would find a way to "game the system." He became a vocal advocate for Medicare for All in 2018, saying in September 2019 that "it's time to move to a program that makes a lot of sense economically as well as morally" We are thrilled to welcome back Wendell for another discussion on how to break from the destructive healthcare system in the USA --- Send in a voice message:
Caroline Dennett is Director of CLOUT LTD and has 20+ years’ experience as a researcher and insight consultant; she has developed a sensitive understanding of the drivers of human behaviour, motivation and change. Caroline has gained unique insights into the factors that can make and break positive safety cultures, the role Leadership plays in these dynamics and in driving change. She recently withdrew her services from Shell because of their lack of leadership in addressing the climate challenge, and zero ambition for a genuinely green future. --- Send in a voice message:
There is a lack of finance for breakthrough and disruptive innovators in Europe, with an estimated equity funding gap of about Euros 70 billion. Many European start-ups can't find high risk capital needed to get to the stage where private sector investors gets involved.To address the challenge, the EU launched the European Innovation Council (EIC), The EIC can help innovators from the stage of idea and invention to investments and scale-up of their companies.Funding up to  2.5 million in Grants and 15 million euros in equity, is availalble. TBLI has invited an expert in this field, Mauro Andriotto to explain the program and the process to apply. What will you learn? The EU has launched one of the largest startup investment fund in the world What companies can apply for 2.5 m Euros in grants or 15m in equity? What is the chances of getting funded by EU-European Innovation Council? --- Send in a voice message:
Will Allen played 12 years in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he developed meaningful relationships with athletes, influencers, CEOs and brands. He is now one of the founding partners of MVP-Magarac Venture Partners and is looking to invest and support small businesses in the American mid-west, with a focus on businesses run by people of color. This podcast outlines his journey going from a professional football player to impact investor. --- Send in a voice message:
Will Ruddick is a development economist focusing on currency innovation. After completing graduate school researching high energy physics as a collaboration member at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, he found his analysis skills and passion drawn to alternative economics and development. Since 2008 Will has lived in East Africa and managed several successful development programs in environment, food security and economic development. He  is an advocate for, and designer of currencies for poverty eradication and sustainable development. Mr. Ruddick has pioneered Community Currency programs in Kenya since 2010 and is the founder of the award winning Sarafu and Bangla-Pesa programs. --- Send in a voice message:
Peter S. Goodman is the global economic correspondent for The New York Times, based in New York. He is the author two books, the best-selling DAVOS MAN: How the Billionaires Devoured the World (HarperCollins, 2022), and PAST DUE: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy (Times Books, 2009), which was named one of Bloomberg’s top 50 business titles. THIS MASTERWORK OF REPORTING IS THE FIRST BOOK TO EXPOSE HOW THE WEALTHIEST LEFT OUR HEALTHCARE, ECONOMY, AND GOVERNMENTS VULNERABLE TO THE PANDEMIC—AND HOW THEY HAVE EXPLOITED COVID-19 TO MULTIPLY THEIR FORTUNES WHILE THE WORLD SUFFERS --- Send in a voice message:
Marko Oksanen is  CEO of Coventures and an experienced product leader.  Marko has been involved in building digital products and ventures his whole career. As co-founder, product manager or venture designer he has been hands-on building 20+ fast growing digital ventures in Helsinki & Berlin. Now as Coventures CEO Marko has been in the deep end of Corporate Venture Building and has seen many different approaches for building impact in cooperation with established companies and entrepreneurs. In his talk  shares his learnings on how corporations can successfully build new ventures and which pitfalls to avoid. What will you learn? What role corporate venture building can play in the impact ecosystem. Reasons why corporate venture building initiatives doesn't succeed. Different types of partners in corporate venture building ecosystem, why and when to partner with them. --- Send in a voice message:
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