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Author: Sonia Thompson

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Inclusive marketing is rapidly growing in prominence, as more consumers expect that brands "see" them, be more inclusive in their marketing campaigns, and accommodate a broader base of customers that don't cleanly fit into what is considered "mainstream."

The show is hosted by Sonia Thompson, an inclusive brand coach, strategist, consultant, speaker, and Forbes and Inc. columnist who's helped brands and leaders alike attract and retain diverse customers.

This podcast explores everything you need to know about building an inclusive brand, including customer experience, inclusive leadership, cultural intelligence, building diverse teams, inclusive language and imagery, and more.

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With a growing number of consumers now expecting the brands they buy from to be inclusive, more brands than ever are making inclusive marketing a priority. But there’s still a number of companies standing on the sidelines when it comes to including people with identities that don’t so cleanly fit into what is considered to be ‘mainstream,’ and it’s costing them sales. Here are the 5 most common objections I hear from marketers about inclusive marketing, along with how to overcome those objections. Get the episode transcript here Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Episode 65 - The truth about 'woke' brands and companies getting political
Inclusive marketing isn't quite yet the standard way of engaging in marketing. Although it will soon be. As you work with your agency, here's when to think about bringing in an inclusive marketing agency to support you in engaging underrepresented and underserved communities authentically. We also cover the very important principal of 'nothing about us without us." Matthew Tsang (he/him) is the Co-Founder of AndHumanity, an integrated inclusive marketing and communications agency with the core purpose of serving people-first brands that want to leave a legacy of belonging. Matthew's agency AndHumanity Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Code Switching
One of the benefits of including others are the diverse perspectives you get when looking at a situation. In this episode, I invited my inclusive marketing colleagues Matthew Tsang and Joyann Boyce to the show, and together we reviewed, reacted, and gave our perspectives on several brand campaigns that were published around the world. Get the episode transcript Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Joyann Boyce at Arima & Co Matthew Tsang at AndHumanity Sainsbury's ad B&Q ad AI Barbie "Barbenheimer" controversy MacDonald's commercials side by side
Twenty-five percent of the world’s population identifies as Muslim. However representation in media and marketing for people of Muslim faith is nowhere near the population. And when Muslim representation does exist, it often isn't favorable and showcases people of Muslim faith in negative stereotypical ways. No bueno. In this episode, I chat with Mariam Shahab, an inclusive marketer who is also of Muslim faith, to talk through ways brands can ensure the people they serve from this community feel seen, supported, and like they belong. You probably already have customers or people who've considered buying from you who are Muslim, so this is an important listen. Get the episode transcript here Study: Erased or extremists: The stereotypical view of Muslims in popular episodic series Episode 67: Evite CMO shares how the brand grew by including more customers KitKat Canada Ramadan commercial Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter
Every brand needs to have brand guidelines. And those guidelines also need to incorporate your approach and style as it relates to inclusion. This episode we dive into how to make your brand guidelines more inclusive, specifically by focusing on language and visual imagery. Get the episode transcript here Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Inclusive Brand Academy Episode 15: Getting started with inclusive language with Nailah King
Responsible marketing, which is very closely related to inclusive marketing, is a term that I heard from the wonderful Lola Bakare. In this episode, we cover why smart brands engage in it. Lola, who is my guest today, is an Anthem Award-Winning CMO Advisor & Inclusive Marketing Strategist, and founder of be/co, a boutique consultancy that empowers brands and marketing leaders with strategic guidance, coaching, training, and workshops that unleash new levels of success. Get the episode transcript here Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Follow Lola on LinkedIn
There's a foundational principle of inclusive marketing that a lot of brands overlook, and that a lot of consumers don't realize. In each of these instances, people end up frustrated which is no good. In this episode, I cover this foundational principle and how to put it into action for your brand. Get the transcript of the episode here Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter here Episode 29 - What inclusive brand type are you?
We are finishing up our growth series with this episode that is all about helping you and your brand communicate in a way that wins the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers who speak a different language. For this episode, I chatted with my Spanish translation team - Alicia and Andrea. Together, we help brands communicate and create love connections with Spanish speaking consumers. Spanish is the fourth most common language spoken in the world, behind English, Mandarin, and Hindi. And it is the second largest number of native speakers in the world – only behind Chinese. So if you want to reach more consumers - thinking about how you communicate and serve people who speak Spanish is a smart thing to do. Now if your goal isn’t to reach Spanish speakers, but for people who speak other languages, this episode is still for you – because many of the principles we cover are applicable no matter what language you’re looking to translate or localize to - we’re just using Spanish as the reference point. Specifically – we’re covering topics related to what marketers need to know and the decisions they need to make to ensure what they communicate, how they communicate, and the process to getting to communicating with excellence happens smoothly. Get the episode transcript here Get the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter Chat with Sonia about Spanish language translations for your brand
Globalization is a smart growth strategy. When you focus on serving people who have the problem your business solves who speak different languages and or live in different countries, growth is inevitable. With the technologies that exist today, this is easier and more cost effective to do than ever, no matter what type of business you have. So in today’s episode as we continue with our growth series, we’re going to cover how you can use globalization as a growth strategy in your business, with my guest, Hilary Atkisson Normanha, a globalization specialist. Get the episode transcript here Connect with Hilary on LinkedIn: Get the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter Inclusive Brand Growth Assessment Belonging Accelerator
How you think about the people you serve matters. In this episode, I cover how to define more specifically who you are including, and how you think about, show up for, have empathy for, and fight for, using examples from the Oppenheimer cast, Rihanna, Johnson & Johnson and more. Get the episode transcript here What inclusive brand type are you? (episode) What inclusive brand type are you (quiz) Get the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter
In this episode you’re going to hear about how Evite, a company that touches over 100 million people in the US each year — has embraced expanding the way they thought about who had the problem their brand solves, particularly as it relates to the parenthood journey, and how that’s allowed them to serve more people. Get the full transcript here Get the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter
Inclusive marketing not only is a good thing to do, but when done right it helps brands grow on a number of fronts. Conversely, not engaging in inclusive marketing prevents many brands from growing. In this episode I cover common ways not being inclusive is preventing brands from growing. Join the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter Get the transcript of this episode Links mentioned in this episode: How to create an accessible brand for people with disabilities with Erin Perkins How to increase customer success for people who are not in the majority, with Natalya Sanyal
There's been an uptick in the number of brands that are being called out for being both 'woke' and 'political'. But what does it even mean for a brand to be 'woke'? This episode covers the true meaning of woke, what it means for brands, and why all brands are inherently political. Transcript of this episode Top companies in the US who lobby the government Join the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter
There's a growing number of cases where brands are being sued because their websites are not ADA compliant with regard to accessibility. The goal isn't to make you fearful, it is to get you informed about what you need to know to make your website both compliant and inclusive from an accessibility standpoint. I'm joined by Mark Pound, CEO of CurbCutOS, a web accessibility consultancy. Get the transcript of this episode here CurbCutOS How Google makes their brand accessible How to create an accessible brand with Erin Perkins Join the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter
Disability impacts more of us than we think. And because of that – focusing on accessibility in your marketing will enable your brand to not only serve more people than you think - but allow you to make a positive impact on their lives. Accessibility is a big topic – and it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. So today, I’m going to give you practical ways to think about how to lean into accessibility in with your brand by walking you through how Google approaches accessibility. Get the transcript of this episode here Inclusive Brand Type are You? Inclusive Brand Type Quiz Google All In - Disability Playbook Building for Everyone Get the Inclusion & Marketing weekly newsletter
In today’s episode, I sat down with Gloria Chou, of Gloria Chou PR. I was super intrigued when Gloria told me that the majority of her clientele - I believe it was upwards of 90% are women of color. I wanted to learn about how she did it – what she did to build such a diverse and loyal customer base that get results over and over again. So I sat down with her, and got the goods – and I’m thrilled to share about what Gloria’s done, so you can think about how to apply it to your own brand. Episode transcript Gloria's Website Get the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter
There is resistance to inclusion and inclusive marketing, and that resistance is causing some marketers to hesitate and rethink their approach. That’s a mistake. Resistance to inclusion isn't new. We've been here before as a society, and there's already been much written on the topic. In this episode I explore the resistance, and how to deal with it so you can continue to embrace the future of marketing: inclusive marketing. Get the transcript of the episode here Inclusive Marketing Lessons from Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney Fumble MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' Audio/Video version of MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' The Five Heartbeats - "You Sure You Want to Hang with Old Eddie Kane?" What Inclusive Brand Type Are You? Inclusive Brand Type Quiz ---- Join the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter
Data shows one in five people are neurodivergent. That means it is very likely that a number of your customers fall within that spectrum. As a result, it is important to understand more about this community and ways in which your brand can show them they belong with you. In this episode, I chat with neurodiversity experts Ludmila Praslova, Aviva Legatt, and Caroline Stokes -- who share their expertise as well as their own lived experience on this topic. Get the transcript of the episode here Join the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter
Globally, 15 percent of the world's population has some form of disability. And as we think about building a business that includes more people, baking accessibility into what you offer is a smart way to do so. To help you with that, Erin Perkins, founder of MabelyQ is on the show today. She's an accessibility educator, and she's got very practical tips to help you start being more accessible with your brand today. Access the transcript of the episode here Erin's Links: Successible Platform Social media Accessibility Checklist Instagram Website Get the Inclusion & Marketing newsletter
An LGBTQ+ inclusive brand is intentional about showing people from this community that they belong. That goes beyond just showing up during PRIDE month. In this episode I talk with Hank Paul, a Queer Inclusion Strategist, about practical ways you can build a brand that makes the LGBTQ+ community feel seen, safe, and supported. Access the transcript here The Business Allyship Roadmap Hank on Instagram Join the Inclusion & Marketing Newsletter
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