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Author: Maranda Dziekonski

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Welcome to "From There To Here"! Join me, Maranda Dziekonski, as I speak with various folks about their personal and professional journeys. I am a huge believer that we are the sum of many parts. Our experiences shape and mold who we are. So pop in an air pod, go for a walk, and join me as we dig in on some of those experiences that have made us who we are today.
37 Episodes
Kevin was physically at our office right before the world shut down for the pandemic. Crammed in for one last hoorah. We reminisce about that time and chat about his journey to CS and the various jobs he had along the way.
David and I chatted about a little bit of everything. His twins, raising kids in San Francisco, surfing, childhood dreams, backpacking in Europe, how he got into Customer Success, and much much more.
In this conversation with Jared, we talked about everything from some of his childhood experiences to mechanisms he's adopted to help with his learning disability and everything in between. Jared also opened up about the moment in his career that was pretty pivotal to the success that he is realizing right now... spoiler alert, it was a performance plan!You won't want to miss the stories that Jared shared with me.
I chatted with Jay about his story and I have to tell you, this is a good one!! We covered everything from his childhood dream of being either an astronaut or a pilot, his journey from Blackbaud to PeopleMatter, and how we are seriously aging gracefully. We touched upon some of his first jobs, one of his worst jobs, and had a serious conversation about starting a Customer Success rock band!
I had a great conversation with Elizabeth about her personal journey and her experience reentering a career. There are so many great tips in this conversation that applies not only to folks reentering the workforce but also for people that are making career shifts. We also chatted about our time working together at HelloSign, our experiences working together, and a few fun other things!
I really enjoyed my conversation with Tanya. We discussed so many topics. Some deep. Some fun. Working from home with kids and COVID, first jobs, marriage, divorce, personal growth, loss of loved ones, and more.
Alex Farmer and I sat down to discuss The Customer Success Excellence Awards that will be happening in just a few weeks. We also touched base on his early years when he wanted to be a lawyer or a politician, personality tests, and his overall journey that took him to where he is today.
Sue and I talked about her passion for Customer Success, her dream of becoming a journalist or a reporter, particularly a sports journalist, her time playing sports, and how her childhood experiences shaped her into where she is today. We also discussed how her parent's divorce early on helped her learn about human relationships, empathy, and beyond.
I really enjoyed my chat with Dave. We talked about everything from growing up in a large family to his experience working at Arthur Andersen during the Enron scandal. We also dove into his thoughts around balancing out being a compassionate leader with what are at times difficult decisions that need to be made and much much more.
I had a great time talking with Jeff about his experiences growing up, some of the learnings he's had through his self-reflections, and much much more.
I had a great conversation with Francisco. We talked about his experience growing up with a disability and how it has impacted his outlook on life, his approach to communication, and much much more.
Aaron and I chatted about a little bit of everything. We talk about his journey through education, struggles he had along the way, lessons learned, and much more.
Melissa and I spoke about her journey in tech, some things that she's learned along the way, her advice to her younger self, who she'd invite to her dinner, and much much more!
I really loved my conversation with Amer. Amer Jandali hails from New Mexico, is a first-generation Arab American, and spent his summers with his family in Syria. We talked about his memories of spending summers in Syria and what he did to help raise money for the humanitarian crisis that resulted from the war that unfolded in 2011. He's such an interesting person that is doing a lot of big things to help make the world a better place.
I loved my conversation with Anne! We chatted about her adventures thru-hiking, spending time in nature, meditation, supporting people is just good business, how curiosity has helped map her to where she is today, and much much more.
I had a great conversation about her adventures in living in various regions, her love of animals, her time working in Washington DC, her journey to the startup world, and much much more!
Tom and I had a pretty deep conversation about the mistakes he's made, his struggles with addiction, and how he turned that around to be one of the most inspirational people I have the pleasure to know.
In this episode, I chatted with Mary about why she loves startups, growing up in the midwest, her time as a carhop at A&W, her fascination with Orcas, imposter syndrome, and much much more!
In this episode, I talk with Nils about his experiences growing up in LA, going to school with celebrities, his struggles as he juggled family, work, school, and much much more.
In this episode, I spoke with Kristen Hayer about growing up in New Guinea, a few learnings as a female leader in the tech space, starting her own company, and much much more!