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Grown men Kurt Braunhohler and Joe DeRosa explore the intricacies and conundrums that come along with true friendship after thirty, all while maintaining the enthusiasm and vulnerability of two baby boys
39 Episodes
Joe is still in Los Angeles and Kurt is still Montreal, after a brief reuniting during Thanksgiving the guys are back to their pen pal ways. Thus starts a new series of letters to each other.
Joe's exiting his psychological funk thanks to modern medicine, and just in time for the barbeque he and Kurt are attending as ADULT FRIENDS! Savor this episode, listeners, because Joe and Kurt are returning to pen pal status through January.
Kurt pens his audio letter from a frozen, Canadian alleyway, while Joe defends his steak-eating dog from a hotel in Ft. Worth, TX. They are both jealous of each other's new friends.
It's the second installment of Joe and Kurt's audio letters. Kurt ruins his chances of receiving free records once again, and Joe namedrops with the subtlety of a hand grenade.
True adult friendship knows no distance. That's why Joe and Kurt are sending audio letters to each other while they're apart.
LIVE from Scoopfest in Las Vegas, Joe and Kurt go deep with the founders of Scoopfest, Matt and Paul.
We've got one guest this episode - a first for Emotional Hangs! Lauren Cook, Kurt's wife and Joe's friend, joins the boys to chat about the platonic ménage à trois that is their adult friendship.
Kurt's over the whole approachability thing, and Joe gets free vinyl from a fan. Then, the guys talk grief, holidays without loved ones, and the most aggrivating moment to offer someone a frozen yogurt.
It's soft, it's emotional, it's a special crossover episode with Mike Tully of the Tully Show and his adult friend Craig Williams.
In this episode, it's just the boys. As per usual, they reflect and ponder, but they have to know - is Kurt approachable? He asked, the listeners answered. Stay tuned through the end for another installment of Question Time. --- Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ Like what you hear? Check out Conversations with Matt Dwyer @ Oh! Check out our survey @
Comedians and friends Nikki Glaser and Lizzy Cooperman stop by the studio in this emotional hang to reflect on the stuff that matters, ie the politics between drivers and bikers, deviously reading your roommate's diary, and fat, drunk fun in St. Louis. Don't fret, there's still time left for airing it out.
This episode is less about the listeners' questions and more about their apparent devotion to Joe. But they get to the questions eventually. The guys discuss polyamorous relationships, cryptic emails from old lovers, and, of course, alcohol.
In this episode, child stars turned grown adults Danny and Mike (from The Adventures of Pete and Pete) answer questions like: What happens when a childhood friendship blossoms into an adult friendship? What the hell is a unicorn kiss? And is it too soon for Nancy Kerrigan jokes? Don’t worry, Joe and Kurt have plenty to air out, too.
Kurt and Joe wonder if their listeners like their bullshit or if they prefer to hear from guests every once in awhile (listeners, feel free to chime in). Joe’s back with a wooden clog-full of Amsterdam experiences. So tune in, but don’t give any advice - Joe’s just looking for a listening ear.
Tip from Kurt - if you ever find yourself in a situation where Joe DeRosa is the good cop to your bad cop, you’re on the wrong side of the issue. Make yourself comfortable, because Kurt and Joe are back and this week, they’re airing it out. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ Like what you hear? Check out Conversations with Matt Dwyer @ Oh! Check out our survey @
First rule of this (archive) episode? Talk about Fight Club. Joe's been painting like a clown, Kurt explains why he almost Irish-goodbyes from hangs, and the guys finally address the thing everyone is talking about: The First Annual LA River Tubing Expedition.
Kurt’s meditating in Alaska somewhere, so Joe gets extra soft alone. Buckle up and relax, it’s time for a rerun of a classic: Emotional Hangs Episode 3.
Joe and Kurt wonder if they should quit talking about friendship so much. So they talk about viral Eminem remixes, movies with talking animals, and depression instead.
One from the archives! The very first Emotional Hangs -- like Huey Lewis and the News, we’re goin’ back in time!
How much ball-busting is too much ball-busting? Joe and Kurt may never know. Tune in to hear reflections on Joe’s drug-induced Tuesday night, twitter beef, and other emotional musings.
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