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Freedom Church is an international church movement originating out of Hereford, Uk. Led by Pastors Gary and Heather Snowzell the church has grown from a small rural town in England to planting out to Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. Join father and son Josh and Gary as they talk about the culture and stories coming out of Freedom church. 

17 Episodes
In this episode pastor Dave Thomas tells us about life in Charleston so far, the challenges and celebrations of church planting and some of the anecdotes along the way such as his recent encounter with a shark...
Pastor G, Dave & Josh share from the truck, as they drive into the Rocky Mountains, all about vision and how to cultivate it in your life. Also Dave talks about what he plans to do if the team run into a bear...
Relive the Everything Changes album as it just had it's release on Spotify. Josh and Dave relfect on the songwriting process, the recording and how the songs relate today. 
Josh and Ps G look back at the life -changining, wave-making Cave weekend and talk about the 72 vision and how it came together. 
Pastor G is back and sharing about how we can prepare ourselves for the epic global church gathering this coming weekend 'The Cave' 
This week Pastor G is deep in cave preparations so Josh is joined by Chris Cooke as they talk through raising and releasing leaders and the next generation. 
In this episode we reflect on a record breaking Easter, share some amazing stories of what is happening in Freedom church and talk about what it means to be a heart and soul leader
Pastor G having just visted our rotterda campus in the netherlands shares some news and stories of our Freedom Church there. 
The  new Freedom podcast kicks off with a conversation all around passion, where does it come from, why do we care about it, and how do we keep that fire burning? 
Chris and Karin Cooke have been on the Senior Leadership team of Freedom Church, they have pastored, overseen pastors, and now lead our Firestarter Church planting network. In this episode they share with us the joys of the adventure, adapting through the years, dealing with challenging seasons and talk about the potential of what this Firestarters book can mean for you. 
In this episdoe we hear from the amazing Jan and Marleen Blondeel, the Belgian church planters living in Cambodia, building the kingdom in South East Asia. How did they get involved in this wild adventure? Hear all about it in this episode, 
In 2003 Rose came into the Church as a 16 year old and would struggle to pray aloud for two years. But once this fire got started she would be someone who would put training together (The Academy) that would lead people all over the world to have the confidence and fire themselves to pray. Hear about her journey, her perspective and her anticiaption for the book in this episode. 
Freedom Church is led by the DLT (Directional Leadership Team) Three of the team, Josh, Dave and Kris get together to talk about what fuels our team meetings (it's the Colonel),  their journey into the church and their anticipation for the book. 
In this next episode to celebrate the release of the Firestarters book, we hear from Heather on what it was like in the most difficult moments from her perspective, what her first impressions of Gary were and what kept her laughing all these years. 
Dr Clem Ferris has walked with pastors Gary and Heather for over three decades. As you read the Firestarters book his name comes up again and again as he beings prophetic direction and encouragement into our church. In this episode we get to hear from his perspective as he reflects on his memories of ministering into Freedom Church. 
Gary and Heather are the parents of 5 sons and they have their own unique vantage point and interaction with the Firestarters story. In this zoom call recording Josh, Luke, Jordan, Isaac and Sol share their experiences and enjoy a bit of banter. 
Pastor Gary answers questions about his must-read chapter, how the book was written, the vulnerability of writing such a personal book and much more. 
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