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Conversations about money, economics, politics, history, technology, and more! Find all our content & social media links at
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Ian Ferguson from White Lotus of Light once again joins Irida TV to give us the update on just what Lucifer, Moloch, and their corresponding henchmen (like Joe Biden) are doing these days. What they heck are we talking about, you ask? Gather round to hear a story of strange bedfellows and enemies, and a bizarre worldview that turns out to be... surprisingly coherent.Anyone with two non-NPC brain cells to rub together has seen that Joe Biden has had dementia since he ran in 2020. The recent de...
The reason you keep losing your rights is because you keep fighting for them. WHAT? The Elites who want to control our lives know that you will fight for your rights when pressured, and they know exactly how to funnel that energy straight into uselessness. Societal control doesn't happen on either side of the political aisle--it happens in the mundane and hidden world of policy making. This is a world you will never find as long as you listen to your survival instinct and fight for that survi...
Mark Herr from the Center For Self-Governance ( joins Irida TV to discuss how we can begin to remove ourselves from the time-sucking black hole of partisan politics. Systematic politics is an entirely different mindset that allows you to be much more successfully change the system. It requires the counterintuitive move of suppressing the survival instinct--because we are controlled via that survival instinct. The modification of our system of government isn't comin...
Would you be surprised to learn that your schooling experience didn't provide you the tools to use loans and debt products to your advantage? For most people, interest is the second biggest expense in their lives after taxes. What if I told you you've been trained to pay 80% interest while thinking you're paying 6%? Or that you'll avoid paying 1.5% interest because you think it's 18%? There is some very simple math that has been hidden right in front of...
We were hosted again by our friend John Coleman at the Apocatastasis Institute to discuss the future of Western civilization. We discuss the general theory of the evolution of civilizations as per Carroll Quigley, and where within the lifecycle we see Western civilization headed at this point. We delve into the changes coming to today's capitalist system due to trends such as Web3, cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer, and decentralization.This is part 4 of a 4 part series on Western Civilization tog...
Dylan & Nima discuss the lifecycle of civilizations, our current Age of Conflict, and the role that cryptocurrency, decentralization & artificial intelligence will play in bringing about a new age of expansion where institutionalized monopolies are broken up and ideas can flourish freely once again.Notes:Mineral Project AI all our content & social media at
Is Western Civilization in its final throes like the end of the Roman Empire? We argue an emphatic NO! The West has gone through three cycles of being at its "fall", and not only can we recover from it again, we're already seeing the signs of that recovery. Listen to learn how!This is part 3 of a 4 part series on Western Civilization.Notes:-Part 1: 2: Institute:
Cryptocurrency pioneer and Artificial Intelligence investor David A. Johnston joins us to discuss how decentralized open source AI, powered by cryptocurrency, is bound make centralized corporate AI solutions obsolete. David is the author of the 2013 whitepaper "The General Theory of Decentralized Applications, Dapps" which defined for the first the Dapps model for building public blockchains & tokenized open source applications. This monumental paper laid the groundwork for smart contract...
Clown world continues to penetrate the social fabric more and more every day, and some feel the courage to speak up righteously against it. But what does that do, exactly? Is there a better way we could be spending our energy?(Hint: Yes. Watch the video.)EMAIL DYLAN at dylan@irida.tvOriginal Video Link: Law Search:
Jimmy Dore is close to understanding the monetary system and just needs some coaxing to get over the finish line. The national debt isn't as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. The Federal Reserve is a public institution. The interest on the "debt" held by the Federal Reserve gets paid to the US Treasury. National debt = private sector savings. These economic heresies and more within!EMAIL DYLAN at dylan@irida.tvEMAIL NIMA at nima@irida.tvOriginal Video Link:
Chronically unfunny Stephen Colbert interviews WEF mad scientist Yuval Noah Harari on The Late Show to begin prepping the public to accept artificial intelligence as the decision maker and government in their lives.Original Video: DYLAN at dylan@irida.tvIrida TV Website TV Telegram TV on X TV Discord
NO BLACKPILLS ALLOWED! The West is not in its final stages like Rome. How do we know this? First we need to dissect what makes a civilization and how a civilization goes through its life cycle. Dylan Moore and Nima Mahdjour of Irida TV make a guest appearance on the Apocatastasis Institute to continue the discussion!Notes:-Apocatastasis Institute: of Civilizations:
The national debt and the debt ceiling are fake issues devised to keep us fighting over nothing. Interest rates are an arbitrary political decision. It's impossible for the US government to borrow US dollars. The government needs to spend before it can tax. The Federal Reserve is a public institution.Stop worrying about the debt ceiling and the national debt. You're losing sleep over nothing.EMAIL DYLAN at dylan@irida.tvOriginal Video Link:
The Evil of Intention

The Evil of Intention


Understanding how appealing to intention can be used to manipulate you is one of the core components to understanding intellectual self-defense. People try to wave off their responsibility all the time simply by saying "I didn't mean it". However, there is a deeper question here: why is this manipulative technique SO EFFECTIVE, especially at the societal scale?Notes:-Intellectual Self Defense Crash Course: more of our content at: https://irida....



Blackpillers beware! Once you understand the framework of civilizations and the challenges the West has successfully navigated in the past, you realize that it is absolutely possible to navigate the challenges of the present.Dylan from Irida TV was invited onto the Apocatastasis Institute to discuss Carroll Quigley's book The Evolution of Civilizations and how we can use it to understand and navigate our current time.Notes:-Apocatastasis Institute
Responding to Youtube comments about the Rapture. True message of the Bible or CIA psy-op? Or something even worse? Find out within!Find more of our content at:
It often feels impossible to resist large organizations that have become entrenched and corrupt. How could anyone possibly fight back against entities that have access to so many resources? Any vested interest develops a weakness, and resistance must include exploiting that weakness.This episode is a practical, real world example of what it takes to successfully challenge and old organization with a new one!Brent Urbanik of joins Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss his work to...
BRAND NEW! Learn to how stop being pushed around by sophists, bullies, and manipulators!This is PART 3 of a 3-part series on intellectual self-defense: The Chain of Responsibility. This final part of the series is where the big guns of defense against manipulation is introduced. Parts 1 and 2 are really about laying the groundwork in preparation for full understanding of Part 3. Prepare to have your mind blown.In this series you will learn how to defend your mind in from an angle you’ve never...
Learn to how stop being pushed around by sophists, bullies, and manipulators!This is PART 2 of a 3-part series on intellectual self-defense: The Line of Reason. We will look at where exactly discussion stops and manipulation starts, focusing on how to identify when someone is manipulating you.In this series you will learn how to defend your mind in from an angle you’ve never experienced before. This is NOT a course on formal logic. This series will turn you into an intellectual self-defense n...
Learn to how stop being pushed around by sophists, bullies, and manipulators!This is PART 1 of a 3-part series on intellectual self-defense: The Four Circuits of Human Interaction. In this series you will learn how to defend your mind in from an angle you've never experienced before. This is NOT a course on formal logic. This series will turn you into an intellectual self-defense ninja in a matter of hours, not a matter of months or even years.The emphasis on Part 1 is to clearly define manip...