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At the dawn of a fundraising event, give listen to an innovative idea that Whitwell, TN is doing to combine resources for several entities within its footprint.  
We discuss the app itself and some of the information she and her partners have extracted regarding the mobilization of both rural and urban voters.Be sure and look for the ActiVote App on you device at your favorite digital app outlet.Get more information: ActiVote website
With speak with LT Colonel Kurt Sanger, who served as top legal counsel to the DoD's Cyber Forces Command, about the evolution of the DoD's attention to cyber security and the impacts on world relations. We also talk about his recent transition into "civilian life" as he retires following a 20-plus-year career in the US Marine Corps.He also gives some surprising advice to businesses about their approach to cyber security.  
With an impending show at the South Pittsburg Princess Theatre, Lee tells us his story in the music business and shares a sneak peek at the show. You can also hear an all-new Christmas song from Lee!
Kate talks about her upcoming EP and life on the road. She talks about her small-town roots and how they affected her musical trajectory. She also talks about her influences from across the musical spectrum and how family remains integral to her music.
We talk about what the organization does for children in our community. We talk about Norm's progression from an urban location with the organization to a rural location and the differences the two 
There may possibly be a case to make for small-town nepotism as this is actually the host's spouse, but it's relevant some of the experiences she encountered along the road and what lies ahead. As promised in the episode, you can partner with the organization at
We talk about the arts incubator in South Pittsburg and the effect it hopes to have on the community both in arts and ultimately on a grander scale. 
Dr. House walks us through the "receiving side" of the TN Lottery monies and how they are applied to the various grant and scholarship programs for higher education. Mercifully she keeps it simple for the host and hopefully, this will prove to give the listener a glimpse into how all that works from the education side of the equation.
After going 9-2 last season and having a head coaching change in the middle of the summer, new Head Football Coach Time Starkey says no need to panic. We run through the schedule and some of the roster members and how they'll 
We talk about the upcoming season and who some of the players to look out for breaking out this 22-23 season.
Coming off a storybook Class 1A State Championship in 2021, Stone is back at the helm of the infamous Pirates football program for 2022...and he says the team is ready to take another stab at a golden trophy in December this season. We'll touch on some players that Stone is looking to for leadership and production both on and off the field. We'll take a look at the schedule and go through the matchups as a team and individually as the Pirate nation looks to board the ship and sail out on the new season.
Here as we approach World Day Against Trafficking in Person on July 30, Marion County, TN Sheriff's Office Detective Gene Hargis discusses some of the disturbing trends in this $50 billion sinister trade of human beings of all ages, ethnicities, and heritages. First, we start broad and boil down to the part the southern border plays and that relatively nearby Atlanta, GA, is considered by some studies to be the hub for much of the human trade. 
Dr. Griffith runs through the multiple schools in the district and updates us on administrative staff changes. We also briefly visit the progress on the non-recurring federal money the district realized in the ESSER funds aimed at improving air quality in the schools to shore up some lessons learned during the pandemic. 
David Jackson and Travis Layne faced our moderator panel's questions at the newspapers debate in anticipation of the August 4 county general election. Moderator panel was composed of Charlie McEntyre, Iva Michelle Russell, and Isiah Robinson. Obviously, this is the audio-only track form the original broadcast, but hopefully will give voters a little information. Remember Early Voting starts on July 15 at the Marion County Election Commission office. Monday through Thursday 8 am - 4 pm, Fridays 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm. 
Sacco walks through some of the major industries that seem to be struggling to accurately pick their retail scale following the pandemic.
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