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A weekly digest of all things Rugby League- past, present and future.
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Part one of a spellbinding chapter on one of the game’s great characters. From helicopters at Belmore, his windowless office/lair, to the rich culture and track record of success and failure of the ‘family club’. Moore’s undeniable passion for his club, players and rugby league is juxtaposed against a reputation as a shrewd old school rogue
The RLD is proud to present the 21st annual Tom Brock Lecture, held at Petersham RSL on the 24th of September. Delivered by Industrial Relations expert Professor Braham Dabscheck, the lecture takes a deep dive into the fascinating 40-year history of the Rugby League Players Association. Special thanks to Cracker Night Films for filming and recording this year’s lecture. Michael is also joined by Tom Brock committeeman and State Library of NSW Librarian Andy Carr to discuss the history of the Tom Brock Lecture and Collection.
In this installment we discuss the ARL's marquee signing of Brad Fittler, money being thrown around like confetti, the effective strategy of quantity over quality, Bozo putting the squeeze on Matthew Ridge, an elderly lady abusing Ian Roberts, Chinese restaurants, and the rise and fall of footballing prodigy Adam Ritson.
In this chapter we discuss the ARL getting wind of the raid, the key players in the fightback, how Optus Vision money hamstrung the ARL, Packer envoy Graham Richardson, the unbreakable bond between Arthurson and Quayle, Bozo and Gus' influence, and an unholy alliance with the player agents.
War rooms, whiteboards, private jets, a major hiccup in Brisbane, comic relief in Auckland, in this installment we discuss the Super League recruitment strategies, flaws of the raid, and the great Graham Murray.
This is part one of Chapter Seven: Blitzkrieg. We discuss the disappearance of Star League, analyse Super League's "vision", the signing of key coaches, the machinations of the April Fools Day raids and much more!
In this instalment, we discuss the ARL's 1995 launch with music superstar Yanni, the ignominy of a supposedly triumphant opening weekend, the efforts of the expansion clubs, and Rupert Murdoch signing off on war!
In this chapter we discuss the impact of the World Sevens on Super League, the legendary meeting of February 6th 1995, Kerry Packer's threats and much, much more!
In this chapter, we discuss the last magnificent Kangaroo Tour, Ken Arthurson's dash back to Sydney for a confronting meeting with News Limited, legendary Kerry Packer reactions and much more!
Mailbag Episode

Mailbag Episode


Michael highlights a number of insightful emails, messages and social media interactions from the loyal RLD community.  
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Matt Riches

Top notch episode. Conducted by true professionals. I remember that time back in 92, and yes it was deeply tragic and moved the entire League community. Well done Guys,

Oct 7th
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