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Two normal dudes (maybe) discuss what the eff is going on with video games, technology, and all that goes along with it. They talk about weekly trending news topics, what they are currently up to, and a randomized main topic. This ranges from explaining seemingly complicated topics in a manner a 5-year-old can comprehend (which most of their friends have an IQ of) or just discussing the latest games or tech. Join in on the conversation, relax, and enjoy the machinations of two wannabe techophiles.
18 Episodes
The guys talk about Stranger Things Season 3 and how McDonald's is trying to bring back Szechuan Sauce for a limited run... again. Black Panther is doing amazing and Infinity War is right around the corner. You can now live in the Matrix with their phone for only $100 bucks. Tommy Wiseau is going to make another hit movie for the world to see. The Galaxy S9 was announced, and Google Assistant is getting a beefy language upgrade. Boston Dynamics is well on their way to creating our robot overlords. DropBox is going public, and SnapChat is making interesting choice. Also SpaceX want wants to blanket the world in sweet broadband. Then Dragon Ball Fighter Z gets discussed, Zenyatta walks, and it's almost time to be a pirate. Also, Konami is milking Metal Gear for every dollar they can.
The guys talk about the latest trailers and Cloverfield Paradox releasing on Netflix. Lot's in tech this week with Amazon starting their own delivery service, Space X sending a car into space, Waymo vs. Uber, and laser glasses. The guys then talk more in-depth about Monster Hunter, and some new games that came out or maybe will come out this year. Lastly the PS4 is getting an update.
The time has come. Monster Hunter World has released. They guys talk about flamethrowers, shoplifting, and 50 Cent. Paragon is shutting down officially, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z released also. God of War has gotten an April 20th release date. The guys finally discuss Monster Hunter and their thoughts.
#15 What the Eff Tide Pods

#15 What the Eff Tide Pods


The guys theorize what they think 'Paddington 2' is about. They then talk about where the new Amazon HQ might be and Prime increasing in price. People are throwing rocks at buses, and Hawaii is alerting people of missiles that are not inbound. Nintendo is making cardboard cool, lots of games are on their way, and Epic is focusing on Fortnite.
The guys talk about Bryan's website/programming project. They then discuss Leo's next project, and then a bunch of the fun gadgets that were at CES 2018. The ultimate battle for everyone's soul between Amazon and Google, and the a cute little electronic puppy.
#13 What the Eff 2018

#13 What the Eff 2018


The guys talk about playing board games, video games, and general shenanigans when John came to visit Bryan in NJ. They then talk about some of the current trending news in TV, Movies, Tech, and Gaming. They then talk about what they are most excited about within each topic coming up in 2018.
The guys talk about what they have been up to. That includes some Netflix series, and Game of Thrones. They discuss how Disney is killing it this year and the House of Mouse taking over the world. Bryan got a new phone, and John is in a new apartment. They end the podcast with some gaming goodness and what to expect moving forward.
The guys discuss TV (ESPN staff cuts, Bill Nye's new show, Netlfix subscribers, and the Defenders), Movies (Unbreakable Sequel, Alien Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Dunkirk), Technology (Net Neutrality, the artificial womb, and the Boring Company), and then Gaming (New Nintendo 2DS, Call of Duty WWII, Prey, Marvel V Capcom Infinite, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Overwatch loot crates, and the potential PS5.) DeVon's apartment flooded again, John has an American imaginary girlfriend, and Bryan lost his phone. 
The guys have their friend DeVon on the show. Together they discuss Netflix (Scrubs), and the new Marvel show Cloak and Dagger, movies (Fate of the Furious, Aladin, and Guardians of the Galaxy), Technology (Verizon, and the Samsung Galaxy S8), and then Gaming (the SNes Classic, Prepare to Dine, Project Scorpio, and Star Wars Battlefront 2). They also discuss flooded apartments, and trying to game together. 
  The guys talk about a ton of new topics this week. They discuss movies (Watchmen Animated Movie, Star Wars The Last Jedi, and Thor Ragnarok), technology (T-Mobile purchasing a bunch of spectrum and some random guy building an iPhone), and games (The Overwatch Uprising event, Nintendo Switch sales, and the recent Nintendo direct where they give release dates on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and a bunch of other games).   Twitter accounts: @whatheffbryan and @whatheffjohn   Music provided by Free Songs To Use. Intro - Saiph - Epimedium - Outro - Serume Dero - Bind Us -
The guys talk about their week, but learn Bryan had a pretty terrible one... he lost his fiance's engagement ring. Listen to how he has been looking for it. Then listen to the guys discuss Netflix's large library of comedy specials and their new rating system, Better Call Saul season 3, Carrie Fisher still appearing in episode 9 of Star Wars, Uber being banned in Italy and their legal woes, the latest Overwatch comic, and the new Mass Effect Andromeda patch. They then go in-depth with Persona 5 and Microsoft's tech reveal of Project Scorpio.   Twitter accounts: @whatheffbryan and @whatheffjohn   Music provided by Free Songs To Use. Intro - Saiph - Epimedium - Outro - Serume Dero - Bind Us -
The guys are joined by special guests Matt and Svetlana. They then talk about internet privacy and the recent privacy regulations that were taken away, Verizon's new upcoming spyware, Space X and their reusable rocket, Spiderman Homecoming, Power Rangers, Rick and Morty, One Punch Man, Starcraft Remastered, the quality concerns with the Nintendo Switch, Street Fighter 5, and Destiny 2.    Twitter accounts: @whatheffbryan and @whatheffjohn   Music provided by Free Songs To Use. Intro - Saiph - Epimedium - Outro - Serume Dero - Bind Us -
The guys talk about Bryan's vacation to Puerto Rico. They then discuss what's been going on in the news. This includes Zero Escape game announcements, Reddit's user profile update, movie updates (Justice League teasers, posters and the first trailer, Spiderman Homecoming, and Power Rangers), the new Rocket League game mode, the latest Overwatch character (Orissa), Gamestop's declining game sales, and Movado's new luxury smart watch. They then talk about Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and what makes it so good. Twitter accounts: @whatheffbryan and @whatheffjohn   Music provided by Free Songs To Use. Intro - Saiph - Epimedium - Outro - Serume Dero - Bind Us -
The guys discuss Horizon Zero Dawn and the Nintendo Switch. They also talk about what the eff is going on in the news. This includes Space X sending civilians around the moon, PSVR selling almost a million units, Zero Escape creator Kotaru Uchikoshi making a new game, the new Overwatch character Orisa, the Xbox live creators program, Destiny 2, and the Xbox Game Pass service. What a time to be alive in technology and gaming, and you can now hear two handsome gentlemen talk about it.
The guys talk about competitive gaming, the games they've played that are considered competitive, and what they hope for the scene in the future. They also discuss the new planet discovery, the new AMD CPU (AMD Ryzen), self-driving Uber cars, updates on the Gamestop Circle of Life, and some new things with Net Neutrality. They are not competitive gaming players, but discuss what the eff is going in in eSports.
Bryan, John, talk about data plans, the Snap IPO, Steam, Final Fantasy 14, Android Wear 2.0 and Activision. They then explain net neutrality to their friend Zach, who first states what he thinks it is just from the sound of the name. They talk about why it is important for individuals to learn about it, and spread the knowledge. Together they will explain what the eff it is... and try to save the internet.
#2 What The Eff Nostalgia

#2 What The Eff Nostalgia


Bryan and John discuss nostalgia. This includes games (Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Apocalypse Now, Yooka Layle, Digimon World 2, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, Conan, etc) and movies (Dune). They also talk about the Gamespot Circle of Life system, and the upcoming PS4 update with its new features.
#1 What The Eff Nintendo

#1 What The Eff Nintendo


Bryan and John Discuss themselves, 2017, and their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. They touch upon their backlog, things to look forward to in 2017, and trends in the week. They then discuss the Nintendo Switch and their personal thoughts on the console portable hybrid.
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