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Too late for Web3?

Too late for Web3?


Simon G has been exploring the world of Web3 recently and is wondering "is he too late?". Simon B has gone deep in the Web3 in the past and is a self described "Web3 survivor" however he doesn't think it's too late at all and for those looking for an interesting career move it could be just the ticket.Links in this episode Pointer tutorials Buildspace tutorials Crypto Zombies Simon G's Ionic Academy Simon B' All The Code
Simon B's over engineered side project needed a second pair of developer hands to help get it over the line, can Simon G come to the rescue in this weeks All The Code Podcast episode?Here is the side project in question: investcheck.appCatch every episode of All The Code or subscribe in your favourite podcast player hereFind SimonB on Instagram: allthecodeFind SimonB on Twitter: allthecode_Check out SimonB's site to learn to code: allthecode.coFind SimonG on Twitter: schlimmsonCheck out SimonG's Ionic Academy: Ionic Academy
New format, new co host! Welcome Simon Grimm to the show 😀 In this first new format episode we go through 5 ideas for side projects ranging from small and easy beginner projects to ones that could grow to be a full business. Listen to the end to hear the rating that Simon B gives each one.We are launching our side project landing page at - go join the wait list, even to see if we hit our end of May launch deadline!You can find Simon B at All The Code and Simon G at Ionic AcademyCreator KPI Dashboard Status Board by Panic Geckboard 10 Second Review Like a 10 second limit of UserTesting StumbleUpon HotJar What I Use Sort of like LinkTree Bunjee by CodePeople Dribble Bookmarker / Curator Dribble Social bookmarking How Long Did I Work On? WakaTime IDE based time tracking Toggl for general time tracking Kairo is the time tracking Simon B uses
In less than 5 years Brandon Lyons went from a GPA of 0.8 and unable to code, to being a full time software developer at Microsoft. He joins me this week to take me through his journey, if you want to follow in Brandon’s footsteps then don’t miss this episode.Links Educative Scalability & System Design for Developers Bing (in case you forgot about Microsoft's search engine) Atlassian Outage 2022 Self driving car test city Brandon's Twitter Halo TV Show
This episodes guest is Simon Grimm from Ionic Academy, hear about his journey from sensible software developer working his was up that ladder to independent YouTuber teaching people how to make mobile apps with JavaScriptLast week I launched my new website All The Code so go take a look 😀 Links: Ionic Academy Devdactic Blog Simon Grimm Twitter Follow me on Twitter @allthecode_ and on Instagram @allthecode
Cameron from The Coder Career joins me to tell his story of going from underpaid tech recruiter to an in demand software developer with multiple job offers at the end of each job search.We go deep on the motivating factors for recruiters and how they are your best ally in a developer job search. Cameron shares his plans for The Coder Career and how he got himself out of tutorial hell and in to an awesome dev career.Cameron can be found here: LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Podcast
Fast paced tech, entrepreneurship and dev talk with the COO and co-founder of Haystack app. We cover the life of a tech entrepreneur, unbundling the big job boards and how to break into the industry and land your first, elusive developer job.Links: Unbundling Craigslist HayStack Mike Davies LinkedIn
Matt describes himself as a "Product Focussed Tech Entrepreneur" so we dive in to that and also talk about his journey from art student to pension administrator to full stack developer with multiple businesses and projects.The books mentioned are:Designing Data Intensive ApplicationsPhoenix ProjectClean CodeINSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love You can find Matt on Instagram as @prag.matt.ic and on LinkedIn.His two main projects are Associo and WingCard.
I sit down with web and mobile developer turned Web3 extraordinaire Andrew Martin to dive into the new and crazy world of NFTs, Blockchain and Crypto. Andrew lays out the path for a new developer to get into Web3 and explains the path he took.Links:BuildSpace Web3 TutorialSolidity TutorialAndrews NFT Project: Lemur Syndicate
Lou and I talk about all the ups and downs of life in cloud, all the positives, all the negatives and the work still left to do in this emerging and exciting area. Lou is very frank about the areas to improve and also discusses the mindset needed to transition in to the cloud world as an existing developer or new entrant to tech.CareerSwitchToCoding.comAll The Code InstagramLinks from the episode:OpenUpTheCloud.comOpenUpTheCloud InstagramCodingblocks.netOff By NoneSteve Yegge Google Platform RantJeremy Daly Twitter ThreadLevel Up In Tech Bootcamp
Yusuf Chowdhury joins me to talk about his journey to life as a professional web developer started and how after trying to drop computer science in high school, was persuaded to stay the course by an insightful teacher who could see something special in him.We talk about computer science, leveraging social media to get a job, imposter syndrome, finding yourself as the only dev in a whole company on an internship and working for a company that has the best known jingle in the UKLinks:
This episode I have a fabulous conversation with Sara Williams from Newcastle University careers service about the changing landscape of tech hiring, what you can do to stand out from the crowd and how universities are staying relevant in the age of YouTube and Bootcamps.
I interview Jordan during his second week as a junior developer and how he found a job so soon after setting out on his search.
This week I have an inspiring conversation with Eva about her journey from being a Paramedic, then fitness instructor to now a Data Scientist. Eva made a number of courageous decisions to create her new life, including moving to a country where she couldn’t speak the language to learn how to code. Eva can be found on Instagram as @girlsdotech.
Ciaran and I discuss what his company does, the vast and hidden world of backend business software, what makes a good developer, how you can get his attention and why the world needs so many developers.
4. The Book and an AMA

4. The Book and an AMA


This week I focus on the successful launch of the Career Switch To Coding book on Product Hunt and 4 fantastic questions from followers of @allthecode on Instagram. The questions were: Congrats on the book launch! Any tips for anyone interested in writing and launching a book? From What’s your favourite language to work with? @takuyamats When should you start to apply? @developeradam What kind of responsibilities are junior iOS developers given?
I sit down with Stuart to talk about the journey he took from his 15 year “temporary job” as a call centre manager to being a self taught developer and bootcamp graduate now working in a thriving UK e-commerce company as a full stack developer. We cover: Deciding to make the change. Financing the bootcamp. Transitioning from his old role’s mindset to the mind set of a developer. Standing out as a new developer. The importance of early feedback. What Stuart would have done differently. Stuart can be found on LinkedIn.
A career switcher himself Nicolas now combines his love of teaching with coding to help other people make the successful move. We cover a range of topics from the ideal character traits to biggest hurdles for career switchers.
Phil runs a website called 4 Day Week all about how employees and companies can benefit from the hottest trend in recruiting right now - working just 4 days a week, We cover a number of useful areas for career switchers and new developers like CVs, portfolio sites, and how to stand out from the crowd.
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