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Time Ram, a Doctor Who podcast which randomly selects a mismatched Doctor and story from 59 years of the show and attempts to ram them together.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but if you've ever wondered how 'Mummy on the Orient Express' would have looked in the Colin Baker era, or how 'The Caves of Androzani' would work starring Peter Capaldi, then Time Ram is the podcast for you.

The regular hosts are Rupert Booth, Paul Ferry and Barry Williams.
32 Episodes
D'NER D'NER D'NER D'NER BATMAN!! In this episode, the first Doctor, William Hartnell, stars in the Peter Capaldi episode 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' in proper sixties fashion! Although he probably doesn't meet Adam West. Or maybe he does? For this is Time Ram, and anything is possible. Literally anything. Hence we learn about the Doctor's special ring, join the campaign for Justice for Dodo and witness some brain-on-brain action. And also... is that a 10-foot tall Donald Pleasence?
This week, it's the turn of the Tom Baker classic, 'Pyramids of Mars'! Join us as we take the roof off, upgrade the paint work and sell it back to you as a racy little episode starring David Tennant! In the process, we may (or may not) learn what was Rupe's first memory of Doctor Who, what it is that Baz can believe, and where Paul's old family friend lived. How did Laurence and Marcus fall out? Who employs their own poacher? And what was Sutekh using his spare hand for? Keep your fast return switch properly maintained as we do the Time Ram again!
Let us take you back to 1985, and the opening of Doctor Who season 22 - Colin Baker's first full season in the role. And what better way to open than with that full-on Cyberman continuity-fest 'Nightmare in Silver'? (Otherwise known as "Neil Gaiman's Other One") Finally, the Time Ram team can focus on Peri's other career as a nanny, dressing for Time Bandits and being mistaken for Byker Grove. It's the episode where Rupe keeps on going until someone stops him, Baz obsesses over 'The Twin Dilemma' and Paul can no longer distinguish past from future!
In this episode, Time Ram takes Jodie Whittaker's 'Fugitive of the Judoon' and rams it into the Christopher Eccleston era... because we can, that's why! In the process, we investigate who is the most alien Doctor, which showrunner is pro-old ladies and what Bradley Walsh does in his spare time with Aridians. We also take some passive aggressive cakes and stick them down the Falcon Hole with Han Solo... because we can, that's why! We finish by avoiding oncoming narrative to do the watusi. Because... you get the idea. I know, I know, it's really serious.
Join us for an exciting journey with the 13th Doctor, "nicest person on the planet" Jodie Whittaker as she takes on a naughty cactus in 'Meglos'! Whether you're a Deon, a Savant or simply Meglostic, you can still enjoy Miriam Margolyes, Jimmy Nail, jungle hierarchies, learning to unfold the Unfolding Text, and establishing whether time loops are chronic or not! Has Chris listened to the voices this time? Who really hates vegetables? And how do you perform basic maintenance on a dodecahedron? The clues are all there, as we feature Helen Mirren's best guest role so far!
Finally, Jodie Whittaker's Doctor gets access to a fireplace and a chance to snog Mme de Pompadour! It's a chance to investigate the only woman she's ever loved (or not), the Three Universe theory of Doctor Who, Tom Baker's bad habits and the meaning of "cryptosexual". Who writes the most captions? Who would Rupert love to see as the Doctor? Is the Post Office the only thing holding the universe in check? It's Timey Wimey Oily Winey!
In the festive season Time Ram is pleased to present this plum duff of an episode, stuffed with surprises and extra goodies. We share the tale of Peter Cushing's third Doctor Who film "Dr Who and the Daleks at the Earth's Core". Not only that, but also a special presentation of 'Space Ram' tangling Star Trek and Fireball XL5. There may also be (whisper it) some extra original content. Which two sci-fi heroes turn out to be identical? Who is the British Prime Minister these days? Can we get through a whole episode without mentioning Helen Mirren? With thanks to our special guest stars Melanie Clark and Steve Palace. Time Ram is a proud member of the Direction Point Network.
Welcome to 1967, in which the second Doctor Who - Patrick Troughton - takes his companions to the moon for the first true Base-Under-Siege story: 'Sleep No More'. Time Ram wields a very sharp scalpel to uncover Ben's chain of sacrifice, James Bolam in an accent-off and the ever mysterious Heron Carvic. What is it like to be fingered by a Sandman? Can we invent a Ralph? And is that Schnorbitz hiding in the shadows? With at least 50% of this story missing, maybe we will never know... Also, Peter Capaldi gets a mention.
Join us as we examine 'The Invasion of Time', starring Peter Davison! In the process, we learn what happens when you get massive eggs, the fifth Doctor being menacing and Derek Deadman trying to be taken seriously. What does Mrs Borusa call him at night? Who is Gallifrey's interior designer? How difficult were Turlough's teenage years? And why is William Hartnell hitting that Samurai with his stick? Let's all do the Shoboggie-woggie and find out. Time Ram: now a proud member of the Direction Point network.
Join us as we go back to 1986 to explore the legendary 'Husbands of River Song' - but not as you've seen it! This time, we have Ernie the fastest milkman in the west, Prince Vultan, and Colin Baker just going along with it. And you thought River Song's story was complicated in the series as it stands! Now we deal with JNT vs comedy, the evil crew of the Hyperion IV, Magnex son of Magnox, Christopher Biggin's nice pouch and the Milton Johns/Colin Jeavons twins. It's a low bar for Damsel. Damsel?? DAMSEL??? In other news, we are pleased to have joined the Direction Point network! Check them out!
This time we are joined by the Mayor of Eastleigh himself, Mr Adam Manning, to help us investigate the mystery that is Matt Smith's 'The Doctor's Daughter'. Along the way, we stumble across several other mysteries associated with the episode: how did this actually get made? What exactly is Pek? What makes the perfect quicksand scene? And is there a way of getting River Song involved in all this? It's 'The Doctor's Daughter', but not as you've seen it! Which may be for the best.
This week we re-examine that Doctor Who standard, 'The Abominable Snowmen', which with our typically exquisite timing, we recorded before the animation came out! Yay for us. But that doesn't matter anymore, because as we now know, this story was made in the 1980s with Peter Davison, and is no longer missing!* So it's time to search the TARDIS trunk for that unidentifiable object, establish that this definitely isn't Heathrow and discuss the danger of the Pharos project. Join us as we play hide the ghanta, get pissed with JNT, and indulge in some slick bumbling, before setting off to catch a Yeti that we can skin and cook over a billabong. Whatever that is. There's nothing about it in my British Home Stores Book of Space... * May actually still be missing.
This time (ram), special guest star Melanie Clark - international streamer and Who-fan - joins us to examine that Peter Capaldi phenomenon, 'The Happiness Patrol'. In this classic episode, the Doctor visits colony world Terra Alpha, where grumpy old gits are not welcome. Most of the Time Ram team would not last 2 seconds! So we keep our distance, and discuss extra-dimensional pockets, cheerleaders, classic sitcoms and The Chuckle Brothers. And maybe - just maybe -we'll get to see some factories destroyed. It's the one where Helen gets two fees!
We begin this episode with the premise that pirates are cool - but perhaps not these pirates... 'The Space Pirates' starring Tom Baker. Thankfully, none of that stops us doing gags about seamen and the poop deck! We also talk about this classic Doctor Who story, when not distracted by thoughts of Gerry Anderson, class war, staring at Acton and Victorian legs. Somewhere, there's a much more exciting adventure taking place with the V41-HI and Alpha Darts, but in the meantime, we're here with this very British Star Trek, which might actually be more fun than you think. It's better than being bored on Xeros.
In tonight's thought experiment, we feature David Tennant starring in 'The Bells of St John' and try to work out how different that would be. Suddenly it's 2008, which is longer ago than it feels, and instantly we're full of Standard Def Mockney goodness, trying to work out who could possibly replace Celia Imrie. Could it be...? Only one person, surely? Meanwhile, there's gherkins, potential Wilfred Mott, gags from 'City of Death' and that old RTD/Moffat debate. Who could possibly win? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!
This is Time Ram, currently number 14 on Feedspot's list of the top Doctor Who podcasts! This time, we discuss the episode 'Extremis', unexpectedly starring Jon Pertwee - and some other surprising names. In the process, we get to explore terrible impressions, actual physical harm, Not-Very-American actresses and the importance of firewalls. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory, this is Vatipute from Twin Peaks 1973! If all that wasn't enough, stick around for our special bonus section, where Friend-of-the-Podcast Adam Manning joins us to pay tribute to a television legend.
This time we feature William Hartnell starring in the Christopher Eccleston classic 'The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances', or as we must now call it: 'The Empty Child / Air Raid / Hospital of Fear / Volcano Day/ Unexploded Bomb / The Doctor Dances'. In the process, we learn what nanogenes are called in the 1960s, who starred in 'Maigret', what happened to Jack's squareness gun, and what Ian's hand thing is all about. Everybody lives! Probably.
This time, we examine the Peter Davison classic from 1984: 'The Sea Devils'. You remember it: the one where all those extras playing Sea Devils in heavy leather Samurai costumes drowned in the sea. The story in which the Doctor visits the Master in prison and finds him affable and friendly... No wait, this is the Ainley Master, isn't it? The story in which the Doctor visits the Master in prison and finds him as mad as a box of frogs. The one in which Tegan is a good and capable helpmeet. The one in which Turlough... what does Turlough do? What does Turlough ever do? Tune in and find out! Or not. That's equally likely, frankly.
Join us as we discuss Sylvester McCoy's 'The Green Death', featuring Nick Berry, Alun Armstrong, John Woodvine and... Ken Dodd? Really? Are we going there? Apparently, we are. Also: Helen Mirren. In the process, we investigate giant maggots, Margaret Thatcher, brass rubbing, Fell's fall and dozens of single and double entendres. Ooh err missus! And yet... still we somehow fail to answer the most critical question of all: what happened to all those other creatures on Metebelis 3? Did the spiders just web 'em up and eat them?
This is Time Ram, the podcast that randomly mashes up different eras of Doctor Who, and welcome to our latest episode: Paradise Towers as you've never imagined it! Transposed to the 1970s and the Tom Baker era, this is Paradise Towers with grimy locations, paddling pools, sanitised BBC future punks and Suzie Quattro. What would the rezzies be like in the Golden Age of Old Ladies? Would the BBC really be able to secure the services of Carrie Fisher? How old is that Kang at the back?  All this, and the fearsome Pex Brothers - coming soon, to a cineplex near you!
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