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Welcome Lords and Ladies to Time Ram as we take a classic Peter Davison team and put them into David Tennant's 'Army of Ghosts/Doomsday'. It's the David Banks vs Roy Skelton face-off we've all been waiting for! It's a bad day for famous monuments, but a good day to learn which fifth Doctor companion is the nicest to him, the name of Varsh's prog rock band, and who knows the least about telebiogenesis. Best listened to in your Alzarian pyjamas!
Time Ram 054: City of Hoff

Time Ram 054: City of Hoff


In this special episode of Time Ram, we are joined by EDA authors Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum to help us explain what happens when you take Paul McGann and put him into 'City of Death'! In the process, we get to consider Michelangelo's David, time travelling Silurians and the effect of David Hasselhoff's speedos on evolution. Features 100% more deadly snakes than the average episode!
Prepare for mayhem as Time Ram takes the 60s classic 'Planet of Giants' and rams it into the Christoper Eccleston era! SCREAM as the Doctor and Rose push through to the gap at the edge of a window box! THRILL as Danny Dyer gets overly lairy! GASP as a balloon bimbles across the room! This time, the worm turns!
This week Time Ram's grandiloquent predilections lead us to explain Greggs stotties, William Hartnell's topless pics and how many stories you didn't realise had the Master in them. Oh yeah, and we also discuss 80s epic 'The Mark of the Rani' and attempt to set it in the growing McGann era. So that's nice.
It's Time Ram, the podcast where we do daft things like taking 60s story 'The Dominators' and reimagining it for the Christopher Eccleston era. In the process, we get to investigate where the Trods are, Dulcian costume design and legendary Doctor Who spin off 'The Wahed problem'. So join us on the Island of Death! Or get your energy sucked in a football stadium. It's all good.
'Tis the festive season, and with nights drawing in, Time Ram celebrates the fine tradition of a good old spooky story, told around a crackling log fire. And what better way of doing this, than by taking Torchwood's 'Something Borrowed' and The Sarah Jane Adventures' 'The Man Who Never Was' and swapping them between series? So we get the Sarah Jane kids dealing with a pregnant bridezilla, while events at Torchwood force Ianto to grow to 30 stories high! And that's before we even get to radiophonic blarting, intravenous 1973 and K9's sonic lipstick!
For our 60th anniversary special, we take the classic episode 'The Five Doctors' and Time Ram it into the 'Day of the Doctor' slot, as broadcast on 23 November 2013! Despite some of us being trapped in a time eddy, we explain numbers, the Cyberman decline and the economic role of Terrys chocolate oranges... helped by our special guest, Gareth Preston! No cabbages were harmed in the making of this podcast.
Tune in (so to speak) and listen to Time Ram attempting the impossible: taking Steven Moffatt's finely tuned episode "Let's Kill Hitler" and attempting to cram it into the Jon Pertwee era! I mean, what are we like? It might help that we've already done "A Good Man Goes to War" (Time Ram 005) and come up with a possible River Song parentage in "The Return of Dr Mysterio" (Time Ram 031). Or it might not. It's the episode otherwise known as "A National Socialist Dictator F***'s Us Up!"
It seems that in the Time Ram Universe (TRU?) Paul McGann's Doctor Who was introduced to the Americans in 1996 with... 'Castrovalva'. In other words, the Master, complex continuity and endless TARDIS scenes. A sure fire hit! In this podcast (guest-starring Melanie Clark), we explore that possibility, but with added card counting, math vs maths and civilisations wiped out by swimming pool Stonehenges. Roundels forever!
It's time for Benton's awfully big adventure in 'The Sensorites', previously starring William Hartnell, but now upgraded for Jon Pertwee! So that'll be 'The Thenthoriteth', then. In the process, we get all grown up and find out about sunk cost fallacies, the value of pointed sticks and what's so great about molybdenum. Although we also do an acapella season 8 soundtrack. Only on Time Ram!
We get taken back to the 1960s, with William Hartnell starring in 'Carnival of Monsters' (because this is Time Ram, and whatever Doctor you're thinking of, Jon Pertwee isn't it). Our dander's up as we define fan wank, enrage the Doctor and discuss the origin of the Macra. Now, is that a friendly Drashig or a man in a sack with prongs on?
Time Ram 044: Death Hat 2000

Time Ram 044: Death Hat 2000


Join Time Ram as we start a whole new life cycle with Peter Capaldi in "Doctor Who" - otherwise known as Paul McGann's The TV Movie! It's time to throw off all those boring old 'face' regenerations and become half-Scottish as we learn how to engineer black holes, destroy a time rotor and crawl fitfully towards the ad break. Who is the walrus? Goo goo g'choob!
It's Time (Ram) for us to gird our gas bladders and look at Tom Baker's 'The Macra Terror' (previously associated with Patrick Troughton)! This episode we join the Danger Gang, growl at K9's head and take part in some inappropriate dancing. But are we ready to finally settle that crab/snail argument? Only one way to find out...
It's The End of the World - but just the Doctor Who episode, which Time Ram now translates from the Christopher Eccleston to its rightful home in the Tom Baker era! We're now in the 70's, when people were natural and saggy, and no one did emotions yet. So who wants to be Sondergaard? Beau Bridges or Bo Derek? When can't you trust your staff with the off switch? And finally, please show us on this doll where Chris Chibnall touched you...
This Time Ram, we oversee Jon Pertwee's 'The Daemons', now re-jigged and adapted for David Tennant! Find out where the Doctor keeps his slides, what Jackie Tyler thinks of Tony Robinson and who's been knobbing the milkman* as we visit County Evil in the mid-noughties. And that's all before Yvonne Hartman orders us into the heat barrier! *Listeners may not actually learn these things
We continue our examination of the Paul McGann era, and his ongoing search for his father Ulysses, with his 4th (5th? 22nd?) episode 'It Takes You Away'. Finally, we learn about what is canonical Norway, what constitutes too many Graces and how Rarks go on dates. We'll be kissing William Shatner in the Aunty Zone, and that should get your Spidey senses tingling.
Time Ram kicks off the Matt Smith era with his opening story, 'Spearhead from Space' (previously associated with Jon Pertwee) where we deal with various dilemmas, such as how to play with our twangers, getting to see Peter Wyngarde's face creases, what every NHS hospital needs, and whether we should feature gratuitous nudity or cross-dressing Time Lords. Perhaps most pertinently: how do we get Amy into this story? That'll be nice with a bit of salt and a few onions.
Sometimes Time Ram does something really silly. This time, we take the Peter Capaldi episode 'Twice Upon a Time' in which the tweflth Doctor meets the first Doctor and ram it into... the first Doctor, William Hartnell. Who now meets himself, coming out of 'The Tenth Planet'? No that doesn't work. Could this be another 'Good Man Goes to War'? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. It's 1966, Peter Capaldi is 6 years old, and we've definitively shown which production team is the maddest! Possibly.
Time Ram 037: The Arousing

Time Ram 037: The Arousing


This Time Ram, we're joined by our favourite mayor, Mr Adam Manning, to review 'The Awakening' - now starring Colin Baker! The Doctor and Peri land in a sleepy English village, in which they encounter some old friends and a surprising face from their future... Someone apparently due to make a return to the show! We also discover what was acceptable in the 80s, whose name fits the theme music, and what makes the scariest apparition? It's the episode that's sponsored by Jeyes Fluid! (Or would be, if we'd thought to ask them).
Finally, Time Ram extracts 'The Creature from the Pit' from the Tom Baker era, and puts it where it always belonged - the Peter Davison era! Written by the under-rated David Fisher, this serial presents us with a fascinating matriarchal society containing plenty of nuance and meaning. And then we add some knob gags. In the process, we ponder the eternal questions: what happens when Nyssa's batteries run down? How does Peter Davison communicate? How many famous people have we stood next to in urinals? It's time to use maths in our continuing efforts to get Helen Mirren to appear in this podcast!
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