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Welcome to Season 2 of Weirdly NormalIn this episode, I'll talk about why I've been absent and the direction of content from here on and begin a series of episodes on 'big emotions'Big emotions are those irksome feelings that can often lead us to lash out and behave in maladaptive ways.This first episode in the series looks at Shame, Guilt and Embarrassment. Starting with how to differentiate between each emotion and then how to process and work through them when they trigger us.As always, any feedback is welcomed.It's great to be back! 
In this week's episode,  we explore the benefits of expressing your emotions and offer a variety of tools to do this productively. Suppressing negative emotions (pretending they don't exist)  uses extra mental energy, which could be better directed towards pursuing meaningful goals and enjoying positive experiences.After a little 'planned breakdown' while taking a nice long drive, this seemed like the perfect episode for this week's show.
In this episode Khan answers more of your questions, which range from falling in love, becoming a father, managing stress and anxiety, dealing with insecurity and lack of self-confidence and 'being happy.'
Ask Me Anything 1

Ask Me Anything 1


I'm back!It's my last day in Iceland and so I'm answering some of your questions from my AMA on Instagram. We cover training, recovery, love, the meaning of life, ADHD, programming, my sexuality and a bunch of other stuff.This was a lot of fun and I am going to try and do it once a month as it is WAY easier than trying to come up with my own questions haha.Love you guysKP
Quarterfinals Recap

Quarterfinals Recap


A bit of a different vibe for this episode.When I asked what you guys wanted to hear more of,  there were a lot of requests for more content on training / competing and stuff with the team.  In this episode, I recap the 2022 Quarterfinals.Each episode is proudly supported by LSKDLSKD is an Australian street and sportwear line, committed to helping people CHASE THE VIBE(and we all know I love a vibe) 
Mental health is such a buzz topic at the moment, which I find both incredibly empowering and also so frustrating at times.The messaging is so all over the place and as such often valuable conversations around mental health are dismissed as more noise.Whether my content is valuable or not, I truly want to make sure my message is as clear as possible as I am so passionate about mental health and the profound way it impacts us all.This episode iI talk about WHY I talk about mental health, how I hope my stories and content will be used and what I hope you can all take from it and use in your own conversations around mental health.
This episode was inspired by a post I saw recently, in which a well-known author discussed the problem with people who claimed to be victims. Often when I see a potentially controversial post, I'll head to the comment section and be blown away by the heated exchanges between people on opposite sides of the issue.The polarising nature of complicated and deeply nuanced issues blows me away and frustrates me to no end. We seek to judge before we understand and I discuss some adaptive reasons for this.I also discuss the key differences between authentic vulnerability and this 'victim mentality' we see popping up and try to help those who don't understand the complexities of mental illness find empathy for those who struggle, whilst simultaneously emploring anyone who faces the challenges of mental illness take responsibility for working on their issues. I also dare to offer some of my own theories around why society is becoming so fractured and polarised and hope in doing that we can become more aware of how this division affects our own thoughts and feelings, especially when we feel unnecessarily threatened.
Active Self Awareness

Active Self Awareness


In episode three, Khan updates us on how he's adjusting to life in Iceland and we explore one of his four pillars of mental-wellness, 'Self-Awareness.' Khan talks about his own journey and shares several strategies for deepening our self-awareness, as well as exploring the dangers of spending too much time lost in the self.
I Moved to Iceland

I Moved to Iceland


Welcome to the Weirdly Normal Podcast.A podcast about how I navigate my weirdly normal life in this weirdly normal world, whilst managing my mental health and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.Episode 1 is all about my move to Iceland (for six months) and the ways this massive change aggregated some of my anxieties.Share and subscribe KP
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