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Welcome to the OSHA Oops! Podcast brought to you by GotSafety. We understand that safety is boring - but it's also essential. We're here to try and make it easier and more interesting. We have over 30 years of experience with OSHA and workplace safety. So join us for breakdowns of OSHA codes, OSHA updates, news, and more.
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Welcome to another episode of the OSHA Oops! Podcast. This week, we will take a closer look at the dangers of not using proper lockout tagout procedures in the workplace. We will explore a recent incident that occurred at a car wash company and the consequences they faced for their violations. In this episode, we will examine what happened, what could have been done to prevent it, and what employers can learn from this unfortunate event.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Welcome to another exciting, and rather peculiar, edition of the OSHA Oops podcast! This week, Michael and Sam dive deep into the realm of unconventional safety lessons. We'll be discussing a range of topics from sausage stuffing machines, Segway mishaps, spider web cleaning, and the ever-so-dangerous challenge of dealing with intoxicated country club members. These might sound bizarre, but safety is indeed a top priority in every sphere. Tune in to learn why these oddly specific safety lessons were requested and how they can be enlightening for all.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Michael and Rick discuss California’s new Non-Emergency COVID-19 regulations that just went into effect on February 6, 2023.Here is what you will learn:What has changed from the previous regulation?How long this new regulation will be in place.What your company can do to stay in compliance.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Rick and Michael have a riveting conversation lined up this week on OSHA oops! They will be talking about guardrails - an issue that is not only incredibly important but one that can result in costly fines, as evidenced by the $6k fine that one unfortunate company had to pay for the lack of guardrails on their working platforms. Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Are you curious to learn how a business can receive a hefty fine for something as small as not having an eyewash station in the workplace? Join us for this week's edition of OSHA Oops! Podcast, where Michael and Rick explore one company who learned the hard way what happens when safety protocols are overlooked. Tune in to hear their discussion on how, sometimes even seemingly innocuous rules in the workplace can have serious consequences if not followed. To find out more, be sure to listen to this eye-opening episode before it gets washed away!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Itching to hear more from Michael and Rick? This week's episode of the OSHA Oops! Podcast is sure to be an eye-opener! In the latest installment, the dynamic duo discusses a company that received a hefty fine due to some dangerous behavior on the job. Believe it or not, the company was fined over $3k because their workers had taken to strolling above ground on guardrails attached to lift trucks. What were they thinking?! Tune in this week as Michael and Rick offer insight into how employers can maintain safer working environments. Don't miss out on another great episode of OSHA Oops! Podcast.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Buckle up, because this week's episode of the OSHA oops podcast is sure to be a rollercoaster. Michael and Rick are delving into an important topic in construction that anyone working in the industry should know about: first aid kit requirements for temporary or short-term construction sites. Listen carefully as the hosts discuss how one unlucky company was fined for failing to meet those very requirements. Tune in now to find out more!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
If you want to know more about why it's so important for construction companies to follow safety regulations, tune in to OSHA oops this week! Michael and Rick will explain the details behind a company that was recently fined $4.5k due to faulty scaffolding. They'll explain why the code was violated and offer advice on how to minimize accidents and long-term costs. Don't miss this fascinating episode of the OSHA oops Podcast!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Training is a very important aspect of workplace safety, and unfortunately, this week’s OSHA oops podcast highlights a company that learned that lesson the hard way. The company was slapped with a hefty $3,500 fine for neglecting to do their necessary safety trainings. If you're unsure if you and your team are up to speed on the industry regulations, tune in to hear what Michael and Rick have to say about how to make sure you're doing enough safety trainings. Don't find out too late as this company did - listen in today!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Construction work can be incredibly dangerous, so when risks are taken, serious injuries and citations from OSHA can result! This week on OSHA Oops! our hosts will be discussing the story of a construction company that had to pay out more than $13K for making a large mistake with scaffolding. This mistake was so serious that it resulted in a serious injury. Listen in to find out what happened and hear from our hosts about how this costly situation could have been prevented.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
In this week's OSHA Oops! Podcast, Michael and Rick discuss how a California company was fined by Cal/OSHA for not having a COVID-19 Prevention Plan available on the job site. Tune in to get the full story of what happened, along with insight into how companies can avoid similar issues down the road. Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Tune into the OSHA Oops Podcast this week to hear hosts Michael and Rick discuss a citation issued to a company due to inadequate safety protocol. Workers at the company were using a reach truck without using a fall arrest system - unaware that they could be putting their lives in danger and facing serious consequences. Learn how to keep your company citation-free by joining Michael and Rick, as they delve into exactly what happened in this case, and what could have been done differently. Don't miss out on valuable tips for avoiding an OSHA citation like this one!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
It's time for yet another exciting episode of OSHA Oops! Podcast. Join Michael and Rick as they discuss one of the most common workplace hazards, and how one company was punished by OSHA. Every workplace needs to be aware of what safety hazards are present and take the correct measures to ensure a safe workplace, so if you don't want an OSHA citation, tune in! Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Are you ready for another episode of the OSHA Oops! Podcast? This week, Michael and Rick dig into an unfortunate incident involving a construction company - with the result being a $20k OHSA citation. Here’s what happened: an employee was struck by a beam that slipped from an overhead sling, causing them to fall 9 feet and sustain a serious injury. Thankfully, they were lucky enough to survive the fall. Tune in to find out more details on how this type of citation could have been avoided. Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
Michael and Rick are taking a deep dive into the mistakes made by one unfortunate company this week on the OSHA Oops! Podcast. After failing to properly train their employees, one employee sustained a serious injury and ended up getting slapped with a $12k OSHA fine. Tune in for tips from Michael and Rick about avoiding similar pitfalls so you don’t have to pay the hefty penalty that this company did! What could have been done differently to prevent this costly mistake? Find out today!Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
This week, Michael and Rick are engaging in a discussion that is sure to be eye-opening. They are breaking down a real-life example of a company that has been fined over $21k for not properly implementing its IIPP or safety manual. It's important to listen up and stay tuned: it's not just about this particular case; by elaborating on this story, Michael and Rick are providing valuable insight as to how any company can avoid being placed in the same situation.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
In this week's episode of the OSHA Oops! Podcast, Michael and Rick are discussing a company that was fined by OSHA because they did not have a permit to dig deeper than 5 feet and they did not have shoring in place to avoid cave-ins. This serves as a reminder that it's always important to follow the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA. Not doing so can not only result in hefty fines but also create dangerous situations for workers. So if you're planning on doing any excavation work, make sure you get the proper permits and put safety first.Follow us on our social media:YouTube:
In this week's episode, Michael and Rick discuss a company that was fined for what a lot of people do, remove the guards and kickback protection on their Table Saws.  They go into why OSHA requires those safety measures and discuss the Stop Saw technology, which is not OSHA-approved.  The company was cited a little over $3k, but a loss of limb could have been a lot greater.Follow us on our social media:YouTube: us on our social media:YouTube:
This week we're talking band-saws! One California company was fined twice for one band-saw. They were cited over $6k by OSHA because they failed to make sure the band-saw wheels were enclosed and that it was properly guarded. Have a listen and learn how this company could have avoided this hefty fine.Follow us on our social media:YouTube: us on our social media:YouTube:
In episode 30 of the OSHA Oops! Podcast, we're talking about hearing protection and a company that did not ensure their employees needed a hearing conservation program. They were fined only $400 - but it could have been much higher if it was discovered that a hearing conservation program was needed. OSHA requires companies to have a hearing protection plan in place if their workers are exposed to a noise level above 85 decibels (dB) over an 8-hour workday. Thankfully, in this case, they did not have noise levels above 85 dB - but if it had been, the fines would have been much greater. Follow us on our social media:YouTube: us on our social media:YouTube:
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