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Author: Matt Spaulding

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Each week podcaster, life long Christmas nerd and professional Santa Matt sits down with one of his fellow Santa performers or Christmas lovers and talks about all things Christmas including the art of representing Santa, movies, music, decorations and more.
49 Episodes
This episode, Matt welcomes another young Santa, Liam Grob, who at 18 has already been Santa for four years and is fortunate enough to have a mentor who is an amazing, well-known and respected Santa.
This week, Matt is joined by Pro Santa Shop and Pro Santa School founder Doug Eberhart, who talks about his beginnings as Santa at a very young age all the way up through starting a company that makes high-end Santa suits and a school to help Santas up their game.
After some time off for post-Christmas recovery, Matt is back with an exciting new episode for you! In this episode, Matt's friend Brendan is back after his first season being Santa, and they are joined by Santa True of Christmas Performer's Workshop for a little crash course in starting out as Santa. Lots of good information here for beginners, but hopefully some good stuff for seasoned Santas, too!
On this very special bonus episode Matt welcomes Master Sergeant Benjamin Wiseman, one of the many people at NORAD who track Santa each and every Christmas Eve and make sure his journey is shared with believers everywhere!
Matt and Anthony wrap up reviewing the first season of Disney +'s series "The Santa Clauses".
Matt is super happy to be joined by his friend Brendan Low, who has always loved Christmas and Santa and who has recently been inspired to start his own Santa journey.
Matt is joined once again by his friend Anthony to discuss episodes three and four of Disney +'s "The Santa Clauses". Spoiler alert, we're really enjoying it!
Tis The Podcast's Anthony Caruso joins Matt once again (and for the next few weeks!) this time to recap the first two episodes of Disney+'s brand new series "The Santa Clauses"!
This week Matt is delighted to have on Jeff Campagna, who was born mostly deaf and eventually went completely deaf, but thanks to the wonders of science can now be a fantastic Santa for both hearing impaired and hearing people alike!
On this special Halloween bonus episode, Matt and his special guest Robert of the "Behind the Bells" podcast discuss the oft-forgotten but Emmy Award winning animated Halloween special "The Halloween Tree".
Matt is joined by Garrett Case, an American ex-pat who now lives in Japan and is Santa for Universal Studios Tokyo!
Matt welcomes his second Claus couple, the Degennaros, to talk about becoming Santa and Mrs. Claus together and working as a pair.
This week Matt is so happy to welcome his friend Michael Beurer to the show to talk about being Santa, Herbie the Elf and a teacher of fellow Santas as well as the joy that is using your imagination to look at things with a Santa eye.
This week Matt is joined by Greg Swiech, who is using technology and imagination to up the digital Santa visit game and take children on full tours of the North Pole!
Matt is joined this week by fellow Santa ambassador Chris Saunders!
This week, Matt welcomes Pat Moss of Black Santa EFX to talk about being a Santa of color and having a fun, unique Santa wardrobe.
Matt has his first ever Santa and Mrs. Claus duo on the show! We talk all about working as a pair and how even Santas and Mrs. Clauses who aren't married in real life can make great couples when they out performing together!
Matt is joined by the Dean of Northern Lights Santa Academy, Santa Rick Rosenthal, who tells Matt all about the creation and courses of the school
Matt is joined by another Mrs. Claus, the delightful Ellen Terpening!
Matt is joined this week by Kimmie, a newer Mrs. Claus who is spreading her wings and finding new, fun things for Mrs. Claus to do!
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