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Bonus Hockey Episode

Bonus Hockey Episode


Kevin Murphy stays on for some bonus hockey talk. Mostly me venting about how bad my team was this season.
We finally get Kevin Murphy back on the show. Kevin is speaking at RailsConf, has some great tips and tricks for job hunting or career building, and has a pretty cool tool for helping to write prose.Links:kevinjmurphy.comOn Twitter @kevin_j_m Available For HireRailsConf 2022RailsConf Session 1262: Browser History Confessional: Searching My Recent SearchesPragmatic engineer newsletterHemingway App
On this Episode I'm joined by Sebastian Wilgosz of Hanami Mastery. In addition to all things Hanami, we discuss the challenges of writing good documentation, helping to build a community, and the value of giving back to Open Source.Links:Hanami Mastery@sebwilgosz on Twitter@HanamiMastery on twitterHanamiHanami on GitHubdry-rbObsidianThe Jordan Harbinger Show - Episode 626
In this epic crossover episode, the first ever winner of "Who Wants to be a Ruby Engineer?", Brittany Martin, joins the show. But only after I join The Ruby on Rails podcast. Come hear Brittany out host me on my own show!Links:The Ruby on Rails Podcast@brittjmartin on Twitterbrittanymartin.devRailsConf 2022TextUsFramework Friends
The Indiana Jones of Ruby Archaeology, Nick Schwaderer, joins the show. Nick has a banger for his Sin City Ruby talk, has an awesome new gem, and found a way to find a new hobby.Links:Past Rubies@schwad_rb on TwitterRubyConf 2021 - Ruby Archaeologyshoelace-rails-uishoelace-railsHeritage CraftsNOTE: I had some weird issues with my audio during this recording. Luckily, I rarely say anything interesting so I was able to cut out or re-record most of my bad audio. However, a few spots still remain. I'm sorry for the annoyance. I hope you still enjoy the episode!
Jason Charnes, Lead Product Developer at Podia, joins. the show. I learn more than I'll ever need to know about European taxes, we're both super excited for Sin City Ruby, and we talk about being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.Links: on TwitterPodiaSin City RubyRemote Ruby PodcastReact on RailsShakapackerShakaCode
_The_ Andrew Mason joins the show. Naturally, ADHD (aka scenic route disorder) is talked about, a lot. Andrew loves "workflows", doesn't get Turbo yet (like the rest of us), and has a new website, maybe.Links: on Twitter Rubyist - Ruby ScriptingInoreaderRaindropRemote Ruby PodcastRuby Radar NewsletterBridgetown.rb
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