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In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Continuum Ag founder, Mitchell Hora, sits down with his mentor Dave Stamp. Dave helped Mitchell early on in the beginning stages of the development of Continuum Ag, and helping him to find the right path to success. Tune in for the reunion and to find out more on how Continuum Ag came to be. Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedInDave StampWilbur Ellis Business Development Central USALinkedIn
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, host Mitchell Hora is joined by guest Andy "Caygeon" Junkin, the founder of Stubborn.Farm, where they discuss handling multi-generational family farms to reach your goals and success. Andy shares some personal stories from when he was dealing with narcissism and stubbornness on his family farm, how he delt with these issues at the time, and how he came about helping other family farms deal with the stress of these issues and more today. Tune in to hear some great information about transition planning and working with family members on your operation.Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedinAndy "Caygeon" JunkinStubborn.Farm | FounderWebsiteFacebook
On this week's episode of the TopSoil Podcast, host Mitchell sits down with authors David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, a husband and wife writing duo. David is a broad-minded geologist and Anne is a free-range biologist with a bad case of plant lust. The pair have written several books both together and separate, including The Hidden Half of Nature, What Your Food Ate, Growing A Revolution, and Dirt. The couple started Dig2Grow because "that's what happens when you write, talk, and act on things that matter to the well-being of people and our one-and-only planet". You can learn more about both David and Anne on their website linked below.Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteTwitterLinkedInDavid R. Montgomery and Anne BikléDig2GrowWebsite
On this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sit's down to continue answering questions that were submitted during our June field day. This episode will be focused on session 2 -  Diversifying Your Operation, session 3 - Data Driven Decisions, and session 4 - Regen Ag for Starters. Panelist from our in person event are as follows.Session 2: Russell Hedrick, Johnny Hunter, and Michael Vittetoe, with Liz Haney moderating.Session 3: Rick Haney, Lance Gunderson, Rob Stout, with Mitchell Hora moderating.Session 4: Dan Horras, Brad McDonald, Troy Rinner, with Carolyn King moderating.Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteTwitterLinkedin
On this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sit's down to continue answering questions that were submitted during our June field day. This episode will be focused on session 1, Managing Fertility with Soil Health. Panelist from our in person event include Rick Clark, Kyle Schnell, and Loran Steinlage, with Brian Hora moderating. Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteTwitterLinkedin
19. LIVE From the Field Day

19. LIVE From the Field Day


In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell shares our live recording from The 2022 Continuum Ag Field Day that was held last week, with guest hosts Jeremiah Durbin and Christie Apple. Jeremiah and Christie sit down with all of our session speakers to ask the speakers questions about themselves, their operation, and what they will be or have already discussed during their session. You won't want to miss out!Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteTwitterGuest Hosts:Jeremiah DurbinSLC | OhioChristie AppleCrop Scout Christie | MichiganSpeakers:Johnny HunterCastor River Farms | MissouriMichael VittetoeWashington Co. Farmer | IowaRick ClarkFarm Green | IndianaLoran SteinlageFLOLO Farms | IowaBrian HoraContinuum Ag | AdvisorKyle Schnell Schnell Seeds | IowaRick HaneyThe Haney Soil Health Test | TexasLance GundersonRegen Ag Lab | President | NebraskaRob StoutWashington Co. Farmer | IowaRussell HedrickSoil Regen | North CarolinaLiz HaneySoil Regen | TexasCarolyn KingContinuum Ag | Chief AgronomistTroy RinnerWashington Co. Farmer | IowaDan HorrasD&D Horras Farms | Iowa
On today's episode of the TopSoil Podcast, host Mitchell sits down with guest Edwin Suarez. Edwin is the Senior Agronomist at Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, and joins Mitchell to discuss his background in ag, options for sustainable ag practices, and what Koch Agronomic is focusing on in the world of soil health.Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsiteTwitterLinkedInField DayEdwin SuarezKoch Agronomic Services | Senior AgronomistWebsiteLinkedIn
On this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sits down with his Head of Marketing, and younger sister, Emily Hora. Emily is the founder & CEO of Wildflower Creative Branding, an agricultural based marketing contractor in Southeast, Iowa. Continuum Ag is gearing up for their June field day, and Mitchell and Emily talk all the details, including announcing all of the speakers that will be joining us. The field day will touch on topics including managing fertility with soil health, diversifying your operation, soil health data, and how to get started with regenerative practices. Emily also dives into why Mitchell got started with soil health, and his path leading to today.Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsite | Field Day InformationFacebookTwitterEmily HoraWildflower Creative Branding | Founder & CEOWebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell chats with his good buddy Trey Forsyth, who is the Director of Government Affairs at Michael Torrey Associates. Trey has experience with what's now known as Truterra within their sustainability programs, which led him to D.C. representing Land O' Lakes, and has since gained experience with ag trade work. Today, he is working with a government boutique to help companies and organizations with their D.C. strategy to connect with the  food and ag supply chain,  and helping them increase their presence in Washington. Tune in and find out how agriculture is everywhere, including our nations capitol! Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsite | Continuum AgFacebook | Continuum AgTwitter |Mitchell HoraLinkedIn | Continuum AgTrey ForsythMichael Torrey Associates | Director of Government AffairsWebsite | Michael Torrey Associates, LLCLinkedIn |Trey Forsyth
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sits down with Adam Rodenberg from U.S. Bank. Adam recently joined the company after holding various roles in the ag industry, and he joins us today to catch up and talk sustainability. Mitchell HoraContinuum Ag | Founder & CEOWebsite | Continuum.agFacebook | Continuum AgLinkedIn | Continuum AgTwitter | Mitchell HoraAdam RodenbergU.S. Bank | Ag Relationship ManagerPhone: (319) 321-8340Email | adam.rodenberg@usbank.comWebsite | usbank.comLinkedIn | Adam Rodenberg
On today's episode of the TopSoil Podcast, we have a new voice leading the way. Guest Brian Hora, the father of founder & CEO Mitchell Hora, talks about when he started farming, how he started regenerative practices on the family operation, and what he has learned along the way.Brian HoraContinuum Ag - Farmer LeadWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
In today's episode of the TopSoil podcast, we wanted to share with you our TopSoil Tuesday webinar's, with guest Lance Gunderson. Lance is the co-founder and president of Regen Ag Lab, and joins us to talk about the benefits his lab brings the agricultural community along with their focus on soil health and regenerative agriculture. He also answers some questions about the Haney soil health test and soil sampling. We host our TopSoil Tuesday webinar twice a month to hear from a guest about their regenerative practices on their own operation, and ask them questions from our audience live. These webinars are open to the public, with times, guest announcement, and login information on our website and social media. Continuum AgWebsiteWebinarsFacebookLinkedInTwitterLance GundersonWebsiteLinkedIn
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sits down with our very own Campbell de Wet to properly introduce him to the community. Campbell grew up in the mountains of South Africa on a farm with goats, sheep, and cattle. He has joined us at Continuum Ag to learn more about regenerative agriculture practices and share with others the benefits. Tune in as they talk about what he has learned so far and what he is excited to experience yet. 
In this weeks episode of the TopSoil Podcast, we share with you our enterprise webinar with guest Brad McDonald, hosted by Continuum Ag. Learn how we helped farmer brad make $81/acre when adopting regen ag practices. We discuss how Brad approached regen systems, why he chose to work in the carbon program, and why he went with Continuum Ag.  Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitter
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, host Mitchell sits down with Spencer Stensrude, CEO of Ag Ventures Alliance. Among the topics of todays talk include sustainable agriculture, family farms, and ag tech. How is ag tech going to play a role today and in the future? Listen now.Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterSpencer StensrudeAg Ventures AllianceWebisteFacebookLinkedIn
In this weeks episode of the TopSoil Podcast, host Mitchell Hora sits down with guest Jeremiah Durbin, owner of Sustainable Legacy Consulting. Mitchell and Jeremiah are going to discuss topics such as the four legged stool of soil health and Jeremiah's own operation.  Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterJeremiah DurbinSLCFacebookInstagram
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell Hora sits down with Karen Fang, the Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Bank of America (BofA). BofA has pledged to reach net zero emissions before 2050 and announced a target to mobilize and deploy $1.5 trillion sustainable finance capital by 2030. BofA is engaging with their clients across all industry sectors to assist them in their decarbonization journey. Tune in as Karen shares thoughts on the bank’s work on this front with their global clients across industry sectors, including how they approach the agriculture industry’s transition to a low carbon economy.Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterKaren FangBank of AmericaWebsiteLinkedIn
In the latest episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell Hora sits down with Cargill's Ryan Sirolli. Ryan is on Cargill's sustainability team and leads their efforts for row crop sustainability, and is helping Cargill to work towards a process to help farmers implement more sustainable ag systems. Tune in as they discuss how Cargill and groups similar to them are approaching sustainability and farming on their own family operations. Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterRyan SirolliCargillWebsiteLinkedIn
On this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sits down with Dr. Liz Haney, co-owner of Soil Regen, Heritage Ground, and Regen Mills. Listen in as they talk about how they got to where they are in regenerative ag, research and processes they have discovered, and what to focus on in order to help and develop soil health practices. Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterDr. Liz HaneySoil RegenWebsiteFacebookRegen Mills FacebookHeritage Ground FacebookSoil Regen LinkedInDr. Liz Haney LinkedInDr. Liz Haney Facebook
In this episode of the TopSoil Podcast, Mitchell sits down with Cristian Barcan, the Vice President of Sustainability North America at Rabo AgriFinance, to discuss sustainability, carbon sequestration and markets, and more. Mitchell HoraContinuum AgWebsiteFacebookTwitterCristian BarcanRabo AgriFinanceLinkedIn
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