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In this episode, over brunch at Ljubljana Castle, Dr Noah Charney interviews American journalist Kate Wagner. Kate has a diversity of interests, but is best known as a cycling journalist. She's covered La Vuelta, the Tour de France and all the biggest races, and has profiled and extensively interviewed Slovenian cyclists, including Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, who are also the ambassadors of Slovenian tourism. They spoke about her love for Slovenia – where she hopes to move, at least for a portion of each year, and dove deep into the triumphs of Slovenian cyclists.One of her latest articles with a meaningful title "Who the Hell Even Are You, Tadej Pogačar?" is a must-read for all who are keen on getting to know him and the Slovenian sports mentality. 
Sara Isaković is a world-class swimmer from Slovenia. She won a silver medal in the 200 meter freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Not only did she take home a silver, but her time of 1 minute and 54.97 seconds made her just the second woman in history to swim that race in less than 1 minute and 55 second. She was also the first Slovenian swimmer to win an Olympic medal. But that’s just part of her story. She’s a great athlete but also a top scholar, coach and entrepreneur. After her swimming career, she has focused on developing a mental training program. Today, she coaches top athletes, managers and more in how mindfulness and mental preparation can maximize one’s potential. To top it off, she even designed and published a unique board game about mental training.In the podcast, she explains why Slovenians are so good at sports, what made her so good, why Janja Garnbret is her favourite Slovenian athlete and which Slovenian dish helps you achieve top results. 
In this episode, Dr Noah Charney talks about the world's oldest vine, which is over 450 years old.  The Old Vine is considered the jewel in the crown of Maribor, Slovenia’s wine-loving second city located in the north-east of the country. To unveil all the fun facts connected with the Old Vine, he talked with Aleš Jenuš, Maribor City Guide,  two renowned Slovenian sommeliers, Nina Bratovž and Jernej Lubej, who organises the Big Guy's Wine Tour, and Michael Manske, an expat to Slovenia, the host of entertaining radio show "How to Become Slovene". Of course, they couldn't go without mentioning also other sightseeing spots worth visiting in Maribor and its surroundings, which is why this episode is a must for all who plan to visit Maribor in the future and are keen on hearing some expert advice on what to see and experience there. For more inspiration, read the story about the Old Vine on and explore what makes the Big Guy's Wine Tour so special that it is listed among Slovenia Unique Experiences that indicate unique 5-star experiences. The strict rules for awarding the label ensure that you experience a story in a very personal way, at its original location, in touch with locals, and in line with the sustainable principles in tourism. 
Slovenia's best ambassadors are its elite athletes. This small country has an astonishing number of world class athletes, and many–including top cyclists Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, who are official ambassadors of Slovenian tourism. Slovenians love sports and engaging with the outdoors – the country is perfect for it. Whether you're interested in mountains or plains, coast or hills, Slovenia has it all. Tourists looking for a sporty holiday need look no further. And this diversity of terrain makes Slovenia the perfect spot for a cycling holiday.In this very special episode, Dr Noah Charney had a chance to interview Tadej Pogačar. He's the reigning, two-time Tour de France champion, an Olympic bronze medalist, and still only 23 years old. He also won Tour of Slovenia last year and will fight to keep the title this year as well. In the podcast, they discuss Slovenia's gastronomy, his personal life and trainings and where to cycle when you visit Slovenia. If you want to see the video that brings you closer to the remarkable energy of Tadej Pogačar, while he rides along the most impressive and demanding cycling routes in Slovenia and trains for Tour de France 2022, click here. There's another great video that we invite you to see: the ultimate Slovenian Quiz Challenge featuring Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič.For more cycling inspiration read the article about top ten reasons for cycling holidays in Slovenia. 
Welcome to this special episode of Feel Slovenia the Podcast celebrating World Bee Day. May 20 is a day dedicated to celebrating the wonders of the bee, an absolutely critical animal to the planet’s ecosystem. Without bees, our flora could not exist—three-quarters of all food crops depend on pollination—and so the bees need to get the credit they deserve. For this reason, the United Nations declared World Bee Day in December 2017 —  and this was originally a Slovenian initiative. Slovenes have the most beekeepers per capita in the world, and we’ll hear from several of them in today’s episode. My guests include Lucie Grace, a British journalist who visited Slovenia to write a feature on its apiculture traditions. Mateja Reš runs the Garden of Tastes, a homestead garden near idyllic Lake Bled where she grows all manner of produce and leads workshops on cooking, gardening and more, all happily supported by bees. Dr Peter Kozmus is one of Slovenia’s leading beekeepers, and leads the breeding program for the Carniolan Gray Honey Bee as part of the Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association. He gives talks around the world and authored the books Beekeeping for Everyone and Bumble Bees in Slovenia. And Gorazd Trušnovec, who was the first urban beekeeper in Slovenia, and now oversees hives at 12 locations on the roofs of buildings in Ljubljana. Let’s take a look at what all the buzz is about!For more inspiration, check out the following bee-related contents:Honey for sweet moments and well-beingLuxuriating in Slovenian HoneyMouth-watering honey biscuits with Slovenian honeyMy way of honey indulgenceCelebrate World Bee Day with us
Regardless of your faith, there’s one thing we can all agree on: holidays that bring together family and involve good food. So for this special Easter episode of Feel Slovenia the Podcast we’ve focused on the culinary traditions around this, the most important of Christian holidays.It’s a very special episode, too, as our host, Noah Charney, chatted with five different people to bring you a broad array of thoughts about Easter. This included a pair of curators at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Nena Židov and Anja Jerin. You can visit that museum next time you’re in Ljubljana. He also spoke with Janez Bogataj, the leading expert in Slovenian ethnography and culinary heritage. He’s the author of many books, several of which Noah and his wife translated. He chatted with Špela Vodovc, author of the hit cookbook, Cook Eat Slovenia, and a tour guide here. And finally, you’ll get to meet his 80-year-old grandmother-in-law, Mama Tončka. What are the key components of an Easter breakfast and what do they symbolize? What’s the story of one of the most famous Passion plays in Europe? Tune in to find out!For more contents on Easter visit the Easter festivities in SloveniaThe taste of Slovenian EasterThe Škofja Loka Passion PlayEaster time in Slovenia 
Ever wanted to eat cream cake in a treehouse? Who hasn't, right? In the latest episode of Feel Slovenia the Podcast, expat writer Dr Noah Charney set off into the trees to visit Garden Village Bled, an eco-friendly resort that recalled his childhood fantasies. Then it was time for a bite to eat. Noah already knew about Bled's famous cream cake, so he was curious about what other local specialties there were to try. Turns out there are many...A visit to Garden Village Bled is a journey back to nature. It's an experience that will make you no longer want to sleep in a hotel room. This is a green story about wellness in a miniature landscape park in the direct vicinity of the famous Lake Bled, where you can connect with nature, with yourself, and with your loved ones.If you are curious to find out more about Bled cream cake, read more here.
On Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, near Koper, there stands an olive oil farm run by the Lisjak family. They produce not only some of the best olive oil in the country, used in Slovenia’s top restaurants, but it is among the best in the world.  Dr Noah Charney visited them for an olive oil tasting and was particularly intrigued by their single source indigenous varietals the sort of product that is not only best here, but which can only grow here. He spoke with Matej Lisjak, who runs the family business, as well as Petra, a representative from the prestigious Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portoroz. Together they offer a unique experience involving olive oil, truffles and plenty of one-on-one time with Matej himself. What are some tasting tips for olive oil? And what does olive oil made in the northernmost part of the olive producing belt of Europe taste like? Join us to find out this and a whole lot more!Let us mention also Vintage Gourmet Tour, a tour offered by the Lisjak family, which bears the Slovenia Unique Experience label, which highlights  the most exclusive boutique experiences in Slovenia.
This time, Feel Slovenia the Podcast takes a trip to the seashore. Dr Noah Charney speaks to Irena Fonda of Fonda Fish Farm, one of the world's best, specializing in sea bass. Fonda Fish Farm is also one of the providers that hold the Slovenia Unique Experience label, which guarantees that you will experience Slovenia’s originality in an unforgettable way and with all of your senses.What's the secret of their success that makes their farmed sea bass nearly indistinguishable from line-caught bass? What tips can we learn from an expert on how to shop at the fish market? Learn all this and more in this virtual trip to the Adriatic Sea.
Though Slovenia has a small population, it has enjoyed a great deal of success in world sport at the highest level. Nestled in the Alps, it is no surprise that skiing, in a variety of disciplines, is among Slovenia’s best sports. In this episode, we spoke to downhill ace Ilka Stuhec about her career, her hometown of Maribor and the best foods to eat prior to a World Cup championship. 
In our first episode, Noah describes how he came to live in Slovenia, after having “auditioned” numerous other countries, and why he thinks so highly of it, as a place to visit or move to full-time. In the process, he spoke to many fellow expats from a diverse array of countries to learn why they love life on the sunny side of the Alps.
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