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The expected transformations of the logistics industry will be significant and unavoidable. There are critical, foundational elements that logistics organizations need to consider so they may adapt and adopt future-proof strategies appropriately. DHL believes there are three key levers vital to success: new leadership approaches and roles, learning and development, and work models and the built environment. Companies can consider actions to take now to guide employees into the future with confidence. 
Understanding the potential of new technologies to transform logistics, and the speed at which these changes will come, is a critical aspect of preparing for the Future of Work. It is important for logistics leaders to understand and evaluate various potential futures - a workplace augmented by technology and one fully automated by it - to craft the most future-proof strategies for their organization. We also take a look at six segments of the supply chain for specific examples of how technology could shape the Future of Work in 2040 and talent or labor requirements for each.
Covid-19 has given workers the chance to reflect on their needs and aspirations, and many want a new model of work. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated an already growing adoption of new technologies like automation and AI in logistics, raising concerns for many about their own career development and job security. From forklift operators and customs agents to aircraft pilots and senior leadership, we captured the responses of over 7,000 people in our 2021 DHL Future of Work in Logistics Survey to understand where we stand today.
The Future of Work examines how the concept of work – the roles, responsibilities, systems, schedules, tools, and environments of workers – will change over the coming decades. From truck drivers to warehouse workers to data scientists, the industry is already grappling with a growing labor shortage and a war for talent. To succeed, organizations need to deploy strategies that will attract, retain, develop, and motivate workers in the digital era. 
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