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In this episode, we debate “Is your genetic information just yours?”.  We discuss where you find your genetic information if you need it, and who should have access to this.  A conversation with Lawyer and bioethicist, Betina Cuñado, Associate Professor at the IHMPE in Toronto, Dr Yvonne Bombard, who specialises in the assessment and translation of genomic technologies in clinical care, and Dr Jantina de Vries, Associate Professor in Bioethics at the Department of Medicine of the University of Cape Town.
In this episode, we discuss "What is a genetic syndrome?".  We ask whether we still need ‘conditions’, or can we just have genes?  A conversation with Leslie Biesecker, NIH Distinguished Investigator at the Center for Precision Health Research and Izzy Rundle, Engagement and Support Manager at SWAN UK (Syndrome Without a Name).  Sofia Houge, from the European Society of Human Genetics also joins the conversation. 
Bringing together the debate on access to genetic services, and discussing what can be done to improve the experience for individuals in need of these services.A conversation with Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu, founder of the Romanian Prader Willi Association, Dorica Dan, and Celia Azevedo Soares, Medical Genetics resident at Porto Medical Center, and a member of the Education Committee of the European Society of Human Genetics. 
Bringing together the debate on gender and advances in knowledge about sex biases in human genetics.A conversation with Prof Gareth Evans,  Professor of Medical Genetics and Cancer Epidemiology at The University of Manchester,  Reubs J Walsh, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,  and  Dr Can Ding,  Vice Chair of the ESHG Young Geneticists Committee (ESHG-Y).
In our first episode, we are joined by Professor of Anatomy, Anne Spurkland from the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences in Norway, Professor of Medical Genetics at The University of Bergen,  Gunnar Douzgos-Houge, and Professor Milan Macek, Chairman of the National Coordination Centre for Rare Diseases in Czech Republic. We discuss the impact of current events linked to Covid-19, and why it is important for everyone to have basic knowledge about genetics.  This podcast series is hosted by Nichola Garde and Mariangels Ferrer of The Whitworth group, with an aim to make the biggest stories in human genetics accessible and stimulate new conversations around human genetics.  
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