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In depth interviews with the people building our ecosystem and beyond
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What can you expect from the Merge? What are the challenges and opportunities presented to smaller client developers? What impact will new technologies like Bonsai and Snapsync have for client operators? Learn about all this and more in this Merge special episode of PEEPanEIP.
Do blockchains help with privacy or hinder it? Why do we need transactional privacy? Roman Semenov, creator and builder at Tornado Cash joins us to discuss privacy on blockchains and how Tornado strives to improve it. We also discuss the differences between the original version of Tornado and Nova, the new version of Tornado which is rolling out now.
One of the pillars of the ideology around web3 is that of decentralization. Are we delivering on our promises to create decentralized ledgers, or are we falling into the same snares that gave us the highly centralized internet we see around us? Kristy Leigh Minehan, noted consultant and blockchain hardware specialist joins the podcast to talk about decentralization from a number of different potential centralization vectors.
What could be hard about building a crypto wallet? Taylor Monahan, founder of MyCryto (recently acquired by ConsenSys) and currently at MetaMask, joins the podcast to discuss the intricacies of wallets, the challenges in presenting something decentralized and yet user-friendly to a spectrum of users, and more.
We've all heard of DAOs, but what are they practically? How can you contribute to one if you wanted to? What different challenges do DAOs and those contributing to them face? Chase Chapman, a DAO researcher and contributor joins the podcast to talk about all things DAOs.
Running nodes on the Ethereum network (and other blockchain networks) can be hard. The client software can update frequently and be hard to work with. In addition, they need monitoring and maintenance. The data provided as specified can be difficult to work with too. Yet, nodes are necessary to connect applications with the blockchain. The difficulties and need have led to the rise of providers running nodes as a service and providing an API for app builders to use to connect their application to the blockchain. Alchemy is one such provider. Deric Chang and Omar Ceja of Alchemy join to discuss running node infrastructure at scale, and providing useful data to users.
Building apps that aggregate blockchain data opens up new paradigms in application development. Lefteris Karapetsas, a longtime contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem, joins the podcast to discuss his current project, Rotki, a crypto asset accounting app. We discuss the difficulties of obtaining event data from nodes, the benefits and challenges of developing in the open, and more.
Smart Contracts can hold immense amounts of value in an ecosystem that makes them accessible to anyone. As a result, exploits in smart contracts can have catastrophic results. samczsun, a researcher at Paradigm and famous white-hat hacker, joins us to talk about finding vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Among the topics, we talk about his preferred setup for analyzing contracts, how he picks what to look at, and how he goes about looking at code once he's picked something. We also talk about anonymity in the space and his work at Paradigm and previous.
Nethermind is an execution client for EVM-compatible blockchains. Tomasz Stańczak discusses what motivated him to begin working on creating a new execution client and the specific challenges (and joys) of building and maintaining one. We also discuss some of Nethermind's specific features as a client, and future directions for both the larger Nethermind company and the client specifically.
Smart contracts have opened up new opportunities, and we are still exploring what we are able to build with them. Andre Cronje is the creator of Yearn Finance, Keep3r, and more, and joins us in this episode to talk about building innovative platforms with smart contracts, and the various pressures that can come from being a recognized builder in the space.
Resources: ----------------- Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at Follow at Twitter -------------------------- Alex Stokes @ralexstokes | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered --------------------------- 0:36 - About EIP 2:20 - Guest’s introduction 3:10 - Move to proof of stake 4:12 - Communication between the layers 5:50 - Applications between layers 8:07 - EIP-4788 8:48 - Design “beacon block root” 11:38 - Design “in EVM” 19:45 - Implementation 24:47 - Pseudocodes from EIP 26:42 - Applications 33:30 - End of presentations 34:28 - Is EIP-4788 an extension to EIP-210? 38:38 - What changed in EIP-4788 v2? 41:53 - Why EIP-4788 is listed as EL EIP? 42:58 - Why EIP-4788 could have been shipped earlier? 44:38 - Are trusted actors required for Liquid staking protocol or can be done trustless? 47:30 - EIP Status 47:59 - Message to community
Resources: ----------------- Devnet 8 specs - How to join - Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at Follow at Twitter -------------------------- Parithosh Jayanthi @parithosh_j | Mario Vega @elbuenmayini | Barnabas Busa @BarnabasBusa | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- 0:57 - Skip intro 1:27 - Meet Barnabas Busa 2:05 - Meet Mario Vega 2:46 - Meet Parithosh Jayanthi 4:06 - Introduction to Dencun Testing 6:19 - Testing flow 14:40 - What kind of test we will run? 18:53 - Execution Specs Tests (Python EVM Tests) 20:31 The Pytest generation flow 24:24 - What do these tests contain? 27:41 - PyTest for Cancun - EVM changes 31:08 - EIP-4844 tests 34:40 - Current state of Functional Testing for Cancun 35:55 - What is Kurtosis? Why do we care? 37:42 - Example of Kurtosis configuration 38:57 - Background - Kurtosis engine and how we interact? 39:50 - Interop issues identified with Kurtosis 40:35 - Dencun - Devnet 8 41:58 - Holesky Coming soon 42:10 - Inviting name ideas for public testnet 42:30 - End of presentation 43:28 - Q&A 43:50 - Testing sequence 45:01 - Testing EIP-7044 & EIP-7045 47:17 - When public testnet? Will it be Holeski? 50:00 - If the testnet is broken with 3/6, what will it going to be? 51:21 - Where are we with Execution specs? Are we ready for Dencun? 54:04 - What can be done to move forks faster? 59:32 - Testnet participation - how can solo validators can participate? 1:01:00 - How far do we see Goerli in the future? 1:02:34 - Success story & road blocker 1:06:12 - When Dencun? 1:07:20 - Message for the community
Resources: ----------------- EIP-6780 - Slides - Discussion to - YT Shorts :    • Contact #ethereum devs today if your ...   PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at Follow at Twitter -------------------------- Guillaume Ballet @gballet | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- 1:43 - Meet the guest 3:35 - Presentation EIP-6780 4:27 - Why SELFDESTRUCT was added to the protocol? 5:30 - Problems: Non-deterministic 6:55 - Parity Multisig 7:49 - Code mutability 9:04 - Verkle tree 12:30 - Security TL;DR 13:40 - Comments received on FEM post 14:29 - Other proposals for removal 17:26 - Conclusion EIP-6780 18:15 - Endo of presentation 19:00 - What are the main advantages of this EIP? 21:07 - Is this intended as a transitional EIP or a permanent change to EVM 23:44 - Client implementation & testing - Will it be included in devnet 8? 25:27 - Experience documenting the EIP 28:30 - Is it ready to be moved to "Review"? 29:16 - Why it took too long to bring SELFDESTRUCT TO the upgrade for the mainnet? 31:50 - Message to the community
Resources: ----------------- EIP-7045 - Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at YT Shorts1:    • Single Slot Finality is a really nice...   Clip:    • Cross layer EIPs need more coordinati...   Full video:    • Video   Follow at Twitter -------------------------- dannyryan @dannyryan | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- 0:25 - Skip Intro 1:38 - Meet Danny Ryan 2:52 - Blocks and Attestation 4:30 - Block tree 4:45 - Forkchoice rule: LMD-GHOST and FFG 5:53 - And potential re-orgs 6:15 - But not past FFG finalized checkpoints 7:00 - Attestation inclusion window 7:58 - Inclusion window in spec 9:21 - Counterfactual inclusion window 10:54 - EIP-7045: TL;DR 12:42 - Why EIP 7045? 15:18 - A Confirmation rule for Ethereum 20:17 - What is changing since the original beacon chain 22:15 - Single Slot Finality 23:50 - Fork time stamp 25:45 - Attestation data 26:55 - Consensus specs repo 28:52 - How to follow client implementation 30:20 - Consensus Upgrade specs repo 33:40 - Cross Layer EIP 35:50 - Security consideration 37:30 - Thoughts on EIP documentation process 40:50 - Discussion to link for the CL proposal 45:50 - Sequential EIP number allocation 46:47 - A message to the validators community
Resources: ----------------- EIP-7044 - Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at YT Shorts1:    • Solo Staking on Ethereum blockchain i...   YT Shorts 2:    • An amazing Ethereum sooner rather tha...   Clip:    • Let's make a uniform EIP process #eth...   Follow at Twitter -------------------------- dapplion @dapplion | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- 0:43 - Skip intro 2:10 - dapplion’s introduction 3:38 - Presentation EIP7044 4:04 - What’s a Voluntary exit? 4:28 - Staking models 5:12 - Single entity stakers 5:22 - Third party staking services 5:47 - Validating entity can keep the funds hostage 6:12 - Withdrawal entity should be able to recall funds 6:29 - With pre-signed voluntary exit 6:48 - Upcoming EIP7002 will allow trigger exeit from Execution layer 7:09 - Pre-signing voluntary exit has a catch 7:43 - Domain Separation
Resources: ----------------- EIP-6110 - Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at Follow at Twitter -------------------------- Mikhail Kalinin @mkalinin2 | Kevin Bogner @kevin_bogner | Navie Chan (NC) | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- Skip intro Intro to EIP & guests Guest’s intro - Mikhail Kalinin Guest’s intro - Kevin Bogner Guest’s intro - Naive chan the presentation begins The agenda EIP-6110 Deposit reform Eth1Data poll On-chain deposits Benefits of EIP-6110 EIP-6110 Data complexity and DOS vectors Transition period Changes in the Execution Layer Deposit structure Block header and Body Block creator Block validator Genesis Config Current state and TODOs in development Specs on Consensus Layer Implementation on Lighthouse - Containers Block processing Deposit receipt processing Testing strategy EIP-6110 Implementation status Challenges Guests’ Twitter Contact End of presentation Question - how does data polling will complicate things for CL clients, especially at the time of forking? Do people will have to wait for the deposit sweep finalized before picking up the validator index? Is there a queue system on the EL side? Will the deposit on the EL side go on the SSZ container? What was the rationale to drop the queue and we have a queueless design? Will there be any effect on users' transactions at the time of transition? Will we need EIP-4881 after 6110 is deployed? When on the mainnet, any timeline? Discussion placeholder for this proposal? Word of advice for the Ethereum Community Contact Ethereum Cat Herders --------------------------------------------------- Discord: Twitter: Medium: Website:
Resources: ----------------- Slides - PEEPanEIP -    • PEEPanEIP   Dencun -    • Dencun   Non-EIP -    • Non-EIP contents   Check out upcoming EIPs in PeepanEIP series at Follow at Twitter Gajinder Singh @Gajpower | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Contact Ethereum Cat Herders --------------------------------------------------- Discord: Twitter: Medium: Website:
Topics covered ------------------------- Meet the co-authors ERC6220 requires Presentation begins About ERC6220 ERC6220 Use cases Project implementation Tools for dapp developers Why is this EIP unique? EIP process for ERC6220 Additional resources End of presentation Recommendation to new authors Slot types and part types Catalog vs supporting direct NFT equipping Thoughts on other composable NFT proposals Word of advice for new authors Follow at Twitter --------------------------- Steven @stoicdev0 | Jan Turk @JA_JanTurk | Bruno Skvorc @bitfalls | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Support us ------------------- Wallet: EthCatHerders.eth Resources ----------------- Slides: EIP: Discussion: ERC-721: ERC-5773: ERC-6059: ERC-2981: PEEPanEIP Playlist - ERC Playlist - NFT Playlist - Contact Ethereum Cat Herders --------------------------------------------------- Discord: Twitter: Medium: Website:
Topics covered ------------------------- Jan Turk introduction Steven Pineda introduction Presentation Pusing NFTs further ERC6059 Use cases - Bundling, Collecting, Soulbound, Membership, Delegation, Security & Multiuse prevention project implementation (NPM package) Tools for Dapp developers How is this EIP unique? Child management EIP Process for ERC6059 Resources How to reach out Q&A Compromise of nesting NFT, if any? If targetted to a specific level, how vulnerable is the NFT? Expecting feature change with multiverse How is this different from hierarchical NFT? Thoughts on this proposal not being backward compatible? Thoughts on PEEPanEIP Message to the community Follow at Twitter --------------------------- Steven @stoicdev0 | Jan Turk @JA_JanTurk | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Support us ------------------- Wallet: EthCatHerders.eth Resources ----------------- Slides: EIP: Discussion: PEEPanEIP Playlist - ERC Playlist - NFT Playlist - Contact Ethereum Cat Herders --------------------------------------------------- Discord: Twitter: Medium: Website:
Resources ----------------- Slides: EIP: Discussion: PEEPanEIP Playlist -    • PEEPanEIP   ERC Playlist -    • ERCs   Follow at Twitter ---------------------------- BoYu Chu @chuboyu_ | Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan19 Topics covered ------------------------- 0:00 - Promo 0:29 - Topic introduction 1:10 - Guest Introduction 1:44 - Presentation 1:55 - Team 2:34 - Motivation 4:08 - Problem statement 4:40 - ERC-6672 specs 6:30 - ERC6672 is not defining 8:30 - How do we handle redeem? 9:26 - What is missing? 11:02 - Rethink NFT properties - Intrinsic & Extrinsic properties 14:54 - Middleware between web2 and web3 15:18 - ERC6672 specification 16:47 - Benefits 18:09 - Usage guidelines 18:48 - Key consideration & guidelines 23:49 - Web3 Commerce 30:02 - What about non-6672 NFTs? 31:05 - The journey of EIP 33:15 - Thoughts 34:05 - Reach out the team 34:25 - End of presentation 35:00 - Is it soulbound or transferable? 38:30 - Project implementing this ERC 40:90 - Security consideration 42:32 - EIP documentation Contact Ethereum Cat Herders --------------------------------------------------- Discord: Twitter: Medium: Website:
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