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Author: Nicole M

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Nicole is an experienced business person with over 25 years of corporate success. She founded True Me coaching in 2012 and she now helps corporations and individuals around the world to achieve authentic success and lasting happiness. Nicole provides warm guidance with a genuine program designed to enlighten and inspire.This is a production of True-me Breakthrough Coaching, Contact us at
20 Episodes
In this short podcast Nicole M shares a final thought of how to transform all you have learned in this podcasts - teachings, tools and exercises- from theory to practice. What is the force that will be the final catalyst for you to make the changes needed and reach your new Self, that will bring you a new life. Get inspired!
Let it Go

Let it Go


"Let Go" is something we hear very often, but it is not easy to follow. You need to win a state of mind that would support that disposition towards the things you do not control, the things you do wrongly, the circumstances you do not like or that bring you pain and sorrow. In this podcast, Nicole M gives you the tools to start working towards that liberating goal.
We grew up believing that our mind and body are separate units, not connected. Today's science has shown this to be wrong. In this episode Nicole M. talks about the physical aspect of your life, your body, and how you can help it get out of difficulties and illnesses and to gain health to achieve a fuller life.
We all need a very straightforward way or system to confirm that we systematically live the values ​​we are committed to. In this episode Nicole M will talk about the role of emotions in our life, their importance in reflecting the quality of our experience and the trigger they provide that -when interpreted properly- can support us autocorrect our action, and improve our living .
Why am I here?

Why am I here?


This is a question that has bother most of the people of this earth, who are not happy with their lives or the activities they do every day, even if they are very good at doing them. This question is the ultimate practical question, that once it is answered, will make life an exciting and enjoyable journey. Nicole M teaches you how to ask it, so that you direct your thinking towards more easily accessible discoveries.
Who am I?

Who am I?


Most of us, at some point in our life have asked ourselves the questions “Who am I?” And some of us understand that we are more than just human beings struggling or thriving in a certain environment. But who are we, really? This is an important subject to conquer, that will demand of you to get to know yourself better. As in the words of Lao Tzu: “Conquering others takes force, conquering yourself is true strength.” Nicole M. will share here her own understanding, in an attempt to inspi...
Polarity is a reality of life. Everything has its opposite. The good and bad, health and sickness, dark and light. Nevertheless, we have been conditioned to focus on the negative side of things, and consequently, this orientation makes us struggle. In this podcast Nicole M. explains the benefits of consciously choosing the quality of your life by using empowering interpretations of everyday experiences.
In this episode, Nicole M enters a conversation with Haritini Christakou on the spiritual perspective of loving ourselves. Haritini is a spiritual guide who has devoted her career to helping people get a more holistic view of themselves. In this episode, Haritini and Nicole will support you to understanding that nurturing the spirit is necessary, to real and profound development of mind and soul. You can write to Haritini at
A buzz word that we hear a lot these days, especially in the corporate word, is “diversity”. This implies that we must accept others, the way they are. However, acceptance is one of the most difficult things to do, as we have been trained since our childhood, to have an outer looking gaze- judging and criticizing is just a habit. This shows, however, that we do not understand how the universe work. In this episode Nicole M. helps you embrace acceptance and practice it with simple ...
Forgiveness is a subject that has been discussed repeatedly from different perspectives, from psychological to religious. However, not many people can take -whatever they know about forgiveness- from the mind to the heart. Forgiveness is a skill we are all able to practice to support our mind to be at peace. But it requires bravery. Here, Nicole M. explains the benefits of forgiveness and how to allow it to be part of your life.
Listening to our heart can be very scary. Trusting the process and our soul’s journey is not something we are taught in our society. In this podcast Nicole M. shares her own stories to inspire your path to trust, gaining inner peace, and flow.
Everything that happens in our life, good or bad, began with a decision. The decisions that you are making right now help you to create the future- whether that is close to what your heart desires or a little further away. When you base your decisions on your personal value system, you are closer to living your desires. In this podcast Nicole M. supports you in gaining awareness to make better decisions, leading to a more fulfilling life.
Whether we have too much, or too little money is a matter of great concern for most people. Problems arise when money becomes the epicenter of our lives, of our pursuits, and filters our criteria when deciding what to do, and who is worthy. In this podcast Nicole M. teaches you how to engage in a new relationship with money that will give you balance in your financial reality.
People create situations in their life that very often end up in disappointment. This derives from the habitual mindset of having expectations and attachments that become too personal. In this episode Nicole M. supports you in allowing yourself to be liberated from the constant recycling of dissatisfaction and distress about people and situations that you face.
The event of War in Europe these last weeks had been incredibly unsettling for most. And the key emotion arising from this is stress. But even without this major situation, stress is a very common emotion in todays’ world. It can be a barrier in facing life with an empowered view, that leads to more effective action. When you are calm, you can tap into your strength, and then you can deal more effectively with anything that comes your way. In this episode Nicole M. gives you the ...
The most successful people in the world would tell you that it took work, persistence, and strategic choices to succeed in their goals. Do you want to be among them? You can certainly be. But you will first need to overcome your barriers. Nicole M. shows you how to become aligned with your possibilities and feel deeply and truly free!
Although we have very little or no control over the happenings of the world, we have full and total control over our point of focus. The moment we decide what we want, our brain filters out any other experiences. In this podcast Nicole M. shows you how to train your mind to focus on your best-case scenario and to start living it.
The primary mechanism that determines if someone will enter the path of action or the path of surrender is the beliefs that are shaping his/her thinking. In this podcast Nicole M supports you to identify those beliefs that empower you and those that debilitate you. You must keep the positive beliefs and discard the ones that don’t serve you, and Nicole will help you to do just that!
The Foundation of Life

The Foundation of Life


Self-love is the groundwork to climb the ladder of life and to get as high as we want. It is the force that moves us on, that gives us clarity and peace – no matter what happens. In this podcast Nicole M will support you to identify if you really have self-love and she inspires you to break the mold of your old patterns to experience a rich new life.
Nicole M. has been a business and life coach for the last 10 years -meeting people who seem to share many common challenges. This is what has inspired the True Me podcast series. You are definitely not alone in trying to find key answers to the important questions in your life. Nicole’s ultimate purpose is to empower you to be the best that you can be -for you, your family, and your community. In this first podcast the discussion is about being your authentic self, what this means and h...