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The Modern Mystic's Guide to the Universe

Author: Hayley Winter

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Welcome home, Modern Mystic- to the place where your soul-seeking journey will never feel lonely again. Welcome to the place where wonder and awe are an everyday occurrence; where inner transformation is the name of the game; and where you always leave more empowered and expanded than you were when you came. I'm Hayley Winter, and I invite you to meet me here- at the bridge where Science, Psychology, and Spirituality merge- and together we'll explore the magic and mystery of this human experience. This is your guide to the Universe. Let's get metaphysical!
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In today's episode, we're diving deep into how to use Tarot Coaching and Astrology to survive life's most impossible moments. This is NOT a sunshine-and-rainbows episode, so be prepared- I'm sharing in depth about my own trauma and survival experience, and how Tarot Coaching and Astrology helped me to live through a situation that almost took me out for good (for more context, check out episode 49 where I tell the story about how I almost died: )My intention for this episode is to illustrate to you how developing archetypal consciousness through practices like Tarot Coaching and Archetypal Astrology is SO MUCH MORE than a run-of-the-mill personal growth endeavor- it's about tapping into a power that can literally mean the difference between life and death.If you feel called to connect, drop me a line via email (I'm still off socials at the moment): hello@hayleywinter.coPart 2 coming soon. Love you big.
Happy Midsummer, my dude!I hope you enjoy this quick and powerful Tarot Coaching Exercise designed to help you harness the energy of the summer solstice.This episode pairs well with strong mead, honey cakes, and Episode 47 of the pod, where I teach you how intuitively read ANY tarot card: love xx
TRIGGER WARNING: Death, grief, pregnancy loss.QUICK NOTE- the audio is a bit glitchy/messed up in a few places. We didn’t know about it until after it was already uploaded. I think we’ve fixed the issue, so it’ll be better in the next one. Sorry fam 😅I've been gone for so long, and I've missed this SO much. Today's episode is candid, raw, vulnerable, and imperfect. But you deserve to hear this story.Thank you so much for your patience, grace, and understanding while I've been away. I'm so ready to open the next chapter and begin anew here on MMGU. I'm off socials, so if you want to drop me a line, reach out to me via email: hello@hayleywinter.coLove you big, talk soon.
Empowerment. Evolution. Purpose. Intention.These buzzwords are thrown around like CRAZY on the soulpreneurial space, and honestly, in a lot of ways, the concepts seem to have become hollow.THAT CHANGES TODAY.On today's relatable & motivational AF Soulpreneur Saturday episode, we're chatting with Desiree Degree, owner of The-Perfectionist, which is a home for empowered gifters.Desiree gets real with us about what it was like to pivot in both her career AND her identity, what it ACTUALLY means to embrace empowerment and evolution, and what it looks like to run a product-based business built on purpose and intention.Between the mindset gems & the super unique BTS peek into her product-based business, Desiree delivers GOLD in this episode.Seriously- this might be one of the most quotable conversations we've had on the show so far 🙌Make sure to give Desiree a follow on the gram @mrsdesiree & @theperfectionistco, and check out her CLASSY AS FUCK products on her website don't forget to give me a shout on the gram @alchemyandarchetype and let me know what you loved most about this episode!LYSM 💘
I'm BACK, BABY! And I'm comin' in hotter than ever, because today I'm sharing with you my tried & true method for interpreting ANY Tarot Card intuitively (no matter how much, or how little, experience you have with Tarot).I HIGHLY recommend checking out my free How to Read Tarot Intuitively Masterclass to go even deeper on this process- you can get instant access right here! of course, make sure to snag your free cheat sheets here! me a line on the 'gram (@alchemyandarchetype) and let me know how this process works for you!And make SURE to stay tuned if you want IN on some incredible group Tarot Coaching magic ✨Can't wait to talk to ya Thursday!
It's time for our monthly candid chat about where we've been and where we're going. I have a few BIG changes happening here on the pod, in my business, and in my personal life, and it's finally time to share it all with you!Definitely drop me a line on the gram @alchemyandarchetype and let me know what you'd love to see on the pod moving forward. We're in this together!
Not to be dramatic, but this episode is about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.Seriously- if you, like me, have ever struggled with social media as a spiritual business owner, THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU! Grab your journal and a pen because you're gonna be taking NOTES 🙌Allison Canales is a Spiritual Marketing Strategist and is dishing up UNBELIEVABLE amounts of magic & medicine in today's conversation. Among SO many other things, we riff on:Approach social media & marketing from a soulful and nourish placeDeveloping a relationship with social media based in intentionCyclical consistency with creation and expression as feminine essence beingsSharing the shadows, honoring our capacities and our growth edgesAnd SO MUCH MORE! (I know this sounds kind of infomercial-y, but I'm serious dude, the amount of wisdom in this episode is NEXT LEVEL.)Make sure to connect with Allison (@iamallisoncanales) and me (@alchemyandarchetype) and let us know what you thought of this episode!
HNM, my dude! Today's Tarot Coaching sesh is a little different than usual- instead of doing a full New Moon Tarot Coaching Spread, we're doing a DEEEEEEP dive into The Fool.I mean, with the New Moon in Aries falling on April Fool's Day tomorrow, how could we not?!Make sure you have an image of The Fool available to you, either from one of your own decks or an image on Google or Pinterest, because the first part of this episode is a guided intuitive interpretation to help you dig into your OWN insights about the card!It'd also be a good idea to have a journal & pen or google doc/phone note available to take notes!The Tarot Coaching questions we're integrating with are:What is possible for me in this next year? (Tip- flip the script on negative what-ifs & make uncertainty your ally)What chapter am I ready to close, and what have I learned from the experience?What inner calling am I committed to trusting in as I take my next leap forward?And bee tee dubs- this episode pairs GREAT with last week's Witchy Wednesday episode (Episode 40- a POWERFUL Ritual for the Astrological New Year).Of course, I wanna hear your insights & aha moments! We always integrate more deeply through discussion- so drop me a line on the gram @alchemyandarchetype!Love ya big 💛
Pucker up, butter cup- because I'm getting SALTY in this episode!On today's Tarot Tuesday tangent, I'm busting 3 (and a half?) of the BIGGEST and most DISEMPOWERING myths about the Tarot.I'll be answering questions like-Do the cards themselves have power?Does Tarot predict the future? (this one might surprise you)Does Tarot summon the devil?The answers to these myths are a lot more complex than a simple "no."I hope that after today's episode, you'll be able to have educated responses to anyone in YOUR life who gives you shit about your Tarot practice.I ALSO hope that this episode gives you a deeper understanding for the values that are inherent to the Tarot Coaching Method & philosophy, so that you feel confident going into any Tarot Coaching services- whether it's a Tarot Coaching program with me, an episode here on the podcast, or a session with one of my soon-to-be Certified Tarot Coaches!And of course, like all things, trust your intuition and what feels right for you. Take what resonates, and leave the rest.I don't claim to be the end-all-be-all, and I certainly don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about the universe and its workings.I am simply offering you my educated perspectives as someone who has deeply studied, tested, researched, and practiced with the Tarot for many, many years- do with this information what you will 💛Do YOU want to become a certified Tarot Coach? If so, you're in MAJOR LUCK, because the doors to Tarot Coach Academy are OPEN!!! Click this link to apply & begin your career as one of the FIRST Certified evidence-based Tarot Coaches in the WORLD!
You're gonna want to grab some popcorn for this one, my dude. It's a WILD ride.Today I'm sharing about what is (maybe???) my first experience/encounter with spirit guides.I've always been skeptical of the whole spirit guide thing. That's not to say I've been dismissive of it, or that I don't believe that it's possible. In fact, I have many close friends who have a deep connection with their spiritual team.But as someone who highly values experience, I've never been able to fully land on how I feel about the concept of spirit guides.Until now?To be honest, I'm still integrating. I haven't drawn any conclusions. But after this experience I am, at the VERY least, extremely curious.Have you had a spirit guide experience? Do you know more about this kind of thing than I do & have any insights to share with me? PLEASE REACH OUT!!! I'm on the gram @alchemyandarchetype, and boy do I want to talk about this!
If you struggle with the emotional aspect of manifestation, with figuring out how to FEEL something (like abundance for example) before you have physical proof in your life, or if you feel like your life is happening TO you, not FOR you...dude. You NEED to listen to this episode.Urte Maciulyte is a Spiritual Mindset Coach who specializes in manifestation, emotional healing, and the connection between spirituality and mindset. In this absolutely COSMIC conversation, Urte shares SO MUCH magic, including:What to do when you're trying to manifest something but you feel out of alignmentHow to start processing through challenging emotions so that you can actually RECEIVE the goodness that's available to youHow to use triggers to your benefit, rather than your detrimentAnd MORE!This episode is FULL of actionable takeaways that you can start implementing TODAY to start manifesting WITH your emotions, rather than against them.Make sure to drop Urte & me a line on Insta and let us know your brain blast moments from this episode- she's at @spiritualmindsetcoach, and I'm @alchemyandarchetype!
Happy Astrological New Year!We're on the third "new year" of the year and honestly, IMO, it's never a bad time for that fresh start energy.The Astrological New Year is honestly probably my favorite of them all, because here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're emerging into Spring time. There's something extra magical about that fresh start feeling being enhanced by sunnier days, flowers blooming, and baby birds chirping away in the trees. Everything just feels so ALIVE!And it's that spirit of aliveness that I invite you to infuse into today's ritual. Feel free to grab your journal and ritual along with me as you listen, or to make a list of the prompts and come back to it later. No matter how you do it, your energy is the most important prompt!Here's a list of the basic prompts for ya-1st house- I am2nd house- I have/I cultivate3rd house- I think4th house- I nurture5th house- I create6th house- I serve/I heal7th house- I partner8th house- I share9th house- I explore10th house- I achieve11th house- I contribute12th house- I dreamMake sure to drop me a line on Insta and let me know what you thought of this ritual! I'm on the gram @alchemyandarchetypeI'll be back on Friday with a bomb ass Soul Fam Friday episode ✨Love ya big!
Raise your hand if you've ever held yourself back from doing something your soul desired because you were afraid to fail? ✋Don't worry- I'm calling myself out just as much as I'm calling you out here.But the rad thing is- this fear is optional.And when you fully integrate the mindset shift that I share in today's episode, fear of failure will truly become a thing of the past.To enter this week's (evergreen!) 30 minute Tarot Coaching Session giveaway, send me a DM on the gram @alchemyandarchetype telling me:An experience from your past that you used to consider a failure, and one thing you learned from this experience/one way that it supported your growth and expansion as a person, andOne thing that you've been holding yourself back from due to the fear of failure that you're going to take a step towards doing in the next weekRemember- these challenges are EVERGREEN, so you can enter whenever you listen to this episode!Now go get 'em tiger! And remember- failure is a perspective, nothing more 😉
Ahh, money. Quite possibly the most challenging & controversial topic that we deal with in life, especially as business owners.If you're anything like me, your relationship with money has been strained (to say the least).Which is bad news bears when you're a business owner.And there's SO MUCH money mindset talk out there, but to be honest, a lot of it is complete faff (at least in my experience).That's why, in today's Soulpreneur Saturday episode, I'm sharing with you the key shifts that *actually* COMPLETELY reshaped my relationship with money in the best way possible.Seriously. I can't emphasize enough the difference this change has made in my experience with money- what used to be a constant source of anxiety, fear, shame, and stress for me has shifted to a source of gratitude, purpose, intention, and expansion.It sounds too good to be true, I know. But it's not. Trust me.It's much simpler- and much more profound- than you think.Make sure to drop me a line on the gram (@alchemyandarchetype) and let me know if this shift gave you the same sort of cosmic epiphany that it gave me!Catch ya on Monday with your weekly microdose of magic ✨
HFM, babycakes! 🌝Today we're DEEP DIVIN' into a juuuuicy Tarot Coaching spread for the Full Moon in Virgo.As with all Tarot Coaching episodes, I *HIGHLY* recommend that you work with visuals (your cards if you have them, or my pics on the gram if you don't) & give your own intuition space to speak to you before, during, and after my own interpretations of the cards.Before we dive into the Tarot itself, I'll be briefly breaking down the astrological symbolism of this Full Moon. From there, we'll be workin' with four Tarot Coaching questions:What can I to do bridge the gap between my dreams and my reality?How can I support myself in discerning and following my inner truth?How can I deepen my experience of being in service?What inner wound is available to be deeply healed through self compassion?And we've got MANY cards that came out to play, so grab a bevvy & your journal, because this episode is CHONKY.Make sure to drop me a line on Insta @alchemyandarchetype and let me know how this sesh resonated with you. Full Moons are always better with a dash of sisterhood ✨I'll be back atcha on Saturday for a DOPE AF Soulpreneur Saturday episode!!
One of my absolute favorite aspects of Tarot Coaching is that it's so freakin' versatile. You name it, and Tarot Coaching can probably help with it. That's why today, I wanted to share with you 5 of my all time FAVE ways to use Tarot Self Coaching.Today we're covering:Understanding & integrating the lessons of challenging situations Anchoring & embodiment workDream workCreating business inspiration & opportunities Decision makingBut of course, there are MANY more on the list, which is why this episode is a part 1 of ???PS, ICYMI- 6 days from TODAY (so Monday, 3/21/22), doors to my 1:1 Tarot Coaching & Intuitive Development Mentorship Experience are CLOSING! I'm announcing a HUGE new addition to the Alchemy & Archetype world tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/16), and in order to make space for that, my 1:1 experience is shifting- availability is going DOWN, and pricing is going UP.BUT- if you enroll or get on my waitlist before next Monday, you'll be able to lock in my current price point, and you'll have first dibs on my open spots as they come available.So yes- this means that you can get on the list now, work with me later, and not have to pay a higher price.BTW- This is a no pressure situation. If you get on the waitlist but decide not to enroll, it's chill! I want to make sure to give you this opportunity to work with me 1:1, since I don't know when/if I'll be opening enrollment again, and when I do, it'll be a bigger financial investment.If you wanna get in on this before the window of opportunity closes, drop me a line on Insta @alchemyandarchetypeOR, you can go ahead and apply here: (submitting an application does NOT obligate you to enroll!) ya on Thursday for a Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Coaching Sesh 💘
Happy Sunday, Sunshine 💛Today's episode is getting REAL personal again, so grab a cuppa something cozy & buckle up.I'm gonna be sharing all about what's been going on with me in terms of my physical and mental health, as well as the steps I'm taking to heal.If you've ever been in a situation where some shit comes up that you thought you had already healed- this is the episode for you.If you've ever been so thrown off or taken out by what life throws at you that you don't know how to handle even one more second of it- this is the episode for you.If you're in the midst of your Saturn Return, a Tower moment, or any of those periods of life where things just keep falling apart and you just don't know how to deal- this is the episode for you.I hope that sharing my shadows helps you feel seen, heard, and understood.We're all on this journey together. We might as well support each other, right?Drop me a line on Insta & let's connect. Because that's the whole point 💛 @alchemyandarchetype (MY ONLY ACCOUNT!)Catch ya back here on Tuesday for some dope Tarot content 💘
TGIF, baybeeee!  You're gonna want to grab a notebook & pen for this one, because if you're like me, you're gonna be taking NOTES!  On today's Soul Fam Friday cosmic conversation, I'm so excited to welcome Tanya Saunders to the show.  Tanya is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Trauma-Informed Pause Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Psychology Teacher, Astrologer, Author, & Expert Transformation & Manifestation Speaker. A survivor of a life-threatening condition, necrotizing fasciitis in 2009, she is passionate about cultivating a vision-inspired life and helping working women live a harmonious life through breath, positive neuroplasticity, and astrology.She is the creator of The HEALthy Mind Podcast and HEALthy Mind Coaching, a framework of ancient and modern teachings, practices, and wisdom she has invested in and made her own for strengthening the mind-body-soul connection. Integrating this framework into her 1:1 and group coaching, she has helped women discover their true purpose and manifest work/life harmony through soul alignment.As a Nurse Anesthetist for over 2 decades, Tanya is always learning new ways to bridge science and art to empower the busy, modern woman who desires to manifest a soul-centered life. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, three kids, and 2 dogs.  In addition to all the next level gold she shares on the pod, Tanya has been kind enough to share a couple of gifts she's created to help you implement the modalities she uses with her clients:  Grab a copy of her FREE Tool kit HERE: Swoop her Lunar Tracker hereAnd if you want even MORE breathwork goodness from Tanya, make sure to check out her Spring Equinox Workshop here There's A LOT more magic being cooked up behind the scenes, and pretty soon, Tanya & I will have something RIDICULOUSLY rad to share with you- so make sure you're following us both on socials! As always, you can find me on Insta @alchemyandarchetype And check Tanya out on Insta @tanya_saunders_ or on her website:  STAY TUNED FOR MAGIC! ✨
Happy WEDNESDAY, Witch! 🐪Today on the pod, I'm sharing 5 of my all time fave mini rituals that help me infuse my days with magical vibes.These practices are super subtle, backed by science (! rad right??), aaaaand (for the most part) broom-closet friendly.Give these rituals a try and see the difference that they make- I betcha they'll become daily staples for you, too!Don't forget to take a vibey photo & share with me on Insta 😉 (@alchemyandarchetype)MAGIC LIVES IN YOU!!!Love ya 💘
Hot take OTD- all of the negative conditioning we receive around uncertainty is total and complete BS.Seriously, who decided that uncertainty = bad things are GOING to happen??I certainly didn't sign up for that shit. And yet, that's how most of us are programmed to think & believe. Thanks a bunch, lizard brain.THANKFULLY, there's a completely different way to relate with uncertainty. A way that radiates opportunity, creativity, and freedom. And it's not some sunshine and rainbows bubblegum self help affirmation.It's just a simple, yet profound, truth.Trust me- this mindset shift is going to CHANGE the friggin' game for you. Analysis paralysis is gonna become a thing of the past!To participate in this week's Microdose Monday challenge & enter to win a free Tarot Coaching sesh with moi:Write out your positive what-if list (listen to the episode for deets!)DM your list to me on Insta @alchemyandarchetypeThis challenge is, of course, evergreen- so you can enter whenever you listen to this episode!***NOTE*** Be sure to watch out for scammers on Insta who are impersonating me. I only have ONE account, @alchemyandarchetype. Any extra letters, spaces, dots, or dashes means the account is a FAKE. I will NEVER DM you soliciting readings or anything else. Protect yourself on the internet!!Make it a magical week, babycakes! (And after today's mindset shift, I know you will... 🤗)
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