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The LetsGo360 Podcast was created to inform those interested in Global Missions of what God is doing Here, Near, and Far. You will hear from exciting guests locally and worldwide who share their experiences, innovative strategies, and best practices to reach the lost in a changing world.
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Hundreds of churches, 60,000+ baptisms, Over $1 billion in assets. What a Return on Investment!Today I speak with a great friend and partner in the ministry about how God used CCV to start this amazing ministry. The Solomon Foundation provide the funding for future expansion and growth of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ all across America. Those who invest with The Solomon Foundation find great rates, flexible terms, and offerings for every budget. They provide straightforward, common-sense investment opportunities. No gimmicks or teasers -- just great rates every day for every Investor! We will discuss this Mobilization Ministry that maps to CCV Missions. LINKS Website: Linkedin: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions: Let’s Go 360: Pastor Larrie Fraley: Email: 
Today is a great friend that I have known now for several years. Pastor Hervin FushekatiHervin has a passion for church planting, Christian education, discipleship, and mentoring. Hervin has enjoyed being in ministry for over twenty–five years loving God with a passion to preach the gospel to the lost, encouraging discipleship, church planting and leadership across the country of Albania, and surrounding countries in the Balkans. After his conversion from Islam at the age seventeen, Hervin has planted and pastored several churches. He is the founder and leader of the International School of Theology and Leadership in Tirana, a dynamic school, students of which have planted over fifty churches, as well as initiated several new ministries and missionary works. He became the Albania Director of Living Water–Adopt a Child in 2019 after working alongside the leadership of the ministry previously. Hervin and his beautiful family currently live and serve in Tirana, Albania.LINKS Website:’s Church of the Valley: Missions:’s Go 360: Larrie Fraley: 
I have recently made a good friend. I’ve got to know Benny Prasad and I can tell you He’s the real deal.  Benny Prasad is a gospel musician and instrumental guitarist from India. He designed the Bentar which is the world's first bongo guitar. He also holds the world record for being the fastest man ever to visit all the 245 nations (194 Sovereign, 51 Dependent nations including Antarctica in the world. Prasad has travelled all around the world performing to audiences. He has performed before presidents and parliaments, before the crowds of 2007 military world games, 2006 FIFA world cup and the 2004 Olympic games.Prasad has also won renown by designing two guitars – the world's first bongo guitar and a 54 string guitar, the Bentar.He had travelled to all these countries in 6 years, 6 months and 22 days (from 1 May 2004 to 22 November 2010), and is therefore the fastest man ever to visit all 257 countries in the world.Today we will hear his story about his conversion to Christianity.LINKSWebsite:   https://bennyprasad.comhttps://chai316.comFacebook:’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.churchCCV Missions:’s Go 360: https://www.letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley:
Our guest today is an amazing leader and disciple-maker.  Carl Gaede, leads Tutapona, a Christ-centered organization that facilitates emotional healing through mental health services for people impacted by war and conflict.Tutapona’s vision is to bring healing and hope in order to restore relationships, build peaceful communities and glorify Christ.In 2008, Carl and Julie Gaede, psychotherapists from Wisconsin, moved to Northern Uganda.  With a passion to help people affected by the emotional impact of war find emotional healing from their experiences, Tutapona - a Swahili word meaning, ‘We will be healed’ - was born. Uganda had suffered years of civil war and unrest at the hands of the Lord’s Resistance Army, leaving widows and orphans in its wake.  The physical and emotional scars ran deep, but Carl & Julie held hope that a community, once unified by pain, can become a community unified in healing through group-based mental health programming.  Today, Uganda is one of the top 3 refugee receiving nations in the world. Carl and Julie continue to work there in 4 locations around the country, to provide targeted, culturally relevant quality mental health support to some of the 1.4 million people registered as refugees.  You will hear his story today.LINKSWebsite: www.tutapona.comFacebook:’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.churchCCV Missions:’s Go 360: https://www.letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley:
Lou Steel, who has a wonderful story about how God prepared him to reach people through a motorcycle ministry, will be our guest today. Lou Steel is a co-founder and member of the national board of the Last Disciples MC, a 501(c)(3) Christian organization whose challenging aim has been to spread the gospel to hardcore motorcycle clubs and anybody else who God places in their way in the United States and Australia. The Last Disciples is an MC that works with motorcyclists, gang members, street people, at-risk youth, those who have addictions that are ruling their lives, and people who have "fallen between the gaps" of traditional ministries. They genuinely serve those who the church fears. The biker's outlaw lifestyle is marked by extremes; he will spend the day working, but mainly just hanging out, and later seek solace in drinking, using drugs, partying, or riding. Outlaws are often fatalistic and many of them have no aspirations for a better life. The majority of their literature and art is focused on motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons and choppers, and they have a set of ideals that celebrate freedom, nonconformity to popular culture, and an extreme loyalty to their MC. Therefore you might want to reconsider facing them head-on if you were considering it. LINKSLinkedin: Last-Disciple-Lou-Steel Christ’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.churchCCV Missions:’s Go 360: https://www.letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley:
Today Mark & I continue with part II called, Hope in a Dark Place. We travel to Southeast Kenya to Kilifi County. Kilifi County is characterized by high poverty estimated at 71.7% and widespread food insecurity affecting approximately 67% of the households.CCV started a school in 2019. We were able to see the amazing progress and visit some very special people.Don't miss the climax of in-the-field podcasts.LINKS Website: Christ’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.churchCCV Missions:’s Go 360: https://www.letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley:
Mark Moore and I conducted this podcast in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Like other Nairobi slums, Mathare grew as a result of massive rural-to-urban migration. Mathare has a population density of 1,000+ residents per 2.3 acres For comparison, Manhattan has a residential density of 70,000 residents per square mile or 270 people per 2.5 acres. It is, however, important to note that almost all Manhattan residents live in buildings between four and 30 stories, whereas Mathare consists primarily of single-story structures.We had a chance to teach 50 pastors and hear many of their stories as well as see firsthand how the residents of Mathare live.LINKS  Website: Linkedin: Christ’s Church of the Valley: Missions:  Let’s Go 360: Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today, I'm having a conversation with D.J. Bosler, a phenomenally creative leader who obeyed God and now runs one of the world's most rapidly expanding children's discipleship ministries. His GAMELIFE ministry offers churches a fun and exciting approach to educate kids about God's Truth and encourage them to apply it to their lives. GameLife gives kids the opportunity to apply biblical principles while engaging with God's Word through meaningful interactive games. Every second of GameLife's Midweek Ministry is dedicated to involving kids in worthwhile activities that vividly illustrate the Bible. The One Main Truth of a passage is understood by students through in-depth discipleship training, which includes both reading Bible stories and discovery-based learning. GameLife equips leaders with the child-focused educational strategies they need to share God's Truth with children. In GameLife training sessions, leaders of all ages have fun and learn alongside the students. The only prerequisite for volunteering is a small amount of time and no prior knowledge of the Bible; all that is needed is a desire to submit to Jesus as he works through each volunteer.LINKS Website:   gamelife77.comgamelife123.comBooks:Family Devotional - Old TestamentCoach's Training Guide - Old TestamentFamily Devotional - Life of ChristCoach's Training Guide - Life of ChristBible Teaching Basics : Ignite a Passion for God's Word in the Heart of Your Students (Kindle Edition)Christ’s Church of the Valley: Missions:  Let’s Go 360: Larrie Fraley: Email: 
I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing man of God. He has a unique gift of teaching people how to memorize. Emmy-nominated founder and lead pastor of Hope In Numbers, Gordon Wickert is pursuing the mission to lead people in transforming every number seen into a timely, powerful verse from scripture that can be applied daily so nothing can separate people from the living word of God. He is an empowering leader who provides inspirational teaching and visionary leadership. Gordon has worked as a youth Pastor for 11 years and Graduated from the Vineyard Institute in 2005. He is the author of the book Hope In Numbers. He lives in Peoria, Arizona with his wife Cindy, and has 5 kids including his 4 daughters Ky, Emily, Hope, and Hallelujah as well as his son Andrew James who recently passed on into eternity with the Lord. Gordon prays that Christian families can raise their children to see God’s word in numbers so that they can know God all the days of their life, as they fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ.LINKS Website: Media:’s Church of the Valley: Missions:  Let’s Go 360: Larrie Fraley: Email: 
It's been a great year as we have been able to hear firsthand about what God is doing through the people we support at CCV. To be more precise, the people you our listeners support because it is through your giving that we are able to support these precious resources called, missionaries.  From the staff and leadership at CCV, Merry Christmas, and may God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Larrie FraleyLead Missions Pastor, CCV
More than three billion people live in areas with few Bibles, Christians, churches, or people trying to reach them. Yet, only 3% of Christian workers and 1% of mission dollars focus on these unreached areas of the world.We think this should be different.That’s why 86% of our TTI's resources are devoted to these areas.They’re unlikely to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ unless someone intentionally engages them.Church planters with The Timothy Initiative are doing just that. Faithful disciples are proclaiming His name among  765 UPGs and 40 UUPGs. People are coming to Christ and becoming part of some of the first-known churches in their people group!LINKS  Website:  @ttionlinePrayercast: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today we will talk with Jacob Park, a good friend and one the godliest man I know. He is the COO of CRAM. Their mission is to take the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia. By meeting their physical needs we gain the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs. Hunger is something people face daily. Many of them do not know when their next meal will be. Many people of Asia struggle with the fear of having no food to feed their family or themselves. In 1997, the Lord placed a burning desire within the hearts of C. Y. and Patricia Kim to evangelize and meet the physical needs of people living in the communist countries of Asia. Through God’s amazing grace and guidance, He has expanded those opportunities, and Christ Reaching Asia Mission (CRAM) Worldwide now shares benevolent works in China, North and South Korea, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Established in 1998, CRAM is an active accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, ensuring our supporters that we follow the highest standards of accountability.LINKS  Website:  @cramwincLinkedin: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
God is moving in the world unlike at any time in history. With Christianity now centered in Africa with over 700 million Christians and China exploding with the Gospel, many Christians and Non-Christians are moving away from their homelands and scattering around the world.Some researchers estimate that 40% of the world does not have access to clean water, but 70% have a cell phones. The opportunities to reach the world thru digital media are endless.Today we will dive into what one organization is doing to advance the Gospel and discipleship digitally. We will hear from one of the most creative and innovative organizations I know, Good News Productions International.  Today, Mike currently serves as President for Good News Productions, International—a multi-national, Christian pro-church organization whose mission is to share the Good News through strategic evangelism and provide effective resources to increase global disciple-making efforts because GNPI's vision is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.LINKS  Website:  @gnpiusaThe Joshua Project: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email: 
To inspire people to live generously is what Brad Formsma is all about. After meeting his amazing mother I understand where he gets. He is the founder and president of I Like Giving, a movement that has inspired more than 120 million people in 170 countries to live generously. In his books and messages, he helps organizations create engaged teams and fulfilling workplaces through the power of generosity.  He’s spoken to hundreds of thousands, encouraging a lifestyle of giving everywhere he goes. Brad is a master storyteller and speaker, and the author of the bestselling book “I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life,” named one of the top inspirational books of 2015.Brad has inspired several fortune 50 and fortune 100 companies businesses across the United States with a refreshing approach to engaging teams, which impacts employee retention, customer service, and an organization’s health. He has been featured on “TODAY” and Fox News and a long list fortune 100 companies. He has spoken here at CCV and inspired our staff, why? Because he is good friends with our Sr pastor Ashley Wooldridge, who, like Brad has a passion for generosity.LINKS  Website: The WOW Factor Website    Brad Formsma WebsiteFacebook: Brad @ilikegiving Linked in:   Formsma on Twitter   Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Pastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Born out of a desire to serve the community, Dawn & Michael Rapaport started H.E.L.P. in 2012. While growing up, Dawn experienced seasons of Homelessness as a child. As a result, she’s understood the perspective of how difficult it is to be uprooted continually and not know where her head would rest for the night or when she might eat again.  Both  Dawn    &  Michael are committed to serving and being involved with the underserved community and offer their talents & gifts back, providing hope, education, and direction to people who really need the help.In our own community, there are boys and girls who go to bed hungry every night. They have enough challenges going through the stresses of living on the streets. Being hungry just adds to their anxiety and stress.Many homeless families cannot afford to provide their children with adequate meals. For many of these children, the only meals they obtain are through their school’s breakfast or lunch programs.Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership is intervening to fill these hunger gaps with daily afternoon nutritional snack bags ( HelpSnackz ). We work with the school district's Homeless Liaison to identify which schools, and how many of these students need our support.The most effective way to intersect with homeless children and their families is through schools. We feel it is the most efficient way to reach the families. This program is a stepping stone in assisting families to break the cycle of homelessness. It started with the Helpsnackz Program.LINKS  Website:  @homelessengagmentlp   Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
In this episode, I will be talking with two of the Youth Pastors here at CCV to get their perspective on students on mission trips.  Sending high school kids on mission trips is a great idea for several reasons. Parental concerns like, "Why are you wishing to send students overseas when there is so much work to be done here?" are common for me as a missions pastor to hear. Even when we travel within the United States, I am frequently asked this question.While it's true that we have plenty to accomplish at home, high school students should nonetheless consider participating in mission trips abroad. Mission trips give the youth of the church I serve the opportunity to learn that God can use them to spread his name, and I find it to be a really rewarding experience. We believe that sending out missionaries is a vital element of our plan to see those far from God become devout disciples of Jesus Christ.Every short-term group should go into the trip with the mindset of a student, ready to learn from the experiences of the long-term missionaries and eager to assist them in any way they can. Primarily, short-term travel affords the chance to spread the gospel to far-flung regions of the world.LINKS Website:  @ccv_students  Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  https://www.letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today I will be talking to Micah Foreman with Scriptures in Use. Scriptures in Use is reaching out to the hard places of the world. Places where the message of Jesus has never been heard. Places where cultural and linguistic barriers have isolated people from the transforming message of Jesus Christ.SIU has developed powerful and effective methods to communicate through storytelling the great narratives of the Bible. Through dramatizations of the parables of Jesus and cultural adaptations of Scripture in Song, every believer is taught to become a Bible storyteller through which they become natural disciple-makers and trainers.Oral learners are people all over the globe whose mental processes are primarily influenced by spoken rather than textual forms of communication. They, therefore, learn primarily or exclusively by speech, song, etc.Oral communicators also learn information by spoken rather than textual means. Some do so out of necessity because they cannot read or write with understanding, but others simply prefer non-print forms of communication.80% of the Earth’s People are “Oral-Preference Learners.”Traditional literate evangelism techniques do not reach these people groups.“Oral-Preference Learners” prefer to share and pass information, knowledge, andhistory through oral communication. Many of them cannot read or write, whileothers simply prefer non-print forms of communication.There are an estimated 5.7 billion people who are oral learners. This includes3 billion adults, 900 million very young children, and 450 million children betweenthe ages of eight and fifteen; all of these have basic or below basic literacy skills.LINKS Website: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Pastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today it's an honor to talk with Nick Demos CCV's Pastor of CCV Stars. CCV Stars is a youth sports experience focused on developing character and integrity on and off the field. While CCV Stars is a ministry of Christ’s Church of the Valley, we invite anyone in the community to participate in our sports programs.CCV Stars began as an outreach program with a goal to connect the church with the community through youth sports. During its inaugural season in 2004, CCV Stars had over 600 participants in the recreational soccer league, United Soccer. Since then, CCV Stars has grown to serve thousands of youth participants in many sports across the valley.MORE THAN A GAME (MTAG)At CCV Stars, we utilize a More Than A Game (MTAG) philosophy that emphasizes life skill development so that each child can win on and off the field. We want to partner with parents to further develop the character and integrity of their children based on Christian values.LINKS Website: http://www.ccvstars.comFacebook: Instagram:  @ccvstars_sportsChrist’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Let’s Go 360:  http://letsgo360.orgPastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today we are going to talk about Europe. So much about Europe, we can relate to here in the US. Many in Europe are discouraged and feel cynical about the future.  As freedoms of speech and religion have become more limited, anger towards government figures grows.  Distrust is high in politicians and their effectiveness to solve the issues that plague their countries. Europe is in desperate need of a spiritual revival because the only one who can lift the weight of hopelessness and despondency from Europe's shoulders is Christ.That disciple-making process was so clearly role modeled and taught to us by Christ himself. He asked his disciples to see for themselves, then to believe and to follow him. And then of course we get very clear instruction 5 times as Jesus gives his final command to go and make disciples.And that is exactly what Josiah's venture is doing in walking with young people through the process of disciple-making, challenging them to take the next step in the journey from unbelief to spiritual maturity.And with me today is Kelly Hargan, Director of Josiah Venture, US I had the privilege of working with Kelly in Czech Republic back in 2019. I left so encouraged by their heart for youth. I saw Josiah Venture boldly standing on the front lines of ministry in a spiritually dark place. I saw lives being transformed.LINKS  Website:  @josiahventureLinked in: Christ’s Church of the Valley: CCV Missions:  Pastor Larrie Fraley: Email:  
Today we talk with Pastor Harry Demos about CCV’s More That Us Initiative. At CCV, we are a small church with a large vision to reach the entire Phoenix Valley for Jesus Christ. With nearly 4.7 million people in the Valley, many of whom are unchurched, we will not accomplish this goal alone. We will need MORE THAN US. By partnering with other Phoenix Valley Churches, together we will be able to share the love of Jesus more than CCV could do alone.LINKSWebsite:’s Church of the Valley: Missions: Pastor Larrie Fraley:
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