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Meet indie author, TJ Butler; she has written a, "short story collection for badass people who've seen some shit and lived to tell about it."In this episode we chat about what fictionalized memoir is, giving agency and voice to those who don't have it, gritty photography, living on a boat and sailor superstitions.Grab your copy of Dating Silky Maxwell  here: name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
Meet Tara Lush. She was an Associated Press Crime Reporter for 30 years and now writes coffee cozy series and she just released her first paranormal fiction as an indie author.We had a great chat about how Eat, Pray, Hex  is a "love-letter to mid-life" and how her books "at the core everybody is really kind to each other." Her philosophy is "to be sweet without being saccharine."This mild-mannered punk rocker is a Gen Xerox at heart and confesses "the hardest part of writing  a cozy is not cussing." This episode is a clean and cozy chat and you won't want to miss the nuggets she shares. Tune in and learn more about this awesome author "pushes the edge of cozy." name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
Meet Horror creator and filmmaker Richard T. Wilson. We had a great chat about how filmmaking is like rock and roll and learn why he describes candy corn as the "flipping off candy." I'd say that makes him very punk rock \m/ 🤘.  We spoke about how journaling is cathartic and how it's more than doodling. We get a little deep, but also chat about Blobfest, spiders, and the Wolfman. Get Halloween Girl books and check out all his films on his main website: the showPatreon page:
Meet Rebecca Rowland, horror author and Gen-Xer through and through. In this episode we chat about: overcoming Writer's Block, why Horror is cathartic and why puppets are unsettling. In addition to the writing process we share some stories about various personal protective equipment and how our parents taught us to be self-sufficient despite wanting to be a writer. the showPatreon page:
Meet Lina of Lina and the Lions band.In this episode we share stories about food made with love, the importance of naming things, and best of all: Super Exclusive, never before heard acoustic version of "Why I Lie" from the their upcoming album. Lina shines her bright light on stage and on this show. Go see them perform if you're local in England and give them some love here in the U.S. so they can do a U.S. tour!! the showPatreon page:
Healing is Powerful. Healing is Magical. We are healing from the trauma and being terrorized in our own home.The people below us caused us so much fear and terror. Domestic Violence doest only impact the couple involved, it impacts those around them. We had to flee for our safety.Domestic Abuse is something I have only been involved with from a charity point of view. I donated to women's shelters, but now I understand from a very small frame the situations firsthand.  Thank you for listening and supporting the show.Support the showPatreon page:
When Radio UNK first came to mind, I wanted to to have a show where I could share new artists and play their songs on the air. That was hard to do with my first podcast hosting service.I switched hosting sites and got better at editing; I found an old friend who made some amazing music: RavenF/Brutal Bastion and met a new friend who created the outro song: Jeff Hans: Let's Get Amped⚡️The show keeps evolving and I am very happy with the iterations.Let me know what you think: RadioUNK@yahoo.comThank you for listening. Your rating and review are welcomed. Please let a rating and message on your listening platform 🤘Support the showPatreon page:
We spoke about knives, crystals, and travel in part 1 and 2, this time we chat about Jessika Grewe Glover's passion project: Stars Like Gasoline.Discover the meaning behind the name of the title. Learn about Magical Realism and hear some behind the scenes details about the characters and storylines.And, yes, we talk about coffee. New name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
Meet Renee De Camillis: rocker and author. We chat about nostalgic music moments and how liner notes and coffee are life. Her band Scars Aligned will be playing an upcoming Halloween-themed wedding. Her sequel to The Bone Cutters, Chisel the Bone will be out next year. There are some slight spoilers, but nothing that gives the story away. You know I wouldn't do that to you. We had a great time and you will too with this episode. the showPatreon page:
Wikka-Wikka-Errrrt, that's record scratching in words, LOL. This Mini-Monday episode is a short glimpse into my head as I live in DJ-Land. The Call to Action is simple: tell me what your DJ name would be if you could be on the Ones and Twos.  Don't be shy. Have fun and let's make some noise!!! Wikka-Wikka Errrrrrrt!!!Thank you for listening. Go Forth and Be Magical 🦄Support the showPatreon page:
Meet author, voice actor, and a man driven by spite to get things done.We discuss what it's like to live next to Edgar Allan Poe's neighborhood, how he created  Frightreads Book Festival, and what it means to commit to a costume and become the character. name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
Meet super talented, Jeff Hans. He is the one-man band behind his new solo project: Astronaut Country Club.His new song, Running Out of Rhymes just dropped and we chat about the song, the meaning of the name, and how his cats are not punk rock like him.Check out all his projects: even wrote the outro song for the tagline: ⚡️Let's Get Amped⚡️Support the showPatreon page:
In Part 1 Ronald Malfi and I chatted about his album release, Soft Machines with his rock band, Veer.This week, Part 2, of our chat, we tap into the writing process where Ron shares why his characters eat certain foods. Listen as Ron explains what his 20 years of writing looks and feels like.There's even a teaser of Black Mouth. Thank you for listening. Go Forth and Be Magical.New name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
Meet Ronald Malfi: horror author and musician of the band Veer. We sample some of the songs and we wax nostalgic about their music.We chat about their second album Soft Machines, their Veer, Rock 'n Roll vodka, the level of marketing genius that is his brother, who is also the drummer. Keep killing it Jon! in for part 2 this Friday where deep dive into his books and the writing process.Support the showPatreon page:
This episode explains what a Coffee Chat means in regard to the podcast/show.This episode will set you at ease and help you feel like a welcomed as new guest.This episode is much easier to understand than the "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" as I have also created a User Guide.If you have any questions, you can call 1-800-UNI-KORN, just kidding, I don't have a Hotline, but I do have email. Contact me anytime: coffeefueledstories@yahoo.comGo Forth and Be Magical 🦄Support the showPatreon page:
Happy Harry Hard On and DJ Unikorn have a few things in common.This episode explains how we are similar.I also announce two upcoming bands that will be featured on the show: Lina and the Lions and SaraJane McMinn. A third artist is coming, but has yet to be confirmed. Tell me if you agree that DJ Hard Harry and DJ Unikorn are connected.•Background music provided by RavenF. Support the showPatreon page:
Welcome to Radio UNK, New Music Monday. Let's Get Amped!!This week I am featuring RavenF sharing his passion project: Brutal Bastion.I cannot get enough of this music! Let him know what you think: snippets were: (Nevermore) (Residual Damage)Support the showPatreon page:
This episode is a vulnerable chat about the creative process and what happens when focusing on the wrong thing. I lost my why and found it again. So thankful to be back. Thank you for listening. Go Forth and Be Magical 🦄New name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
In this episode, I share the ins and outs, ups and downs of the book launch. You will gain insight into what it means to be an indie author and why sometimes screaming into your pillow is part of the process.Here's where you can get you copy: signed copies order from my website.Amazon link: name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
It was time to update the name and give the show a little change.It's hosted by me, your Pocket DJ, and the format will be the same, the main change was the name and updated mascot.I explain why in this week's episode. Tell me what you think of the new theme music/song.Go Forth and Be Magical 🦄!New name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
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