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Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast
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Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast

Author: Jacqueline Malocu

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This is a show for passionate, creative entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams reality, break the cycle of mediocrity, & make a positive impact on the world. If you want quick, actionable steps to transforming your biz - this podcast is for you! Each episode is short and will provide resources, inspiration, and tips to help you build your creative / wedding portfolio. This show will provide some sanity as you navigate the wild ride that is the life of an entrepreneur. You will hear from creators and wedding business owners who have been where you are now and found a way to make their big dream come true. This is where your dreams take shape and you find the confidence to pursue your vision with your whole heart. Connect with Jacqueline at or @dreamteamacademie on Instagram and Facebook.
12 Episodes
Ep. 09. Focus on One ThingFocus debilitates distraction.It's easy to lose focus as a creative entrepreneur. We are the dreamers of the dream and sometimes that dream can start to feel illusive. Especially when we lose sight of the final destination.Listen in as this episode describes a session I recently had with a client....sound familiar?Honestly, this could be any of us at any given moment. The key to accomplishing more in business is doing things that actually put you one step closer to your vision.When we become distracted by all of our amazing ideas, we spread ourselves thin and start working on other projects that may have nothing to do with our original plan. That is dangerous. It is a form of self-sabotage.Here is a list of the best ways to remain focused and get more done:Look at your vision board regularly.Keep your values handy and refer to them when making decisionsHave clarity of purpose for your businessKnow the impact you want to make and say no to anything that is not in alignment with thatNeed help with any of these tips?ResourcesFREE Values Clarity KitEp. 03. Getting Clear on Your ValuesConnect with Jacqueline in direct messages on Instagram or via the websiteJoin the Facebook Community
Ep. 08. You Have the Power to ChooseFinding joy where you least expect it. This episode explores a familiar story. Overwhelm. Feeling defeated. Paralyzed. Despair.Can you relate?Honestly, I can.  I’ve been there too.  But you know what? When we are in this place – in the darkness of feeling despondent – we forget that WE hold the power of choice. We get to choose what to focus over despairaction over inactionhope over defeatJoy isn’t instantaneous. It is a practice. It is the small and sometimes seemingly insignificant choice to pause and be grateful in the little things. It is recognizing that things could be worse. Acknowledging that there is always something to be grateful for. It is pausing to reflect on our values and appreciate that they make us unique. It is feeling gratitude for our superpowers and recognizing that they have an impact on the world when we choose to activate them.Activating our superpowers, what makes us unique – takes action. When we can’t take massive action because we feel paralyzed. We can still choose to take small steps. The choice to get out of bed, work out, make that phone call, invest in a relationship, share a kind word, smile at a stranger, hold a door, give encouragement…. these are the million tiny actions we take every day that give us the stamina to keep going. They build the muscles of perseverance to take bigger actions over time and step a little further outside our comfort zones, which leads to growth.Hope is anticipation and expectation. As we hope, we need to continually take control of the narrative in our minds and recognize that even when the final outcome is not what we anticipated or expected, there is always something to learn. That belief means we never do fail. We are never defeated, just guided in an unexpected way.If you find yourself in crisis mode because something is just not clicking in your business, take a minute. Breathe. Remember that you hold the power to write your own narrative. And then choose. Chances are, you may realize things really aren’t as bad as they seem.Resources for accountability & encouragementConnect with Jacqueline in direct messages on Instagram or via the websiteJoin the Facebook Community
Dreaming with PurposeEp. 07 - PART IIWelcome back! I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to share part two of this episode. Last time, we talked about values, superpowers, ideal clients, offers and benefits - the framework for purpose discovery. Your purpose is best served when it becomes a lifestyle. When you pair your big dreams with a life that is true to your purpose, everything will start to fall into place. Milestones that were once overwhelming and scary become a welcome challenge, stretching you to your full potential. Today, we will explore how to dream using your purpose.  Let’s start simple. What is a dream? The first definition in Webster’s Dictionary is mostly focused on a person’s state during sleep but does note dreaming is “a state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings”. I like that. I’ll tell you why in a minute…but for now, back to definitions...Webster’s second definition of “dream” is “a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal” This alludes to having a vision of things desired.A vision (according to Oxford Languages) is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom – as in a vivid mental image – especially a fanciful one of the future. So let’s take some time to put a picture with your ideas – we will bring a vision to life by conscious and purposeful dreaming. If you are in a place to do so, close your eyes and visualize where you want to be one year from today…What does your business look like?  PhysicallyRelationallyEmotionallyTransformationallyImpactfullyWe will start with the physical.What does your business look like Physically?Meaning, do you run your business online or, have store front? Are you operating in a single location, or multiple locations? Do you travel?Relationally…Do you have team members? Or are you a one man show? Who do you want to work with? Collaborations and teamwork happen in business all the time, even if you are a solopreneur. Think about the people you want in your circle. Emotionally: How do the physical and relational aspects of your brand make you feel? How do you want to feel about your business? How do you want people to feel when they work with you? Transformationally. How will this new version of your company come to life if you stay exactly who you are right now? Is it possible to attain this vision for your business as the person you are or do you need to change a few things? Which circles back to that Webster definition of dream from the beginning - “a state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings”Comparison will never get us to the realization of our dreams. Your dreams have been given to you for a reason and they are YOURS. No one will have or do a dream exactly the same way you do.That leaves us with IMPACT.What is the Impact your vision will have?Give yourself permission to dream big dreams aligned to your purpose and choose to become who you need to be to make those dreams come true.Part I of this episode is all about purpose discovery and is linked in the resources below. If you would like to connect with Jacqueline, feel free to reach out in direct messages on Instagram or via the websiteResourcesEp. 07. Dreaming with Purpose - PART IFacebook Community
DREAMING WITH PURPOSE Ep. 07 - PART IYour purpose is THE compass for guiding your business and because the seasons of your business can feel like a constantly shifting, evolving state – it is important to have a rock-solid foundation that becomes stronger as your business grows.Dream Team Académie has a system to help make purpose discovery for your business easy.We believe that the sum of your business purpose is found in knowing… who you are (what makes you different?), who you serve (who are your clients/customers?), how you serve them (what are your offers?), and why it matters. Let’s check it out together:First, discover your business core Values. These may not be exactly the same as your personal core values, but they will not be contradictory. If they are, you are likely experiencing frustration and confusion along with the inability to make confident decisions.Next, identify your Superpowers – yep, you’ve got em. These special powers leave clues and are a key element in your purpose discovery. Write yours down and ask yourself how they help your business purpose. Next, think about your Client – who are they? The most important thing about your ideal client is this: You must believe that they are one hundred percent FOR you. Know that they are your #1 raving fan.It is amazing what a changed mindset can do for your confidence. And confidence creates a safe space for you to do business. This next one is easy. Your Offers. What are you offering your customers? Grab a piece of paper and jot down your all of the products or services that you offer onto a list. Finally, let’s talk about Benefits. If you remember the last element for purpose discovery, the prompt is “why does it matter?”. This refers to the benefits your offers provide to your clients. Why does what you have to offer matter to your client? What problem are you solving?As you have heard me say many times, purpose is the foundation for your business. And your true purpose will get stronger as your business grows. The second part of this episode is all about how you can activate your purpose and make your dreams come true – but in the interest of keeping things short and digestible, this episode is TO BE CONTINUED…If you need a little guidance or support in identifying your core values or if you have questions regarding anything we discussed today - feel free to reach out to Jacqueline through our contact form at or follow & message on IGResources:Ep. 03. Getting Clear on Your ValuesEp. 04. 3 Simple Steps to Implementing Your Values
Quieting the Voice of PerfectionismEp. 06In this episode, we explore why "it has to be perfect" requires a mindset shift.Know this - your version of perfect only matters to you. It probably doesn’t even look like perfection to someone else. What a brilliant reminder that perfection is deadly.At first, perfection can seem almost noble. Like a giving a gift we carefully prepare for that special someone. The amazing idea begins with thoughtfulness, then comes the dreaming, deciding and selecting, the elaborate planning, wrapping it up with a bow, and finally – giving it away with delight & joy knowing it is exactly what is needed at just the right time.But with the “P” word, there’s a lethal injection. When it comes during dream mode it can keep us frozen there forever (inception, anyone?), if pops up during the plan phase overwhelm and over-complication take over, or if it appears during the delivery process - yikes! (it can get stuck on the truck just like that package you’ve been waiting on for months).Perfectionism is a sneaky thing. It doesn’t tell you it’s a killer and it has an evil twin named procrastination. It never announces that your idea will forever live in limbo once you succumb to its cunning ways.Resist the temptations of comparing yourself to someone who is not you. Stop mentally dwelling on what she did / what he said. Let go of speaking blame. Instead of journaling the million reasons why you didn’t do something you wanted to do in the past, write down why you will start doing things differently and how it will create a positive impact.The metaphorical point is this – if you refuse to take action before you are "ready", you may never get the chance to show the world what you can do. If you are allowing perfection to run the show, your gift will never get where it was meant to go. Let go and take action before your amazing dreams die in the dungeon of good intentions.Want a few tips to break free form the mindset that “it has to be perfect”?1.     Do the dang thing (sure, be prepared but then take ACTION)2.     Think of the people who need what you have, finish it for them. Don’t leave them hanging.3.     Find a mantra that works. Something like : “my version of perfect only matters to me”If you need a little help identifying your core values or would like to learn more about quieting the voice of perfectionism - feel free to reach out to Jacqueline through our contact form at or follow & message on IGResources:Ep. 01. Three Things You Can Do (TODAY) to Get Unstuck
Showing Up with IntegrityEp. 05When prospective clients visit your site or stalk your social, they are looking for integrity, authenticity… someone they can trust. Some of the clues that identify a trustworthy business are CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COMMITMENT.Practicing these three things with consistency leads to a business of integrity.Clarity comes from knowing who you are (as a business), who you serve, how you serve, and why it matters (to your clients). Clarity requires some thoughtfulness and reflection on the core values of your business. Clarity leads to confidence. When clients understand what you do, why you do it and how it benefits them - they have expectations that can be met and end up sharing your business with others. When you are clear and confident, you will naturally be more committed because you will see the evidence that your product / service is having a positive impact. Seeing results is a core motivation behind commitment. If you need a little help identifying your core values or would like to revisit these elements of clarity, confidence, and commitment - feel free to reach out to Jacqueline through our contact form at or follow & message on IG Resources:Clarity, Confidence, Commitment WorksheetEp. 03. Getting Clear on Your ValuesEp. 04. 3 Simple Steps to Implementing Your Values
3 Simple Steps to Implementing Your ValuesEp. 04It becomes so much easier to make decisions with confidence when your values are clear and considered each time you face a challenge.YOUR VALUES Step #1. Know them. Values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. Behavior and decisions are made based on these guiding principles. We talked about this in another episode – linked below. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Knowing your unique values is the essential first step in designing a business that is rewarding and satisfying. Take time to find the words that describe your top five values. (example value = community) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Step #2. Activate them. Create value statements with action verbs. Make a phrase of each value by turning it into an action (example value phrase = build community) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Step #3. Live them. Make decisions in alignment with your list. (example action = I will build community by having a meaningful conversation this week)Hint: get specific with how you will implement your value statements.This list is not just a stagnant little piece of paper. If you do steps 1 & 2 but neglect practicing your values daily, then your values become nothing more than a vanity list.Like having a strong compass that will guide and maintain a steady course, following these steps will steer your actions toward progress. Resources:Ep. 03. Getting Clear on Your ValuesValues Clarity Kit 
Values ClarityEp. 03It's easy to drift along, not really thinking about values. Have you ever been in a place where you really just felt discontent and couldn't pinpoint why?This happens when we make decisions based on FOMO or worse, choose to do something out of "obligation" and then feel commitment regret later.No doubt you've heard the question:what is your why?It can be an overwhelming question. Knowing your values is the key to unlock the answer you've been so desperately seeking. Clarity about what matters most to you will help you to make choices with confidence and allow you to stop feeling guilty about the outcome.How would it feel to live your life in a way that is genuine and sincere - having 100% integrity with yourself? That's true freedom.Tap  HERE  for a detailed outline and instructions to complete the steps covered in this episode. Simply enter your name and email to grab your FREE copy of the Dream Team Académie Values Clarity KitFollow on IG
Do you know what your values are? If you haven't been booking ideal clients, you might need to re-evaluate some of the foundational work for your business. Tune in to the next couple episodes of the Dreaming with Purpose Podcast as we explore the foundations of building a purposeful (and successful) business.ep. 03. GETTING CLEAR ON YOUR VALUES (coming 02-08-2021!)ep. 04. THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO IMPLEMENTING YOUR VALUES (coming 02-10-2021!)
Who is Your Competition?Ep. 02Do you know who your competition is?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀It's probably not who you think....It's easy to get sucked into thinking we are competing with someone else. We focus on how many weddings they've booked, how many team members they have, how much money they're making...but now it's time to stop comparing and start striving for where YOU want to be!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Accomplishing our success is dependent on the way we think. The only competition we must be concerned about is winning our own race, eyes ahead. Always striving to become the best version of who we are meant to be...that's the real challenge.It can feel lonely when dreaming alone, so if you are looking for a warm & welcoming community where you can share your dreams join me in our free private Facebook group HEREFollow along on IG
3 Things You Can Do (TODAY) to get UNSTUCKEp. 01Ever get to the end of the day and feel like you have nothing to show for it?Maybe you wonder why you are still in the same spot you were last year at this time?This episode covers three simple things you can start doing TODAY that will help you get unstuck. Get a pen and paper ready to take some notes, this is gonna be good!Clarity ConfidenceCommitmentTap  HERE  to grab your free copy of the 3 steps to Clarity, Confidence & Commitment WorksheetFollow on IG
Hey there dreamer! Welcome to the Dreaming with Purpose podcast.Get ready to lean in a listen to tips from a perpetual dreamer & reporter of how to make dreams come true. This show will provide the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs who have found a way to make their big dreams come true and hopefully will give you the inspiration you need to keep going so that you can too.
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