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For this episode we sit down with Dr.Ayman Ismail, the founding director of AUC Venture Lab, Professor of Entrepreneurship at AUC and one of the most prominent and active people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt. We talk about the extent of economic development in Egypt and the role that small and medium enterprises  play in that respect, as well as what these SMEs need in order to reach the next step of their development in order to further increase economic development on a larger scale. 
Is there another way to get capital, without giving up a share in my company or be in debt? In this episode, we go into a very insightful discussion with Yehia Ashor, the cofounder and CEO of Beltone SME, the first revenue-based financing entity in Egypt. We discuss with him, why there is this huge amount of capital deployed annually and still we see and meet great businesses daily who don’t have the access to capital. Do I have to be a tech hypergrowth business to get the needed cash for growth?
In this episode we talk to Dr. Maher Asham, adjunct professor of finance at the American University in Cairo, and CEO of Comtricks for E-commerce, about financial health for businesses and how entrepreneurs can best steward the finances of their business.
Should companies and businesses cover their employees' mental health needs and expenses?In this episode we talk with Ashraf Bekheet, co-founder and CEO of O7 Therapy, about corporate wellness and why it’s becoming important for companies to take a holistic approach when taking care of their employees. 
In our first episode, we talk with Sandra Farid - Founder and CEO of Acumen Consulting, Adjunct Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo, and Economic Advisor to the Minister of Tourism - about business and its impact, the economic landscape of businesses in Egypt, as well as why should small or a medium businesses care for macroeconomic indicators.
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