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Alright chocolate and wine lovers we have got THE podcast for you!!  Join JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as we take a tour through a chocolate factory and a 7 star wine tasting experience right  here in Fredericksburg TX! Dan McCoy tells us the process of how these experiences come together- and we know after hearing his passion about what he does you will want to book a premier chocolate and wine experience!  This podcast is filled with dynamic content that will educate and entertain those who love Fredericksburg TX, chocolate and wine. 
Wildseed Farms is the largest working Wildseed farm in the entire world! How did it all begin?  What First Lady of the United States was a good friend of the owners John and Marilyn Thomas? What will the bluebonnets be like this year? Who is behind this phenomenal place that is Fredericksburg’s #1 top tourist hotspot? What is there to see and do? That is a lot of questions but we have ALL the answers for you in this interview with John Thomas!
Britt Longoria

Britt Longoria


Meet the crew behind the first independent live broadcast of high school football in the great State of Texas!! We are over the moon to finally have the opportunity to sit down with Paige Findley and Kaleb Dale to hear how they, along with JD began the  Billies.Live and Fbg.Live journey- There are plenty of twists and turns in all of our lives but this podcast in particular discusses many beautiful leaps of faith despite their own hardships and happenstance that helped these local families team up to give us all the best in local broadcasting! Together this amazing team helps broadcast all of our special community memories and continues  that initiative with big plans for the future. We invite you to listen now and meet the talented men behind the scenes and screens. Be sure to tune into the 4th of July parade on Fbg.Live and watch Paige & Kaleb in action as they broadcast a very special 4th of July episode, beginning at 10am which will be  emceed by JD Rose & Sondra Phoenix! 
A beautiful milestone has arrived for Fredericksburg TX, and JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix were honored to interview Amanda Koone to get the scoop on the amazing 4 day celebration! Beginning May 4 on Thursday and through May 8- (Mother’s Day Weekend) the 175th Year Grand Finale Celebration  will be THE event to attend.Hear the details here on the fun, family friendly and free celebration which includes a very special, and perhaps once in a lifetime, opportunity to see the original peace treaty back here in Fredericksburg! Thank you, Amanda, the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, and for all of those on various committees and the volunteers involved in helping to plan this incredible event, and to bring us this beautiful hometown celebration to honor our history and heritage! 



Did you know there was more than one Dooley’s? But there is only one Tim Dooley! We have the scoop and cannot wait to tell you all about it! How many businesses make it 99 years?? Dooley’s 5, 10, 25 Store is one of those special places! 99 years in business for an excellent reason- Treating their customers well and caring about their community! Join JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as we interview one of our most favorite people, Tim Dooley and learn a thing or two we would bet you didn’t know about this iconic store, the family that started it all and what is around the corner…. This is one for the record books and we loved listening to the story so that we could share it with you!! 
Join us as we hear about history from Olde Fredericksburg Walking Tours! Lisa Shockley is informed, fun and has created the perfect tour for those who wish to know more about the history of Fredericksburg, TX!Come along with us as we interview Lisa! Even JD learned a thing or two about history- and he’s lived here a looooooong time!
Eaker Barbecue

Eaker Barbecue


Texas BBQ with a Korean Twist! Join JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as they talk BBQ, Texas, Family, Fredericksburg with Lance and Boo Eaker and what brought them to town! It’s a journey that nearly took a turn to another town and country- but we were lucky enough to have then choose Fredericksburg instead! Honest, fun, and interesting conversation about the dream, and the reality, of starting your own business. Stop in and say hello to two of our new favorite residents and try their incredible BBQ!
Stroll down memory lane with us,  JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix, as we explore a few highlights of our history with  the Fredericksburg Texas Timeline , that was produced by Best of Fredericksburg TX Magazine. Find out when traditions started, what our community was like in the 1800’s through today! Did you know there is an unsolved bank robbery? That Fredericksburg is home to the second oldest historical edifice in Texas? What year our beloved Oktoberfest began? If not come along with us as we answer these questions and many more live from Java Ranch in Fredericksburg, TX!
Sweet German Pretzels, Cowboy Cookies or Apple Strudel anyone? Join JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as they visit with Destiny Sheffield  on location at Pritzer 141 E Main Street.- The former location of The Fredericksburg Bakery.  The Fredericksburg Bakery opened in 1917 and Destiny grew up in that very bakery that her parents purchased in 1977 and ran for nearly 4 decades. Now she has returned to that same address with her son Cooper,  and together they are continuing the legacy by building their own bakery steeped in tradition and yet with their own distinctive and delicious offerings. This podcast is a trip down memory lane and a testament to the beautiful traditions we cherish and protect here in town. It’s a podcast about family, about community and about coming home. We love Pritzer! Be sure to stop by soon and make it your new favorite place to pick up something delicious and sweet! 
The Edge Mickey Poole

The Edge Mickey Poole


There is no way to put this other than you are going to be AMAZED! Join us as we interview Mickey Poole! Mickey is in the process of building the largest facility in Fredericksburg all on an unbelievable 140 acres and through it runs a mile of the Perdenales River!  Find out, among other things, what an OctoberFish is- the beauty of an a gorgeous wine tasting room that meets one of the most beautiful waterscapes you will ever visit- and the coming opportunities for you and your family to truly get outside together and to get away from it all!! Mickey explains how it is all coming together for Newsom Cellars - Tommy English and how these two, and also partner, Burl Outlaw, are bringing it BIG TIME to Fredericksburg. Informational and informative this podcast will make you an immediate fan of this GORGEOUS Hill Country “utopia”. 
Come along with JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as we start Season 2 of Fredericksburg Texas Podcast with the legendary Jake Gondolfo!!! Jake has been featured on season 1 of America’s Master Chef , in Texas Monthly and USA Today to name a few places-  the list of accolades is actually quite extensive! We were fortunate to have a few minutes of his time and really get the skinny on a fantastic human being and chef extraordinaire! Come along and join us here to learn all about Blackboard BBQ in Sisterdale Texas- and then call ahead, get in the car and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! 
Meet Tanya Chambers!! In this red hot real estate market you need to be certain that who you work with with is savvy and up to date with all of the ways there are to effectively and professionally handle the sale of your current residence, or assist you in finding, your next home.  Tanya Chambers lives here and works hard in this community to really bring added value for her clients, especially in the marketing of their home or ranch. This podcast introduces you to Tanya and explains her extensive media and marketing background. Her distinction of being a luxury real estate agent is key in helping to find qualified buyers from all over the world and this episode  will give you insight into Tanya’s extensive qualifications and expertise and  also into today’s local real estate market.  We really enjoyed meeting with Tanya and if you are looking to sell or list your property we know this podcast will easily  show you the difference and advantages that working with Tanya can truly make! 
Let’s enjoy the holidays this year in new ways in the  ever charming town of Fredericksburg, TX. Always at the top of the list for places to go nationwide, Fredericksburg, TX offers some new and beautiful ways to connect with those you love. This episode is packed with awesome ideas and recommendations on special places to go and insider travel tips as well. Come along with JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix as we share all about our awesome Christmas-town, Fredericksburg, TX! 
Beautiful and Quaint, Old Fashioned and a World Class Destination Fredericksburg Texas is a GREAT place to bring the whole family.JD and I never pretend to have all the facts about everything, but we know enough to be dangerous and hopefully hit the highlights and make you smile. Join us as we visit Wildseed Farms, Enchanted Rock State Park, The Vereins Kirche, and tell a few stories and a little bit of trivia!! Fun, slightly ridiculous and informative this one is just FUN! 
Get ready and hit play for a hundred mile an hour and fun podcast with the infamous Chase Jones of Slate Mill Wine Collective! Even JD and I had trouble keeping up with this whirlwind of exciting information. If you have ever dreamed of making your own wine this podcast is for you! Slate Mill Wine Collective is THE place to make that dream happen. It’s also a fabulous family owned and operated estate winery where you can spend a day and enjoy some most excellent wines. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!
You will want to join the conversation as JD Rose and Sondra Phoenix get the rare opportunity to interview Ms. Sharon Fritz- the daughter of the radio pioneers Norbert and Alene  Fritz. Alene was one of the first woman DJ's in the world!  The history is rich and the story is facinating. Sharon's stories will take you back to the glory days of radio in Fredericksburg Texas.
Come and join us as we visit this amazing family who bought this restaurant just before Covid 19 and has quickly won the hearts of locals and tourists alike! Enjoy Lakenvelder for their BBQ but don't forget they have so much more! Why not try a burger, nachos, or a fun for locals night on Thursday's? But first we invite you to hear the test and thus the testament of this amazing family! They are WONDERFUL!
Looking for a dream venue for your next event? Prepare to be amazed as Justine and Chase share with you what makes La Bonne Vie Ranch so special and how it all came to be! The property is breathtaking, the chapel is straight out of a storybook, and the reception hall and pavilion are second to none. (There are even accommodations for 100 guests to spend the night right on the premises) However, hands down, the very BEST thing we can say about La Bonne Vie Ranch is the level of service and the amount of care their family puts into seeing that your family is happy!!  We know after hearing this podcast there will be no doubt as to where you should hold your dream wedding or next big event! Join the conversation and listen today-We love this edition and know you will as well!
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